Written by wantfwb


I just think that it is ironic how life throws you a curve ball every now and then.

Several years ago I meet this beautiful woman just after my first wife passed away, Shaz was 15 yrs younger than me and had a body to die for, sex was out of this world, she had a 8yr old son, and was a solo mother.

After a period she moved in with me and we would fuck 10-12 times a week, some weekend we would still be in bed fucking at 2pm, as time went on we eventually married and the sex settled down to 6-8 times a week, often long morning sessions at the weekend. I remember at one stage saying to her that when we get older if I am having a problem satisfying her sexually I would be happy for her to find a FWB to help satisfy her sexual needs, she said that as long as you have those magical fingers and your tongue that is all I will need.

Shaz had some health challenges that slowed things down sexually, we still had a good sex life but not as often as previous.

Then Shaz had a huge hormonal shift and the next thing I knew was that she couldn't get enough sex, she would wake up in the morning horny and wet and would want to be fucked straight away , we would fuck 2-3 times some nights in the lounge the kitchen on the stairs going up to the bedroom anywhere that we felt like fucking, she had also had a Brazilian which made her very sexy, While she was going through this stage I was fucking her Anally, Orally,and in her wet juicy Cunt as often as I could get a hard on.

Some nights I would wake up at about 2 oclock and she would have her fingers inside her cunt finger fucking herself because she needed to relief, on one occasion I woke up on the Saturday morning and she was laying naked next to me, with her fingers inside her cunt, she then smiled at me and said come on I need to be fucked fill me with your cum, she then stroked my cock nice and hard, and then fucked me until I filled her with cum, I then got up and went down stairs to make a coffee for us both, while there I saw a cucumber and carrots in the fridge and thought that these might be useful so I peeled the both of them and took them back upstairs with the coffees, as I came into the bedroom Shaz was laying there with her legs spread apart, she saw what I had in my hands and said that could be fun, I put down the coffees and got onto the bed next to Shaz, I took the cucumber and wiped it up and down the slit of her cunt, suddenly she grabbed my hand and shoved the cucumber deep inside her cunt, I then started fucking her cunt with the cucumber in and out, she then said to me put the carrot up my anus I want both of them in me, so I pushed the carrot into her anus, she then took control of the cucumber while I used the carrot on her, she laid there with both holes filled and being fucked for ages she orgasmed at least 3 times with these inside her, then she finally said that she just wanted me to lick her cunt before getting up for a shower.

About 2 weeks after this episode Shaz was still fucking horny and I was spending time travelling, so I said to her did she want to look for a FWB for when I was away, she said no that she would just satisfy herself, until I could fuck her again, then one Saturday after a morning fuck she went to the New World supermarket she was wearing these Black & White stripped jeans she looked really sexy and also felt sexy, I knew that I was going to get to fuck her when she got home from the shopping, when she arrived home she told me that while shopping this nice guy in his mid 50s walked up behind her and said 'I hope you don't mind me saying this and that you are not offended by my comment, however you look fabulous in those jeans, you have a perfect arse" he then introduced himself as Richard and member of the Cadburys sales team who was in the area checking on the displays. He then gave her his card and said that if she was okay with it he would like to meet her for a coffee when he was here next week, she told him she would think about it and that she was married.

I asked Shaz how she felt about possibly meeting with him and if it felt right maybe she could arrange to meet and fuck him while I was away that week, she said would I be okay with her fucking this guy, I told her as long as it was just fucking I had no challenge.

Shaz meet Richard for a coffee on the Tuesday, and agreed to meet him at the Boulton Hotel on Wednesday night and spend the night with him, so that was what happened, she spent that night and several others over a 2 month period, Shaz said that he was a good fuck and that he would fuck her orally and in the cunt however he wouldn't anal fuck her, he would fill her with cum and then lick and suck it from her cunt, she would suck his cock and swallow his cum, they had a great time together, she and I would still fuck none stop when I was at home, then all of a sudden Shaz stopped wanting sex, she said that she had no interest in fucking anymore and that no matter how I tried to stimulate her she couldn't get wet or even enjoy being played with.

So after about 18months of no sex and huge mood swings and depression , I suggested she talk with a counselor and she said no, I then asked whether it would be okay for me to find a FWB to help me through this period, she looked at me and said what don't you love me anymore, do you want to leave me because I wont let you fuck me, I tried to explain that I had let her satisfy her needs with Richard and all I was looking to do was the same, she then told me that a guy of my age should be interested in other things instead of sex and that I should take up golf or something to take my mind off sex.

Needless to say I ended up on Kiwiswingers and found several women who were more than happy to have my magical fingers and my tongue pleasure them before slipping my cock inside them and cumming, somehow Shaz found out, she said a woman rang her and told her that I was cheating on her, she confronted me with the accusation and I eventually admitted that I had been seeing other women, we are now separated.

Still very close friends I think that the whole thing came down to the fact that she hit menopause and that affected her whole personality.

Hope you have enjoyed this.

Cheers Brian