Written by Anyone interested


I live in Rotorua, it is a small city every one knows somebody who knows you, consequently I have to be careful and very discrete.I was chatting with a lady from KS, it was obvious we both were into the same things, the idea of stranger sex an encounter with someone unknown.For her it was that and being blindfolded which would add that extra pizzaz.

We chatted on line spoke to each other on the phone and texted, each time being more explicit with conversations.

The plan was to meet, a motel, she would arrive undress waiting blindfolded, simple exciting and edgy.

The weekend date was settled, Saturday , 10.30.

The week prior to encounter dragged we exchanged messages as the impending meeting loomed we got more intense with our messaging.Details of what to wear, skirt lace g string , see thru blouse lacy bra.

I booked an old Motel unit on the Lake Front opposite the reserve. It was Old bit run down 3 story affair with a balcony, and large ranch sliders over looking the busy Lake Front Reserve, with the tourists sight seers visiting the lake.Float planes helicopters, you get the scenario.

I paid for the motel unit, one on the top floor in the corner a large balcony very big window, a bed bath room and kitchenette.

I unlocked the room, put a chilled wine on the bed side table two, glasses, massage oil, some scarves, and a tube of KY.I next drew wide open the curtains, and left the prepared.

I was getting regular texts and calls giving me her progress, the anticipation adrenaline excitement was intense counting down.

The fun began I saw her as described drive around the round about park opposite the float plane office.


She got out of the car a very attractive middle aged woman, dressed as we discussed looking respectable very nice.I watched her walk over the bench sit down pretending to be pre occupied reading her book, legs wide apart tiny sheer lace g string.Tourists and respectable walking past could not help to notice.It was kind of cool seeing married guys looking but pretending not to notice.I crept over to her car slipped the room number and motel details written on a note under her windscreen wiper. The instructions directing her to undress in front of the open window.

Texting her , to go to the car thrilling to see her respond find the note look around trying to see who!

I quickly crossed the road there was one of the very few telephone boxes just below the motel,I stood in there, and could clearly see the room un noticed.

She entered the room I stood watching her undress it was excruciating I felt really impatient she stood in front of the window nice big naked breasts tiny black lace g string microscopic triangle of lace.She stood brazenly with the oil rubbing it over herself.

I texted her to be on the bed blindfolded......

That was the start of our adventures we started meeting regularly same scenario, but with a twist each time, another guy, a couple, a bi lady each time a surprise