Written by Mike10NZ


.. the warm sunlight caresses your back as you lie on the bed waiting for my hands to start your massage, a long awaited massage. You’re excited by the thought of my hands rubbing all over your body caressing, stroking, kneading and finding. The sunlight heightens your nerve endings, starting an arousal deep down in your groin. My hands touch you, a small flinch, but there’s acceptance that you are about to get pampered.

My hands flow up your back; tracing the line of your spine; moving upwards to your neck; over your shoulders and around your neck. Strong but soft, loving and healing, assisted by fragrant oils my hands tease out the knots, stroking tense muscles and joints. Your eyes are closed and you’re floating in tranquil peace. You know you are in a safe place, in the company of someone who respects you.

My hands move around your back, over your ribs so occasionally my fingers brush the sides of your breasts exciting you, teasing you. Your nipples harden and the warm moistness increases. As hard as you try, you can not stop the erotic feelings rising in you.

My hands move down to your feet, the toes get individual massages, tickling and titillating. Down to the ankles, the calves, constantly caressing and kneading in a peaceful sensual way. Hands travel over your thighs, around them, exciting the feelings in you as you know that those hands and fingers are heading towards closer to your most intimate places.

You want them touched now, probed and stroked but you say nothing. My hands apply outwardly gentle pressure which causes your thighs to spread, exposing your lips, now moist and inviting. How you would like me to touch your pussy.

My hands continue to massage your thighs, moving upwards to your buttocks, all oiled and responsive to my hands. My hands knead your butt cheeks, rubbing them, parting them, a finger or two glancing across your ass, so sensitive, so wanting. You wonder if I’ll take advantage of the oil and slip a finger in, to tease you. You hope so and rise your butt up invitingly towards my hands. My fingers rest on your ass while others find your pussy, so easy to double penetrate you but just downward pressure on both is all you get. You know that things will be different later.

You feel that I am positioned on the bed between your legs, you realise that I have become naked, although you do not remember feeling me undress.

You feel me rubbing up from your butt, up your back, firmly kneading your skin. But as I do you realise that I am stretching up over you, my body sliding up yours. You feel my rock hard cock push in between your legs as I reach your shoulders.

You instinctively raise your butt, opening your legs more, hoping my cock will slide into you. Instead you feel the hardness across your butt, lying up your ass crease. If only you could force it into your ass, that would be so nice. But I start sliding back downwards and the cock moves away from your receptive places. But you know it will be back.

Several times I slide up you, and each time my cock presses on your pussy or ass, you know I am teasing you but it is erotic. Each time my cock comes close you tilt your butt so that your moist pussy is a better target, your ass is too. You are screaming inside “just fuck me, put it in” but no sounds comes out. I start to slide up you again and you feel the head of my cock firmly on your pussy, spreading the lips, sliding in.

God it’s finally all going in, no resistance and you push backwards so every inch of my cock enters you. Your pussy is filled, stretched around my iron hard cock that is now in you. You love the feeling and then you feel me start to pump into you, slow withdraws and deep hard thrusts back in.

You know I am loving it too. You push backwards to meet every thrust of my cock, we are in sync, your pussy gripping and holding on to my cock. Your moistness making it slide easily back and forth. My cock seems to swell in preparation to cumming.

I pull back and my cock slips out of your pussy so you immediately thrust your ass up towards me. You know that I will understand what you want. You taught me well, you know I will understand that your well-oiled ass wants some of the action. Immediately my cock nestles on your other opening, and as I push gently forward you wiggle backwards so that entry is made, all resistance removed. My cock slides into your ass, helped by the oil and the pussy juice on my cock and the fucking continues, my cock going deeper into you with every stroke. You’re so excited to feel my cock moving in your ass and you can feel that I am so hard too.

You know that our joint climax is so close, that I am about to cum in your ass, just what you want me to do. The thought of my cumming triggers your own orgasm and you start to cum, instantly triggering my cock to swell and spurt deep into you. You collapse downwards on to the bed, pulling me down with you, my cock still hard in you. We lie there sated, and you know that after a small rest I will be hard again and we will be able to restart, a day of fucking…