Written by Jane_Duh


Just another manic Sunday, with apologies to the Bangles, it was really a Saturday and it seemed so manic tis wasn’t even funny. And yes it was a fun day.

It sort of went like this…….. Typical Saturday morning and had a bit of a sleep in and got up at 9am. Hubby had been up for an hour or two doing whatever he does at that time of day. Anyway I wandered out into the open plan kitchen cum living area and mucked around. You know, decide what I am going to do for the day, decide what to have for breaky. All that mind blowing world changing stuff. All very important decisions after all a girl needs time to think. On Friday night we had plans made for the day, go out for lunch and later on in the evening say hi to a couple. Well to cut a long story short I had my breaky and said to hubby I am off for a shower. So away I went had my shower, mucked around doing girls stuff. I dunno time wise but I must have been doing my toiletries for about half an hour. I wandered about the living area not doing much in particular when hubby tells me to “Get down here”. Here in this case being the bedroom.

He tells me to sit on the bed. Mmmmmm maybe dear reader I need to tell you that I had no clothes on under my bath robe. The bossy swine tells me to lay down and open my legs. Of course being the obedient person that I am instantly obeyed and followed his instructions. Mind you what girl wouldn’t if she knew what was going to follow if you get my drift. I was lying across the bed and my dirty hubby knelt down and started to lick my cunt. Slowly his tongue moved up and down my slit, licking each lip, first the left then the right. As my lips started to swell he touched each in turn and ever so gently took each in his lips and sucked on them. Oh it felt so good. I reached down and stroked the back of his head. After a while he started to concentrate on my clit with his tongue, rubbing it up and down and then across. Sometimes rough and sometimes so lightly it was if a feather was stroking my clit. I started to move my hips in rhythm to his movements. I could feel myself getting all excited and it wasn’t long and I cum. You know what, the dirty man then started to rub my clit with his thumb and it wasn’t long and I was moaning again with pleasure and orgasmed. As if that wasn’t enough he starts to lick my cunt again. Him and his “beeping” tongue, it drives me wild. I was so horny, so primed up, that in about 7 or so minutes I was screaming with ecstasy and cum again. After a moment or two hubby stood up and I could see that he was hard so I went to reach out and grab it, alas he walked away. Bloody swine. And to top it off he just looked back at me, smiled and said later.

Well here I am, satisfied yet horny, still time to get dressed and get some stuff done. We were cleaning up the spare room for our granddaughter who was coming back from Melbourne to live with us for a month or two until she finds her own place. We had been using the room as a junk room come craft room. Needless to say that our bedroom has now got all of these boxes it so it is now the junk room. Oh well! Such is life.

Time marched on and it was soon after 12 noon and time to head away for lunch. We had decided to go to this lovely restaurant in Matakana that offers very good meals at reasonable prices. So away we went. On the way to Matakana we noticed quite a bit of traffic going Matakana way which hubby commented on. Still we didn’t think much of it unto we got there. Well there were cars everywhere, ended up finding a park however it was only for 30 mins so we thought stuff this so we left Matakana. Now there was this place on the road between Matakana and Warkworth so we thought we would try there. There were about 50 cars parked there, found a park, went inside and saw what was on the menu. We were not impressed so left there as well. Mmmmm time was a marching on so we thought, Sandspit. So off we went to Sandspit and went to the restaurant, went in after looking at the menu board outside. We have been there numerous time before and enjoyed the experience. Can’t say that this time, the service was lousy and the meal was average to say the least. Waiting 30 mins for a meal that would have taken the local fish n’ chip shop 10 mins to do. And yes there were not very many diners there. After lunch we went home and chilled out for the rest of the day had dinner then prepared ourselves to go out and meet a couple that I had met here on site.

Well here I am, early evening and at the place that we had arranged to meet. Hubby and I got ourselves a drink and awaited the arrival of the other couple. Its amazing the thoughts that go through a persons mind. Mmmm do I really want to be here? wonder if they will turn up? what are they like? do they look anything like their photos? Talk about an over active mind. In due course they arrived. Surprise, surprise, what a wonderful friendly couple with some amazing stories to tell and I dare say some adventures to share in a suitable time and place. I found where we met, whilst nice, was a tad rather noisy. Must say that it was hard to keep focused on the evening as the mind wandered to the photos seen on site. A nice moist pussy and lovely breasts. I wonder if she knew what was going on in my mind. Wondering what her cunt might taste like, and her nipples to suck on. Mmmmm all these thoughts, mind a going everywhere. Hubby told me later that he was thinking the same. Wonder what he would be like? Haven’t seen pics of him yet. Still ya never know. Spent two hours chatting then it was time to go. Interestingly when we went out to go to our cars lo and behold we ended up being parked in front of them. Small world huh!

On reflection, wonder what they thought? if they want to play? if she wants to play with me? Oh well time will tell. They sound like very busy people.

Needless to say by the time I / we got home I was as horny as so it was check the emails then away to bed. Without saying too much I took my clothes off and was about to get into bed and hubby walked in and started taking his clothes off. I got into bed and then hubby got in and we both cuddled up as the bed was cold. What a great way to warm up, flesh against flesh. Before long hubby gets down between my legs, I am on my back, and starts licking me. As he licks my cunt I imagine that it is the woman that I met earlier licking me. Feeling her tongue licking me out. And me licking her, tasting her love juices and fondling her bum and breasts. My hands rubbing all over her body. Finding her on buttons. As my thoughts drift I start to concentrate on this tongue licking and start to let myself go. I feel a finger enter me and feel for my g spot and start rubbing there. Feels so bloody good. I start to climax, to cum with a rush and feel my juices trickle out of my cunt. So divine. Hubby gets up and lies down. I reach over and start to rub his hard cock then I bend over and start to suck on his nipple. I rub his cock and play with his balls. I then get on my knees and take his cock in my mouth. And gently suck on the bulb of his cock. Slowly I move my mouth further over the shaft until it is all in my mouth. I move my mouth up and down alternating with sucking. With one hand I fondle or cup his balls and with the other I tweak or pull on each nipple in turn. Occasionally I would rub his anus and the area between his anus and balls. Now I was at the point when I just wanted his cock in me so badly so I stopped what I was doing and knelt over him and speared my cunt with his cock. He started to push in with some enthusiasm and I told in to slow down. I just wanted to feel his cock fill me up and I wanted it to be slow, gentle and deep. Slowly I rode him, up and down, in and out. After a while I straightened my legs as if I was fucking him. I started to rub my clit against him then in a rush I cum. The orgasm was so intense that I started shaking all over. I was finding it hard to control myself. He was pushing into me as I moved with him and with a groan he pushed hard into me and cum. Without warning I cum again and again. Slowly I started to ease myself of him and had a rest then went off and cleaned up.

All I can say is, what a great day, great company, thanks guys, you know who you are so hope you read this and great SEX. Wahoo!

Yep another manic fun day.