I was used...abused....but loved it.

It happened about four years ago I was in Melbourne on business. The conference had finished, everyone packed up and gone. My flight back to NZ wasn't till the next morning 0600ish so I stayed in town.

I had been sort of looking for a hook up for a massage session when I first arrived but late evenings on the net usually most people are tucked up for night and not usually ready or wanting to come out. I had been chatting to this guy and mentioned that I was in the city early in the evening and one thing led to another and we agreed to meet in a bar.

On entering the bar, I looked around as I had no idea what he looked like but had told him what I would be wearing. I bought a drink, sipping it and idly wondering who would (if anyone) approach me. Quietly I heard a voice ask are you C'est Moi ? "Oui", I replied but that was the extent of my French language. He introduced himself and sat down. After getting a drink, we chatted for a while breaking the ice. He was about four years younger and looked as though he looked after himself not excessively but tidily. As we became more familiar I asked him if he wanted a massage (remember I had an early flight) to which he replied Yes, but I have a confession to make? I have bought my partner with me.

Oh Shit I said internally. Hadn't planned on that.

Can my partner come over and join us? What could I say but yes. He left then and I saw him talking earnestly to a woman. It seemed that there was some sort of decision making to be done. A few minutes later she got up and they both came over to the table. He introduced her and again idle chatter took place until I said I have an early flight I need to go to my apartment and get some sleep.

As we left the bar I started to walk to my apartment when she asked where is the apartment I told her and she responded it's on our way.

When we got to the building I started to say the usual nice to meet you etc when she asked can we come up?

Of course, I said yes but also mentioned I have an early flight so did not want a late night. I could offer them a coffee but no drinks as I had none in the apartment.

We entered the apartment and I made coffee and now it was getting awkward. Then she said Will you give him a massage?

Turned out that he was bi curious and had just told his partner. She was sort of curious and wanted to watch.

I was a little wary but agreed to give him a massage but as always, I insisted he had a shower first.

He agreed and went in to shower when I asked her did she want anything. She said no she really just wanted to see him with another man and to see what happens. Ok I said and thought fuck it I may as well enjoy myself.

I went into the shower took my clothes of and opened the shower door. He jumped a little and I said relax I've come to wash your back. Soaping up my hands I started to wash his shoulders rubbing my hands up and down his back around the back of his neck with slow forceful strokes not hard but firm. I could feel him start to relax so I moved my hands down to his buttocks but hey clenched tightly so I knew he was not fully relaxed. I moved closer to him so now he could feel and sense my naked body was close to him. I pressed my chest against his back as I ran my hands around to grasp his still slightly flaccid cock. I wasn't surprised but as I rubbed my nipples (which were hardening into his back) and slowly moved my soapy slippery hand up and down his cock it started to grow, first fattening a little, then getting harder and harder.

I whispered in his ear reach around and play with me. He timidly felt behind him and felt my cock not hard but it was a cock and he pulled away. I kept stroking him and asked him to do the same to me.

I looked out of the shower and saw that she was watching almost mesmerized.

I then slowly turned him around so that we were cock to cock his hard mine semi-hard (hey, I was doing all the work here). I leaned down and licked and sucked on his nipples while still stroking his cock. This seemed to awaken something in him as he then started to stoke my cock more firmly.

I looked at her and holy heck she was more than mesmerized she had her hand inside her panties and almost matching us stroke for stroke.

I suggested that now was a good time to go to the bedroom as we had showered for long enough

Sorry go to go the precum is running like a river at the moment ...will finish later