Written by Tommy


She clingfilmed me to her massage table, absolutely no chance of moving, with my cock the only part of my body not covered (ok my face wasn't.....). She then set the timer on her phone for 20 mins and told me she was going to give me a handjob for 20 minutes and I was not to cum. Obviously at this point I start to get very scared, no chance I will last that long. With plenty of lube she get to work on me, giving me a really teasing handjob. Lots of teasing and rubbing of the oh so sensitive tip. I last 5 mins, 10 mins, 11 mins, but it is getting too much, I warn her I am close, but this only leads to more vigorous playing. Finally, I cannot last any longer and cum, an orgasm she expertly ruins. Obviously this does not please her. She shouts "I told you not to cum", wiping my cum on my face and mouth. Not that I notice as she still has hold of my cock and is wanking it hard. She uses one hand to grip around the base to keep my cock hard whilst continuing to play, polishing the head of my cock with the palm of her hand. Anyone who has had this done will know this is absolute torture. I am fighting the clingfilm and moaning / almost crying at the sensation. She laughs and reminds me of the stopwatch and the 6 more minutes to go. By the end I am a broken man and have promised her everything to try and get her to stop. She laughs as the countdown finishes and rubs my now drying cum over my face, adding to the wetness from my tears.