Written by Whyme2003


Was a random hook up from some sexting we ended up wanting to meet at a car park out west the hype of the texts had driven me to an intense hard on so I got in my car and headed to the meeting, she was a larger woman but I have a thing for curves and nice big breasts my mind was racing thinking of what would and could happen I finally get there it was just on dusk and I pulled up beside her car she looked over and I windustry down my passengers window and tell her to jump in my heart and coc throbing with extasy she slides in on the seat wearing a mini dress and I could see she had no panties on mmmmm,I tried to keep eye contact but was so hard we made some small talk I could see her opening her legs slightly exposing her nice swollen pussy she looked excited my hands wanting to touch her but not yet,I could see her big firm tits struggling to stay in her top her nipples hard and swollen poking out I leant over brushing her nipple softly then placing a kiss on her lips my hand moved up to brush her neck ,she keeped kissing me getting more intense my hand brushing down to oh so softly touching her big sexy breasts her nipples now hard and swollen I pinch her nipple as she moans tweaking each one gently but firm I noticed her legs now spread and her swollen clit shinny and exposed my hands working down her waist then her leg then slowly up her inner thigh mmmmm my cock now swollen and dripping with pre cum wanting to get out of my pants, her hand now brushing it up and down driving me wild , my fingers now run up her swollen wet pussy feeling her wetness mmmm I touch her clit with my finger gently and circle it moaning as I do in pleasure seeing her lean back and fondling her huge tits pinching her nipples wow such a sexy site I feel her open her legs wider my finger now running softly between her moist pussy lips stopping to circle her hole wanting to slip inside but not yet ,her hand now on my pants she understands buttons my jeans and out flops my swollen wet coc ,I start shaking with intense pleasure , my finger now so wet from her pussy juices now slips inside her I start to gently twist it inside and then find her gspot as she moans with intense pleasure then wow the most warmest juices flowing from her see starts squinting everywhere here pussy trying to push my finger out mmmmm dam so sexy and intense she is rubbing my head of my swollen cock then before I can hold back I spurt come everywere like never before she is moaning and orgasming all over my leather seats but I love it if keep diving my finger inside as my thumb rubs her clit until she comes no more juices everywhere I'm exhausted she puts her tits back in and shakingly hops out of my car she leans back in and lifts her mini and says I txt you again mmmm we now have regular meetings each as intense as the first mmmmm I often have dreams of her curves in between meetings it's intense that we can pleasure each other my regular wow so sexy and such a turn on