I was used ......and abused ..........and loved it Part 2

We all made our way to the bedroom. Our cocks swaying as we walked. She followed behind and I wondered what she thought of the view.

On entering the bed room he again hesitated a little not too sure just what to do next. I asked her if she wanted to join us but again she smiled and said "I just want to watch." "What do you want to see?" I asked hoping to get some sort of lead from her but she just smiled and said "enjoy!"

I turned around and saw he was not quite sure what to do next. I lay down on the bed and indicated he should do the same. As he lay down I reached across took hold of his manhood and guided his hand to mine. I gently and casually stroked his cock and he started to do the same to mine. Looking at her again she seemed mesmerized although this time she had her hands in her lap as she watched.

I realized I was going to have to take the initiative so I turned to him and took one of his nipples between my teeth and bit lightly down on it. He gave a little jerk on my cock then a slow moan came out. "Yes" he whispered "that’s great nip me more."

I kept my hand on his cock and then licked his nipple making it all wet, then blew on it, making it cold. This made it a little more erect and again he moaned. I moved to his upper arms and started licking the inside of his bicep in cadence with my stroking. If anything, his cock seemed to grow more. It was nice and big and hard just as any cock should be. I moved around on the bed to allow him to stroke my cock more firmly and told him to use two fingers and rub just below my glans. As he did this I matched his stroke with mine.

Looking over at her she had taken her top off and was playing and kneading her breasts. She had nice nipples and I so wanted to lick them and suck on them but I also had a nice hard cock to play with. (almost sheer bliss).

Sliding down the bed I looked him in the eye and then opened my mouth wide and engulfed him. My warm moist mouth engulfed as much as I could and he let out a huge gasp. He was not expecting that and with a loud pop I sucked hard and let it pop out of my mouth.

I glanced at her and grinned. I know some ladies when they suck cock do it gently but now she could see that he liked a little forcefulness while having his cock sucked. Again, I took his cock in my mouth but this time I teased it past my lips and as far down my throat as I could. I did this a few times and could feel and sense that he was getting close.

I pulled away from him as he moaned again and moved my body around so he could reciprocate. "Suck me" I said quietly. "She wants to see you suck my cock. Look at her she her panties are soaking wet. Suck me now" and with that I pulled his head down to my rod. "Just flick your tongue over my cock’s head and feel just how smooth it is. Taste my precum as I have tasted yours. Now open your mouth and let me ease my cock inside."

Dutifully he did this and after a couple of nervous sucks he relaxed and realized that it was enjoyable. He then tried to suck it all in and then gagged a little. I told him to relax just take it easy.

"Rub my cock against your inner cheek" I whispered "you are doing great." (And truthfully he was). Once I thought he was relaxed enough I moved around to the sixty-nine so we could feast on each other’s cocks. His was quite short but had a good girth while mine was slightly longer but not as fat.

Looking over at her, her panties were on the floor and she stared me straight in the eye as I sucked her boyfriends cock.

She loved what she was seeing. I have to admit it stirred me on to give him one of my best blow jobs. Swallowing him deep and then pushing him out and having just head inside then licking all over the head. I was really enjoying myself.

I could feel him building and knew he was not far away. I said to her "my mouth or your tits for him to cum."

"Your mouth" she said and when he heard that it seemed to push him over the edge and he came hard and fast in my mouth.

Swallowing fast I got it all and then as he relaxed I left his slowly ebbing cock out of my mouth and stood up.

I went over to where she was sitting in the chair with her fingers playing intensely within her golden zone and said "I’m going to cum on your tits."

"Come on then you bastard" she mouthed as she even more stridently stroked and rubbed her clit. I jerked my cock harder and slapped the head on her nipples until with a guttural groan I squirted my cum over her tits and a little on her chin. With that her tongue came out licked it off and she erupted with her own orgasm.

I went back and lay on the bed and motioned to her that she could join us. She did get in between us but snuggled into him. I totally understood. I think we must have nodded off as I awoke with a start realizing I had a plane to catch. I went and had a shower came out to find her hand on his hardening cock and thought if only I did not have to fly.

I told them to let themselves out and left.

Epilogue: On the flight home, I wondered how many women want to see their partners with another man. It almost seems the norm that men often fantasize about their partners being with another woman