Written by JW27


Bugger. Again, I'd forgotten my house keys and I needed to get inside. I was in my work clothes, which always meant that I never wore panties. I did have suspenders on, with thigh high stockings, a white buttoned shirt, which was always unbuttoned a fair way due to my voluptuous tits and a short, and I mean short, skirt.

I flicked my heels off and grabbed a ladder which was nearby, thank god!

I started to climb up the ladder, nervous, as I'm not confident with heights. I had been told by my husband to always look up, never down, which meant that I didn't hear or notice that he was at the bottom of the ladder looking up at me. The next thing I knew, I felt my skirt being pushed up and then some hot, wet lips, tickling my clit. I started to look down, but the voice said to me to look up. I was starting to lose concentration and my legs were beginning to shake. The next I felt, were his fingers going deep inside me, I was holding on to the ladder for dear life, but all of a sudden, the height wasn't bothering me one bit. I was highly aroused by the excitement that I was receiving. He told me to come down from the ladder and I did.

He turned me to face him and pushed my back against the ladder. I could feel his hard cock through his work pants against my leg. I undid his pants and released his incredible hard cock. My husband is incredibly big and I love the way he fits inside me. I lifted one leg and he held that with his hand, opening my wet, pulsating pussy, ready, eager and waiting to receive his amazing cock.

He ripped my shirt open to reveal my massive tits and then I felt it. He had pushed his cock deep inside me and was rocking me gently to start with and then increasing to a pounding. I didn't realise at that stage, but soon noticed that someone was watching. Someone had come onto the grounds without us knowing and was enjoying the show. I could see that she had started touching herself and she also, wasn't wearing much, so it made things easier when I beckoned her to come over, to take her clothes off also.

My husband turned around and noticed her standing there. He looked at me in a way that I knew he was asking if this was okay. I smiled at him and he knew that everything was fine. We all moved over to the table, where she and I lay on our backs, our legs spread, clearly displaying our hot, wet pussies. He came over to us and pushed his hard cock into her, while putting his fingers deep inside me. We both leaned back in esctasy. I leant over and started sucking her perk nipples and slid my hand down her smooth, flat stomach, towards her clit. I started squeezing and tickling her clitty while my husband pounded her with his cock.

I was getting so turned on, by just watching him fuck another girl. He withdrew out of me and then put his full length of throbbing cock, deep inside me. I was in absolute heaven. I then noticed that the other girl had moved, so that she had her head and most importantly her tongue, right on my pussy, with her tight, yummy pussy, perched above my face. I could see everything and as I looked up, she lowered herself onto my face. My tongue started exploring every piece of her, which she licked my husbands cock as it slid in and out of me, tasting me all over him.

I could tell my husband was getting close to coming. I always know when he's about to come and I couldn't wait, I wanted him to come all over her face and my stomach. Being the gentleman my husband is, he wanted both of us to come first, I think that's so that he can feel me come all over his cock while he's inside me. It didn't take long for both of us to come and he moved between us, so that he could feel our pulsating pussies, each soaking his cock with hot cum. As he pulled his cock out, her and I slid our lips up and down his shaft while he played with himself. I love it when my husband touches himself and he knows it. As her and I touched tongues around his cock, we both sucked him hard, taking turns and at times, tonguing each other. His cock was getting harder and harder until it was so hard, I thought he was about to burst .... and then he did. He came all over our faces, tits and stomaches. We wiped it over each other and then she licked me everywhere that I had received it.

She then left as quickly as she had arrived. We both thought it quite strange, but certainly weren't complaining.

Fortunately, my husband had his keys, so I didn't need to get up the ladder ..... not on this occasion anyway .... xxx