Written by Laidback


After our last meeting Ms C and I had been exchanging messages and just waiting for the right time to meet up again, there was no hurry and the anticipation made us both hornier.....the messages had been getting more and more erotic and Ms C wanted to push her boundaries with B&D....

The time finally came to catch up and I told Ms C to be wearing something sexy, I arrived at her door to find it slightly ajar, so knocked and walked in to find her waiting for me in sexy lingerie, mmm she looked so sexy and inviting, and my cock began to stir.

We kissed chastely at first, then deeply before I opened the wine I had brought with me and we sat closely on the couch and chatted. The talk soon went to fantasy and how far she was prepared to let me push her boundaries. Ms C wasn't sure but we came up with a safe word where I would stop and pull back.

As we sipped our wine we could feel the sexual tension growing but I was in no hurry, wanting to draw this out.

I started stroking Ms C's lovely naked legs, brushing over her pussy as I did so and Ms C reached over and started undoing the buttons on my shirt.

Once she was done I stood her up and kissed her hard, telling her I was in control tonight not her and she was to do as she was told or I would punish her. I felt her quiver with excitement at my words.

I reached over to my jacket and pulled out a set of handcuffs and slipped them on her wrists so that her hands were in front of her. She said 'they're hard and a bit uncomfortable aren't they' to which I replied get used to it.

I pushed her to her knees and slowly undid my belt and then my jeans. Ms C was softly moaning in anticipation as I slowly lowered my jeans and underwear letting my hardening cock escape.

She raised her hands to take my cock but I pushed them away saying no, you only touch when I say you can or I will have to punish you. She raised her hands toward my cock again so I sharply squeezed her nipple through her bra causing her to cry in pain and said what did I tell you. She replied 'yes sir'.

'Good girl' I replied, 'you are here for my pleasure and to pleasure me and if you do a good job, I may let you cum'

I said 'what are you here for' and she said, 'to be fucked'. I sharply squeezed her nipple again, saying wrong, what are you here for?' 'To give you pleasure' she replied.

'Good girl' I said as I bent down and tenderly kissed her, rewarding her for the right answer.

'Now you can touch my cock', and she slowly raised her hands, not sure if I was testing or not until both hands that were manacled by the handcuffs held my cock, 'mmm I moaned, that feels good, now stroke it, but don't suck it yet'

She started playing with my cock making it harder. "mmm that feels good, now suck my hard cock'

Ms C couldn't wait and hungrily sucked me deep in her mouth , then licked and sucked my cock all over.

'Mmmmm that feels good, you are a great little cock sucker aren't you' I said, and she moaned yes around my cock.

'Suck it deep' and she took as much in as she could before she started to gag.

Mmm I thought that's her limit, lets push it.

I slowly stroked her hair and face as she continued to lick and suck me, then I grabbed her hair and head and started fucking her hot little mouth hard. She responded and sucked me harder. 'Mmm good girl' I told her.

As I fucked her mouth my strokes went deeper and deeper in to her mouth and throat, but I was pulling out and thrusting back in allowing her to get used to it.

Grabbing her hair in both hands, I said 'take it all' and rammed my cock deep down her throat, holding it so her lips were at the base of my cock, fuck it felt good.

She tried to pushed me away but I put her handcuffed hands behind her head and told her to keep them there or she would be punished.

Ms C started gagging so I pulled out and let her catch her breath before sliding my cock back in her mouth fucking it hard and fast and then ramming down her throat till she started gagging. I did this several times and she was loving it, always hungrily coming back for more once she had caught her breath.

I slowly pulled out and grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up with her hands still behind her head.

I kissed her deeply telling her she was great at sucking my cock and did such a great job and that I was going to reward her for this.

I slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders and pushed the cups down revealing gorgeous breasts and nipples.

I kissed and licked each in turn squeezing her breasts as I did so making her moan in pleasure, then kissed her deeply again, before pushing her back to her knees.

I reached across and got my wine, taking a drink for myself, then keeping some in my mouth lent down and kissed her sharing the wine in my mouth with her.

I then told her to suck my cock again with out using her hands which were still behind her head. She greedily took my cock in my mouth and started sucking.

I stood there enjoying her hot mouth sucking me before pulling away and dipping my cock in my wine glass and then sliding it into her mouth making her moan and suck me even harder, god she was good!

I did this several times before I looked across and saw some clothes pegs.

Reaching across while she was still sucking my cock, I picked up two, and reached down and cupped a breast, then slowly squeezed a nipple harder and harder making her moan.

Ms C had seen what I reached for and had a mild look of fear on her face as I slowly opened one peg and touched it to her nipple. She pulled away so I slapped her breast and said 'do as you're told, and keep sucking my cock'

She sucked me deeper and didn't pull away as I opened the peg again and slowly released it on her erect nipple. Ms C moaned in pleasure and pain as the peg bit, then I caressed her other breast playing with that nipple making it hard as well.

With my cock still in her mouth I opened the peg and touched that nipple causing a sharp intake of breath which caused my cock to go deeper in her mouth, mmm that felt good.

I slowly let the peg close on that nipple and she moaned again feeling the bite of pleasure and pain.

I pulled my cock from her moth and bent and kissed her deeply telling her she was a good girl and doing well, and was pleasing me, she hungrily kissed me back before I stood up and took another sip of wine, then filled my mouth with it and kissed her again and she greedily swallowed it all.

I again dipped my cock in the wine that was left and she hungrily licked and sucked it before I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth hard, making her gag slightly.

As I did so I reached down and flicked each pegged nipple in turn causing a sharp intake of breath, but which made her suck my cock deeper as she did so, mmm it felt so good.

Not wanting to cum yet I stood her up again and kissed her telling her she was doing so well and pleasing me so much, that she deserved a reward.

I slowly lowered her knickers, and she kicked them off. i cupped her tight arse with my hands pulling myself hard into her while kissing her with her hands still behind her head.

I could feel her sharp intake of breath as my body put pressure on her still pegged nipples but this made her kiss me even more hungrily.

Pulling away I slipped my hand between her legs and felt her pussy, it was so wet and her juices were running down her legs.

I turned her around and pushed her down on the couch spreading her legs kneeling between them and slid my tongue up her wetness making her moan. Thrusting my tongue inside her and flicking it on her clit made her body convulse as she started to cum all over my tongue, damn it felt good.

But just to let her know who was in control I reached a hand up to her breast and squeezed the peg that was still on her nipple harder causing her to buck and drive my tongue deeper in to her wet pussy causing her to cum uncontrollably.

I carried on licking and sucking as I finger fucked her dripping pussy and she came multiple times before I went up and kissed her and she licked her juices from my mouth and tongue, damn Ms C was hot.

I said ' this is going to sting for a little so breathe deeply and it will pass' as I slowly took first one peg then the other off her nipples.

As the blood flowed back in her breaths were deeper and deeper to try and control the exquisite hot burning sensation of pleasure an pain she was experiencing.

As she recovered I put on a cock ring around my cock and slipped one on my balls, by now my cock was aching and needed hot pussy so I slid her forward on the couch, with her hands still behind her head and said 'now for my pleasure'.

I slid my hard cock up and down her wet pussy and clit teasing it and making my cock so wet, then in one hard thrust I rammed my hard cock deep inside her hot wetness, damn Ms C felt so good, so wet and tight and she gripped my cock with her pussy as I fucked her.

I arched my back and fucked her hard, pounding her cum soaked pussy, then reached up and squeezed her nipples making her cry out in pain, but it must have been pleasurable as well because she came all over my cock which was deep inside her.

I was pleased I had my cock ring on, or I would have come deep inside her just then.

I pulled out and said ' did I tell you that you could come' and she mumbled no.

I commanded her to turn over which she did, so her gorgeous round arse was facing me.

I slid my cock back in to her wet little pussy and started fucking her again, saying 'do you know what happens if you cum and I haven't said you could'. M C said 'no'.

'This' as I slapped her arse hard with my hand and repeated it several times on each side, saying ' you are here for my pleasure and I decide when you cum, do you understand?' 'Yes' she replied. 'Yes what', 'Yes sir' she replied.

'Good girl' as I kept fucking her.

Wanting to see her face, I pulled out and turned her over before sliding my cock back inside her hungry pussy and acrried on fucking her.

I said 'have you been good enough for my cum or do I cum over your breasts'

This made Ms C's pussy contract around my cock and she moaned 'inside me, I want your cum deep inside me'

I started fucking her hard and said 'I'll only cum inside you when you cum around my cock'

She replied 'god yes fuck me hard, pound my pussy, make me cum, I want your cum so badly' and with that she started cumming. I couldn't hold back any longer and came deep inside her moaning loudly in pleasure.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed slowly having just experienced such intense sex.

I pulled out and undid the handcuffs then she led me to the bedroom with our wine where we lay on the bed and touched and caressed and talked.

I thanked her for trusting me, and she said the feelings were so intense surrendering totally.

As we lay there my cock got slowly harder and we made soft tender love, kissing and touching before we both came again.

Ms C slowly drifted off to sleep, so I quietly dressed and left locking the door behind me, knowing I'll be back again...........