Written by mike44


About 2 years ago I got a call from a regular customer of ours to build a privacy wall and shingle roof over their new spa.

On arriving the wife was home and we got chatting, she was a bit upset and it turns out her and hubby weren't getting it on like they used to. He claimed he just wasn't that into it any more. Anyway she asked me if I thought she was hot, this lady is tall slim with nice perky breasts and ash blonde hair so of course my answer was YES. She wanted to get it on but for some reason I declined and instead talked with her about her and her hubby, I explained tat sometimes life becomes stale and that they should work something out to bring the life back into their marriage together.

Since then I have done other work for them but apart from a quiet thank you nothing more had been said about the episode until 2 weeks ago.

I got a call from Emily asking me to come round that afternoon to move the bar in the pool area. When I got there Steve was home and between us we got the bar moved over by the spa, he offered me a beer and we sat by the pool drinking and talking. He mentioned the episode with Emily and said the talks they had in the weeks following changed their lives, he told her he felt the kids had taken away their lives and he couldn't be himself anymore but said that had all changed now. Just then Emily appeared in a nice summer dress and asked Steve if he had told me yet. Steve said he was getting there and she said don't bother telling me, she'd show me instead. With that she beckoned me over and I dumbly thought she was going to show me more work to be done. Instead she took my hand and stepped down into the spa and slowly lowered herself into the water before standing up with her dress sticking to her perky breasts and smooth belly. She reached down and slid the dress slowly up to reveal a beautifully trimmed pussy. I was stunned for a moment as Steve came over and said thanks to my advice they had decided to explore the boundaries and had developed a liking for sharing their sex lives with others. At that he asked me if I would like to join them. I quickly told him that I would love to and that I had wanted to fuck his wife for years but thought it better if they both knew what was going on. As I spoke I felt her hands pulling at my belt and her fingers quickly opened my jeans. She pulled my cock out as my jeans slid down and lightly licked my knob then slid my cock into her mouth, her tongue plying magic tricks on my knob and shaft, Steve stood beside me and lowered his shorts as Emily sucked me hard. She reached overland fondled his cock and balls then licked my balls before taking her hubby in her mouth and stroking my erect cock.

Steve and I reached down and lifted her from the spa and I bent to kiss her neck and slowly lay a trail of ksses down her collarbones onto her nipples as Steve let his hands roam down her body to her sweet pussy. He brought his hand up to her face and said "I see you're enjoying yourself my dear" as she licked her juices off his fingers. I ran my own fingers down to her cunt and could feel the heat and wetness as I gently flickerd my fingers across her clot, hearing her moan softly. We moved to the wide bench seat beside the bar and she again sucked my cock while Steve ate her out. I swapped places with Steve and licked her clit before sliding my tongue into her folds then lightly running my tongue over her as sand exploring her wet pussy with my fingers. I then turned my fingers loose on her tight bum and she shuddered with her first orgasm as I licked her pussy and finger fucked her ass. By this time Steve was obviously aching to fuck his sweet wife, he moved down and rolled her onto her knees before slipping his cock into her doggie style. I watched for a minute before moving to her head and grabbing her hair to turn her mouth to my cock. Steve was fucking her hard as she sucked me, she pulled my cock out of her mouth long enough to beg him to fuck her arse which he gladly did after giving her another lick to help ease the way. In what seemed seconds both of them were moaning as she came again, Steve pulled out and motioned for me to step up. I let Emily roll onto her back as I stepped between her legs,lifting them over my shoulders and sliding my throbbing cockinto her soaking pussy. She moaned again and begged to be fucked hard and fast then buried Steve's cock in her throat suckng hard as I rocked back and forth slamming into her as fast and hard as I could. I felt her stiffen as Steve moaned and shot his load in her mouth, some dribbling down her chin as she swallowed his cum. The feel, sight and sound made me realise I was about to blow my own load, I went to pull out but she pressed back onto my cock saying to cum inside her. I pulled back and slammed into her again as she shuddered and moaned and my own load gushed into her.

After we all stopped shaking and could walk and talk properly we hopped into the spa and agreed the privacy fence and roof were the best work I'd eve done, we soaked in the after glow in the spa for a while before I felt her hands wandering again, this time we decided to head inside before getting back to businss.