Written by wisewolf


Logged in to ks the other week and the message read, like your profile and i want to know more.Well this was a pleasant surprise so sent off a reply and it all started from there.After swapping pics then txt messages we had a bit of skype fun and we knew we had to meet,so plans where put into place and it was off to Auckland on Tues of the week just gone.

As she walked towards me smiling it just seemed natural to kiss her full on the lips and her response was to put her arms round me and say hi nice to meet you.Now this lady has a sharp mind, a quick whit and we bounced of each other like long lost friends.

After the second or was that the third beer went down things progressed at the pace we where both happy with,she had worn a red underwear set that showed off her body to perfection and i could see a damp patch starting to form on her knickers.

Now we all have our own personnel preference as to body types,mine has always been for a larger size lady,and standing before was my idle woman,firm 36 d cup boobs and nipples standing up hard and proud just waiting for some attention so being a gentleman thats where i started.As my hand moved down her curvy body and in to her knickers i was pleasantly surprised she was already wet with anticipation.

Having removed her knickers here before me was one of the nicest pussyes i have even seen,she was trimmed and her outer lips open and wet and tasted soo sweet.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed i proceeded lick and tease her for a good 10 minutes and then slid a finger inside her rather wet pussy and found her G spot.The reaction from her was immediate as she lifted her hips of the bed and just started moaning and saying fuck thats good,and please dont stop.

As i slid a second finger into her i found out just how tight this lady was, i then proceeded to lick her hard exposed clit while the two fingers in her went to work.She was moaning and growning and after about 5 mins of this her body went ridged and her pussy was like a vice gripping my fingers not wanting to let them go.Then she started to squirt and squirt untill the bed sheets where soaked,all she could say was where the fuck did that come from and what did you do to me.

Well after 10 mins she still had the tingles but at least i could touch her again and we proceeded to have wonderfull vanilla sex.

In the after glow while having cuddles she told me she had squirted before that was so grazy and intense she thought it would never end.

Later that evening we started round two with her on all fours and me rimming her sexy arse, but thats another story.