Massage number Four

We had met once more in Auckland and Wellington but this time it was to be Christchurch. We agreed to meet for dinner and take it from there depending on the ambiance of the restaurant and certainly no expectations on any party.

The meal was good and we chatted away like the friends we were. I wondered if she was wearing any knickers as I knew I wasn’t. Leaning across I said to them both that I was commando. I saw that she was intrigued by this and then felt a foot come up and nestle in my crotch. It massaged me a little bit and this had the effect of my balls tingling and I could feel it starting to fatten up. I also knew if I stayed too long it could get embarrassing as I would have trouble walking out the restaurant with a hard on. I made my excuses and went to the bathroom to adjust myself and let it cool down a little.

In the meantime, he had gone and paid their account, so I paid mine on returning. (We always pay our own way).

I had a car so we drove to the motel and we decided to have a coffee. Sitting inside she was getting fidgety and looking at him, however he seemingly ignored and kept chatting to me about everyday topics. Looking at her I could see her glancing at me then at the clock which made me wonder if they had another meeting for the evening.

Finally, he nodded, and she asked can I have a massage please? It seems he likes a little control over her and she was made to wait until he would allow her to ask. Of course, being a gentleman, I said yes. She quickly got undressed and I was right she was naked under her dress. Laying on the bed she looked at me with a twinkle and said come on get naked we don’t have all day.

Obligingly I did so and we started the massage. With the previous massages he sat in the chair and watched and this was to be no different. As we started to end the massage I was just playing abstractedly with her nipples when he said she likes her nipples tweaked. Why don’t you show me how I replied and with that he got off the chair and started to tweak and show me. She immediately responded to the two of us playing with her so I move my hand down to her warm hotspot and inserted a finger while he with his other hand massaged her lips and clit. She was enjoying it so much she started to get quite vocal so he kissed her to quieten her down a little. I kept inserting and withdrawing my fingers while he kissed her and I suckled on her tits. She was moaning so loudly and when I (with my thumb) started also rubbing the inside of her thighs and he still stroking her clit she was overcome and just gushed.

I looked at him, and together we slowed down letting her get her breath, and then he started again on her breasts and clit. This time I slid down the bed and tasted her wetness. Fantastic is all I can say. He changed his position so he could keep playing with her upper body while I concentrated on the lower. I could see he was turned on but he would not take his clothes off. She had another long wet climax while he French kissed her.

Next time I hope to get her to sit on my face while she sucks his cock and maybe just maybe I might get a suck as well.