Written by LatinoCBD


(Sorry for my broken English) We have already miss one opportunity and that will not happens again.

I was stuck in my job... on a meeting but thinking in her pictures.

Got home, shower, shave, open s sparkly wine to get confidence.

She looks sooo hot in her pictures...

Perfume, Uber.

Danny doolans was the place.

He txt me that she will be wearing a red dress, but he never told me that she was stunning. Omg. Perfect curves in every centimetre of her fit body. A beautiful smile . She turned me on with one look. He amazing. Good talk, always an interesting topic to talk about, always keeping the glasses full. And she was a queen. Analyzing, enjoying, deciding . We laugh, we shared stories. We dance!!! Her moves are sooo sexies.

The music was perfect. We sang for hours. We touch, we kiss, we tease.

We went to another bar for more drinks! And here is where the heat eas going up. Nice drinks. Nice place. Nice company. After 3 drinks was time to go.

Walk hugs laughs and then... the room. Amazing view from the balcony where she was stand when he went to the toilet and I started to kiss her and my hand was in her back , and in her breast, and going down, til my finger start to feel the wet of her pussy and the balcony turns fire. He was in the couch watching this live porn movie on the balcony of the hotel. Come here she said and she took me to the other couch and she took her clothes off and mines.

I went straight to play with my tongue in her wet pussy. Playing around the clit and everything turns wet and hot... she was moaning... loud and he was watching closer and closer already naked. Her juices were so around my mouth and he was playing with and licking her nipples when she scream "omg somebody fuck me right now "

I was the closer one and my cock was ready... hard and wanting her... so I did fuck her... deep slowly and she moan loudder and loudder... And in one moment we swap, she start to suck my cock while he was fucking her from behind. And she was good doing both.

I was in heaven. This stunning lady was a great sucker... incredible... And we swap again and she looked me and say "fuck me hard". Doggy style I put my cock in her vagina and start to fuck her hard really hard. And she was sweating in her back and moaning and the feeling of my cock inside of this gorgeous brunette was making my cum getting ready... And she was screaming every time I was pushing deeper... And I couldn't resist anymore and I came inside of her feeling the heat of my semen an her juices and her sweat and he took the second round. He put his dick in her pussy full of cum and she was in moving her bum making him going close to cum. And he explode inside of her and we all fell in the couch tired and happy . I dressed up. And left the place with a smile on my face...