Hubby was very keen to see me playing. It had a while between meets, and he was itching to organise a good 'fucking' for me. A few messages back and forth on kiwi, and he had found a good young horny male very willing to please. Normally it would be me doing the picking, this time I was in the dark. I had very little idea who I was about to meet. The date was set....Hotel booked. A two hour drive to Auckland gave me plenty of time to imagine what the night would bring.

We got to our Hotel early afternoon, so we decided to find a bar to relax with a wine and wind up the anticipation, a few drinks as the sun was setting over the Auckland waterfront. Hubby had messaged my prospective playmate and organised to meet at our favourite Waterfont Bar. Back to the hotel to dress and prepare to meet our friend.

I was dressed to impress, a hot little red dress, plenty of cleavage and ample leg. Hubby always insists I look provocative and sexy for a meet, he loves to show me off.

It wasnt long before he arrived. I was suitably impressed and pleased with Hubby's pick. A sexy Latino. mmmmm Nice.

I was turned on straight away with the sexy look he gave as he laid eyes on me.

We chatted for a while and there was an instant ease and chemistry between us. All I could think about was what was under the shirt, and in the pants. The music started, we sang, we danced, bodies pressed up against each other, on the busy dance floor, I turned to press my arse up against his groin, our bodies swaying together in a sexy rhythm.

I was feeling the heat and moistness between my legs.

A few drinks and it was time to move on, another place he reccommended, so we walked a few blocks and found a great underground bar, very sexy vibe, low lighting and quiet private tables where you could do just about anything without drawing attention. Perfect choice. After a few delicious coctails I was feeling very hot for this sexy exotic man sitting next to me, touching and fondling under the table, I had my hand on his thigh, slowly stroking, and loved the feel of the hard muscle underneath. We kissed and played while Hubby left to go to the bathroom. The look he was giving, I could tell he just wanted to rip my dress off and fuck me right there on the table. I excused myself and went to the ladies toilet. As I was about to leave my new friend entered the room and grabbed me. We started feverishly kissing, hands all over each other, it was getting very heated and I couldnt hold out any longer, I shoved him back in to the cubicle and he frantically un-did his belt, now I should mention, I am a huge fan of sucking a young hard cock. So there we were, me sitting, with him in front with his beautiful throbbing cock in my hot hungry mouth. I took it all in and played my tongue around his swollen head. He was extremely excited so I upped the anti and began sucking harder, faster, taking him all in. It wasnt long before he blew his load in my mouth. As he did, we heard someone enter the toilet and go into the cubicle next to us. We managed to finish our business without being noticed and left the toilet separatly to re-join my Hubby at the table.......who knew by my guilty smile, we had got up to no good....while my sexy Latin friend remained cool as a cucumber.

We left the place not long after and headed back to our Hotel on the waterfront.....I was needing a good hard fucking by this stage.............I was wet, hot.......and wanting.

To be continued.