Written by Dee


Will i like her ? Am i going to do this ? Will it really be my thing ? Or would it just be a great drinks catch up ?

All these questions were going through my mind as we traveled to meet our new friends from KS

This would not be a full swap evening as only girls play here and the boys get to watch and or play with there own partner.

The door opened, we all had dressed very hot and sexy for this meet and i really liked what i saw.

She was gorgeous with blonde hair and a smoking figure with curves in all the right places. We got drinks and sat for a couple of hours chatting and getting to know each other. What a fantastic couple, he was so funny and had us all relaxed and in fits of laughter, you know the real deep belly kind. The drinks flowed and as i relaxed i new i wanted to play with her, i wanted to taste my first pussy. i could feel my body getting hornier and hornier. Girls you know that feeling when your body is just aching and throbbing deep down for release. mmmm yip that's the feeling i had. Next thing i look up and she is naked in front of me. "Spa time" she says and slips around the corner to the spa area and hops in. I quickly shimmy out of my frock and take of my bra and G and follow. I can feel my nipples so tight and hard as i enter the water. The temperature is perfect and the boys leave us for a while to settle and then follow. The spa was an awesome idea and when we got out i felt really relaxed and ready for some sexy fun. There was music playing, the lights had been dimmed and her hubby lay'd her down on the couch and was kissing her passionately. I winked at my hubby and got down on my hands and knees and started to slide my hands up the inside of her legs, closer and closer to her pussy without touching it.

I then licked up the inside of her thighs and all around the inside of her legs purposely avoiding her pussy. I wanted her to get really wet and want me badly. Then i went in for my first kiss of a girl. I kissed her pussy and licked from top to bottom, I dipped my tongue in and tasted her for the first time. Oh god, fuckn yummy. You lads are so lucky i can't believe you guys out there are not down on your ladies twenty four seven. I licked and gently sucked on her for as long as she would let me. I could feel her getting turned on more and more as her clit got hard. I slid a finger into her and heard her give a little moan as l slid it in and out in and out. She was enjoying the attention. All the time i could feel my hubby behind me rubbing my legs pussy and bum and making delicious sounds of enjoyment. After i had finished she spread my legs and went down on me. Wow girls feel so different, softer lips and face and so much more gentle. She was flicking my clit and licking and it felt so so good. After we had finished it was the boys turn to get some action. I turned around and went straight to work on hubbies very hard cock, sucking and licking his nob and flicking my tongue up and down his shaft. As i deep throat'd his cock i could hear his enjoyment. I sat up and looked over to see our new friends on the other couch with her on top of him. There forms were such a turn on to watch in the dim lighting. My hubby then lay'd down on the ottoman and i rode him to orgasm i thought about what had just happened and how much i had loved the way our night had gone.

I kissed a girl down there and i absolutely loved it and will be doing a lot more of it......