Written by naughtywesty62


As dusk was approaching and was about to hold hands with the night as this was the only time they could embrace for hours without the sun interrupting yet again... the night feeder had started to awaken. She could feel the overwhelming desires begin, as it had for so long now, she knew she didnt have long to wait, soon her eyes would slowly open, her body reacted to the cold,wet, moist inviting darkness that she craves every night and she would have no choice but to give into its lust frenzy...Her thoughts now raced through her head and her body was turning.

Her mouth opened ever so slighty as she inhaled, she could taste him...her mind chose to remember the last sensation she had, she stummbled it was breath taking. A few days before she had felt pain, not the pain you would expect, that one that can take a hold and tells you "STOP".. For this is where it really begins, that thought....Mmmm that thought, an action that may or may not lead somewhere if you allow it to take hold...She wasnt the one that made that happen, as we all know we are influenced by others around us, its just that we choose to or not...however for her there was no option...it happened....

She had to find him, as she filled her lungs to enhance and highten sences, she found herself underdressing, heading towards the shower she stopped, pausing but for

a moment as if he was there, watching her,it was like he was whispering to her, her thoughts werent able to hold back what she felt...with that she stepped into the shower turned it on and as the water hit her, she gasped and threw her head back and felt that sensation of heartstopping cold, the first few seconds as the water ran down her shivering body, she turned her head and arched her back and then she felt it, the warmth of the droplets pounding against her skin....She could feel her body being revived..

It felt great to stand and let the water run down her body, feeling the warmth against her skin...She stood as if time stood still and it didnt matter that she was still in pain...to her there was nothing that would stop this feeling she had , one of a lust, a desire as she was getting turned on by the pulse and vibrations of the sounds of thoughts running through her head...just couldnt stop it,....she really didnt want to....at all....she has the overwhelming desire to meet him and see why she is so drawn to a thought which has started a chain reaction...Its pulled her into this place where she wants their bodies to be wrapped up in eachother and feeling those desires flowing between them, She has many sensual desires, that lusting urge, that solid, stance of a him, ready to be embraced by a night feeder of sorts.She wondered if he hiding something, a secret, a thought, a part which can only be revealed , like a spell that has been cast upon him...and the only way to break it is to corner this lust filled night feeder and tilt her neck back and let his sences run wild ...She so needs to meet him...She hope this isnt jst a tease, a toy, a plaything that allows the sences to flow, to arouse all that you are able to within a certain time before day break....she could almost hear him take a breath......

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement, a glimpse of a tall, handsome, well built (mmmm) male. She could feel the sexual tension building , swelling, pulsating urges flowing between them...He held out his hand grabbed her and within a split second had her dripping wet body pressed up against the shower wall. She could feel his breathing was increasing as she felt his hot throbbing member tease her, and as she tried to resist, it was impossible, She knew what she had to do do ....