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My wife at 40 become very sexually aware of her hot body ,not long after her new job,new work mates,new boyfriend

which she told me about by first saying i"Swallowed a mouthful of cum and couldnt swallow it all, some dripped out onto my boobs.Immediately i went into denial,didnt say a word 20 odd years of marriage.Well aparently the guys at work teased her if she didnt share her body around they would nark on her.She said too late i told my husband already,and he said it was ok

Each day she would blow her new guy.Then the neighbours of one lady at work where swingers so she was introduced to a Sex key party ,Where my Wife threw the keys in the bowl explaining to me as we walked in that she was about to get Fucked.

Then she disappeared for 2 to 4 hours and came back with cum in her hair. She couldnt wait to show all the Love bites around her neck and down both of her tits and she was on a real high . She just could not get enough dick after that .The people she fucked didnt even know her name she said.My girl is a buxom blonde 36 dd loves to swallow cum .Fucks in all three holes

and since then she decide to turn to prostitution because she just loved to fuck new cocks. Openly telling me about all her sexual partners and i am a cuckold husband now, She turned me into one. She would say i am just nipping out for a bit and blow a guy she had met in his car at night time ..very exciting hot wife. More cock she got.. more she wanted...I could go on lots of weekends she would arrive home middle of the day sleep all afternoon. Wear see thru clothes to work ..Get fucked by work coleagues for over an hour Lunch break in motels..Get a train pulled on her on BBQ table popular middle day picnic Dogging spot. Its hard to find a free spirited women like that...Although we are not together anymore ..she left me...i love her dearly. i know she still loves me 2.