Written by Wetpanties4u


Home alone and looking for some fun so I dressed in all my good sluty gears, stockings, lace panties, very short mini skirt, boots etc with all the makeup wig and out for a walk hoping to meet someone to play with, across the park and just then a spotted a three guys comming my way they stopped me and asked if I want to come for a drink at one of the guys place, when I said yes they were shocked I was male we talked and they were very keen for me to come. We walked to the house talking and just having a bit of fun when one asked if it would be ok with me if a lady friend of his come round, well we had a ball,first the guys started playing cards and we were their maids, bring drinks to them and each time the guys feeling us up and we were kissing and feeling each other up till they wanted more drinks, things got very wet, then her and I started sucking, three cocks in a line , having sex and with the three guys taking turns with her and I, then her and I lay on the floor and put on a show for the guys pussy playing and cock sucking from under my skirt, after that one guy asked me to sit on his knee, just as I was to sit he pulled my panties down and slowly sat me over this cock,a couple of movements, then the feeling of warm cum. We all had a great time and will meet again and they are saying there will be more guys for her and I to service next time.