Written by Lena


When I was in my 30's in and in Christchurch I had the confidence, body and I guess sex appeal that attracted as many females as I did males. Being happily married with two young children I didn't need men but being bi since my early teens I had and still do, always enjoy the erotic and sensual attractiveness that only females together can appreciate. Meeting females was not difficult, one of my favourite places for this was Tregattis a basement type bar in the city. It had a special atmosphere that has never been repeated again. After a number of years in to our marriage I was able to ease my husband in to telling him I was attracted to girls. He didn't feel threatened but in fact was excited that his wife had a sexual side of her that most men fantasise about and that this sexual being was his. We were together one Friday night at Tregattis where there was a single girl I had met before and her female friend having a drink together. After a while I excused my husband from our dinner table to go and talk to them. It evolved that they were going to meet with another girl at their flat for a girly time and they asked if I would like to join them. I didn't hesitate to say yes. I then went to my husband and had told him what I wanted to do, of course he didn't mind as long as when I got home I told him all about my night. We had two cars in town because I had met him after work so before long I was following the girls to their flat. When we got there it was just the three of us and wasn't long before we were kissing and fondling on the floor. We were almost naked when another girl arrived who lived in the flat who I recognised from working in a city fashion store. However she wasn't alone and to my surprise had a male friend with her. Imagine how surprised he must have been to see three half naked girls together. The girl I new from the bar went up to them and kissed them both which was enough of an introduction to invite them to join us. I was about 5 years older than them and the only one who was married which seemed for them to put me in the very fortunate position as the centre of their attention. I have to say I was pretty attractive at that time and I imagine that others wouldn't and didn't see me as also being this highly sexual person. The atmosphere was highly charged and I wasn't sure about another guy being involved but I told him that I was only interested in the girls. However with four girls he was well outnumbered and I was getting all their attention. I had pussies over my face, tongues lapping at my pussy and as many fingers in them as I had inside me as well as my largish boobs being kissed all over. After a while to my right I saw this young guy lingering close to me, I couldn't help myself but leaned towards him and started licking the head of his rather yummy cock. The girls new I didn't want him fucking me but when I did this the atmosphere became very highly charged. We had been enjoying each other for what seemed like hours and I had received and given several orgasms. However seeing him laying on his back with his cock at attention I just couldn't help myself. I asked the girls to help, one knelt each side of me, another behind and my friend sat over his face. I was surrounded while they held me while I lowered myself over him. I was very turned on and rode him hard. It had been 7 years since I had any other cock inside me other than my husbands so I wasn't going to stop until one of us had cum. Surprisingly it was me first and was so exhausted that I lay down naked on the floor with my pussy dripping from my own juices. Just as before, I the married hot mum got all their attention again, he stood over me while they sucked and pulled at his cock. when he came he crouched down so every drop went over my stomach and boobs. The girls were like vultures immediately licking every droplet from me. I couldn't use a better word other than to say that night I was fucked in every sense of the word. I got home at about 3:00am and slipped in beside my sleeping husband with the memory ever since of the most sexual and erotic experience I have ever had. And yes I told him the next day all about it but left one particular person out of my confession to him.