Written by Tony_bigweapon


We all meet at a quiet bar to get to know each other a little. We're all a little nervous, but we're all obviously excited, too. We get drinks and make small talk for a while, and you and your husband whisper together and decide that you're both ready to live out this fantasy. You ask me if I'd like to join you in a hotel room nearby, and of course I say yes.

At the hotel, it's just the three of us in the elevator, and you and I kiss a little on the ride up while he watches. We even start to caress each other a little, and then think there's probably a security camera in the elevator, so we compose ourselves – briefly. You and your husband hold hands as we walk down the hall to the room, while I follow behind admiring the view.

In the room, you give your husband a deep, passionate kiss and sit him down in a chair facing the bed. Then you turn to me and before I really know what's happening, you're kneeling in front of me and undoing my pants. With my pants around my ankles, you take my swelling cock in your mouth while your husband squirms in his chair. The whole situation, your pretty face as your hungry gaze darts back and forth between your husband and me, and your talented mouth have me ready to explode in no time – but before I do, I pull you away and stand you up.

I turn you around to face your husband while I stand behind you. I unzip your little black dress just enough to let it fall partly off your shoulders. I kiss your neck, your earlobe, your shoulder, while I caress your arms and sides.

I unzip your dress the rest of the way, and it falls to the floor. Even though he's seen you this way a thousand times, your husband gives out a little moan of pleasure at seeing you in the sexy, but not slutty, bra and panties you bought for the occasion and wore hoping I would see them, and you see the bulge in his pants grow bigger.

I slide your bra straps down your shoulders and kiss the lines they made in your skin while my hands roam gently over your hips and stomach. I unhook your bra and it joins your dress on the floor. Still behind you, I gently cup your breasts in my hands, caress them, squeeze your nipples. Then I turn you sideways to be sure your husband has a good view of what comes next, and I step around in front of you. I kiss the front of your neck, the tops and sides of your breasts, the space between your breasts – and finally I take a breast into my mouth. My tongue dances over and around your nipple, and you arch your back and pull my head to you. I switch to your other breast, and my fingers slide over the nipple I've left wet and hard while I tease the other one with my tongue, my lips and even, very gently, with my teeth.

Then I slide my hand slowly inside your panties. You're already almost dripping, and as I tease your clit with my finger, you moan and push my mouth even more firmly onto your breast. You grab my hand and push it lower, and I know you want my finger inside you. I slide it in as you watch your husband's reaction to watching us, and your body shivers as you come.

I slip your panties down and help you step out of them, and you're completely naked with me for the first time. You sit on the edge of the bed, and with my back to your husband I kneel in front of you and kiss your breasts again, then kiss my way down your stomach to your hips, the inside of your thighs, and finally I flick my tongue across your pussy.

Your husband gets up and sits on the bed next to you for a better view – but when he reaches for your breast, you push his hand away and tell him he only wanted to watch, and you send him back to the chair. I look up at you with a smile and a glistening chin and say we should give him a better view. So I lie on my back on the bed with my head toward him, and you kneel across my shoulders, facing him. You lock eyes with your husband while my lips and tongue press, suck, lick and probe. You grab my head with both hands as you tremble through two rapid-fire orgasms.

You turn around, and you take my cock into your mouth again as you settle your pussy onto my face. Your husband can't decide what to watch! Finally he moves so he can see us from the side, and he watches as I fill your mouth in a mind-blowing orgasm while you come again on my face.

You start to spin around again, saying, "I need you inside me now!" I say, "I'd love to – or you could keep on sucking me while you take your husband inside you instead." He's ready to rip his clothes off. You say, "You. I want YOU. Now." I look at your husband to be sure it's OK; he's biting his lip, his hand is inside his pants, and he says, "Go for it."

You guide my hardening cock into your still throbbing pussy, and you rock back and forth on my hips while I tickle the spot just above your ass with one hand and play with your breasts with the other. Sooner than either of us expects, your gentle rocking becomes urgent thrusting; you lower your breasts to my face and I hungrily suck them. When you grab my head with both hands, I squeeze your ass and thrust more deeply into you, and the first pulses of your orgasm trigger mine.

You collapse on top of me and turn your head to see your husband, still with his hand down his pants, staring at you with more lust and hunger in his eyes than you've seen since your first time together in the back seat of his dad's car in high school. "Take your clothes off," you say. "It's your turn, baby."

You move off of me, letting one hand linger on my cock and balls as you reach for him with the other hand. As you start to unbuckle his belt, he puts his hand on yours and says, "I want to be alone with you."

I experience a brief pang of disappointment, quickly replaced by the realization that I've already had a fantastic night – and that I'm spent. I pull my clothes back on while you and your husband cuddle and kiss on the bed. I thank you both for a great time, knowing you're going to have more fun after I leave. Your husband and I aren't sure whether we should shake hands, or high five, or what; ultimately we go with the handshake. I kiss you briefly on the lips, stroke your cheek, and I want desperately to say, "Let's get together again soon!" – but I don't. I don't want to pressure you, so I just say good night and head home.

Three or four days later, I drop you an email just to thank you again, and now I can't help myself and I say, "If you ever want to get together again, I'd love to." A few more days go by, and I've pretty much concluded that you wanted it to be a one-time thing, and I'm OK with that – because it sure was a GREAT one time. But then I see your name in my inbox again, and I start to get hard even before I open the message.

It says, "We'll be at the same hotel a week from Friday. Can you join us? I'll send you our room number after we check in." I reply immediately: "You have to ask? I can't wait!"

Finally, the night comes. I knock on your hotel room door at the appointed hour. You open the door looking more casual than our first meeting but still incredibly sexy in a button-down blouse open just far enough to be interesting, a summer skirt that stops above your knees, and bare feet, with two wine glasses in your hand. You hand me a glass, and lead me into the room.

Your husband shuts off a baseball game and stands up to greet me. "I had so much fun watching you undress her last time, why don't you do it again?" he says. "I'd love to!" I say. He sits down, and like last time, I step behind you, turn you to face him, and maneuver us both a little so we can see ourselves reflected in the full-length mirror next to his chair.

Starting at the back of your neck, my fingernails trace your skin along the open neckline of your blouse until they meet at the first closed button. I open it, and my nails trace lower down your chest and stomach, opening each new button in turn. When the last one is open, my nails trace lightly around the top of your skirt to the middle of your back, where I find the zipper. Pressing a little so you feel it down the small of your back and part-way down the crease of your ass, I slide the zipper down, and your skirt billows around your ankles.

My nails are like electric sparks as they slide back around, across the top of your panties to your front, then back up your stomach and between your breasts to your collarbones, then out to your shoulders, pulling your blouse open. Down your arms go my nails, still very lightly, until your blouse tumbles to the floor. Your husband isn't as nervous as last time, none of us are, so instead of the squirming and the little moan he gave out last time, this time there's just a big, appreciative grin, matched by mine as I look at you in the mirror. But when you tear your gaze away from our reflection to smile back at him, you notice one thing hasn't changed: The bulge in his pants is growing again.

My nails continue all the way down your arms, hands and fingers until I reach your thighs, then I reverse course and slide them back up your sides to your bra and across the bottom toward the hook, which is in the front this time. I unhook it, and you give a little sigh as the tension is released. My nails trace upward, just inside the line of your bra, and then up the straps, then down your shoulders and arms until it too drops around your ankles. Then down your sides, slipping a couple of fingers inside as I cross your panties, and my nails trace all the way down the outsides of your thighs, your calves, your ankles, as I pull your panties down. Then my nails go back up the fronts of your legs, moving slowly inside, until I reach your mound, then sideways and out again across your hips, up your spine, then toward the front again on the sides of your breasts.

Then suddenly, firmly, one hand squeezes a breast and pulls you back to me while the other reaches between your legs from behind, fingers flicking, rubbing, probing, and sliding inside you as my mouth devours your shoulder and neck. The intense change takes you right to the edge. Gesturing briefly at the mirror, I say, "Watch yourself," as my fingers continue to slide in and out of you and my hand keeps squeezing and caressing your breast and my tongue keeps dancing on your shoulder, neck and earlobe. You do watch yourself in the mirror as your hands rub up and down my thighs, then one hand grabs my head as you reach what you already know will be the first of many orgasms tonight.

Continuing to play with your breasts with one hand, I slide my fingers out and bring them up and around to your mouth, where you suck your juices off them. Your husband stands up and we start to help you lie on the bed, but you say, "Wait a minute, no fair!" It's my turn to watch as you unbutton your husband's shirt and help him out of it, then help him out of his pants too, caressing and kissing his body as you work. I'm throbbing because you look so hot, completely naked and helping your man get naked too – and because I hope I'm next! And you don't disappoint me, giving me the same treatment he got. We're both standing at attention by the time you're done – but we both know this is about you, not us.

Now we help you lie on the bed on your back, and we lie beside you. We know what we want to do to you without asking, and our mouths find the sides of your neck at the same time while our hands wander up and down your thighs. We move our mouths down the tops of your breasts, around to the sides, then back to the front until our two tongues are flicking your two nipples simultaneously, then your breasts are in our mouths, and with our hands caressing your thighs, your stomach and your pussy, you grab the backs of our heads as you shudder to a second orgasm sooner than you thought was possible.

Gently pushing us onto our backs, you smile devilishly and say "Your turn, boys." You turn around and kneel between us, and it's your turn to trace electric sparks with your fingernails up our thighs, then up our balls, then up our cocks. You stroke us both, then without taking your hand off him you take me in your mouth, your lips and tongue engulfing me, driving me right to the edge – and then you switch, playing with my balls with one hand while you suck your husband to the brink – and then you switch back. Back and forth you go, driving us crazy and loving every second of it, until finally it's too much for me and you can tell I really want it this time, and you stay with me until I fill your throat with my hot cum. You swallow every drop, and then you're back to your husband, your hand working to get me ready again while you finish him off, too.

Your hands, your mouth and the sight of you pleasing both of us have us both ready again in no time, and without taking your hand off me you straddle his hips and ride him. Just as you're about to ask me to stand up so you can suck me some more, your husband flips you over, pulls you sideways on the bed, stands behind you and enters you from behind. I don't have to be asked to slide over a little so your hungry mouth can reach my cock again.

As you work your magic on me with your mouth, I'm struck with the desire for a closer look at you and your husband thrusting together. Hesitantly, because I'm not sure what you'll think, I ask, "Would it be OK if I 69 with you right now?" You're both surprised, but you like the idea, so I spin around and slide underneath you. As you take me back in your mouth, my tongue dances on your clit and my hand tickles the spot on your back just above your ass as your husband resumes his thrusting. The sight of your hips rocking against his as your dripping pussy engulfs his cock is the hottest thing I've ever seen. You can feel me building to another orgasm, but you don't want this to end yet, so you move your mouth to my balls to give me a rest – but that doesn't last long, you love the feel of fullness in your mouth and pussy at the same time and you want more of it, so you're back to my cock. And then you feel your husband building to a climax, and you time things perfectly so all three of us come at once.

We all collapse together on the bed, fingers tracing lightly on each other's bodies as we catch our breath. Then, reluctantly again, I'm up, getting dressed, giving you a final caress and a brief kiss, and saying goodbye, leaving the two of you alone together and wondering if you'll get busy again after I leave. This time, though, there's no need to ask: We all know we'll be together again soon, and I smile the whole way home.