Written by Baggers01


This all happened way back in the late 70s. Back then my wife and i lived in Germany, and we had a camper van for the obligatory trips to France and Spain for the summer holidays. We had spent 2 weeks on a naturist camp ground, and we met lots of good people of all ages.Long story short, we were having an afternoon siesta/ sex session out side of our van where we didn't think anyone could see us, wrong. We were as they say these days " Busted" by the couple next door. They didnt make a song and dance about it, just remarked that we had to be more careful , and also said that it was a nice piece of entertainment.

Later on we were having a few drinks and my good lady said that she would like to see me with an erection , laughingly i said " you get it hard and i will wear it" with that she opened the door of the van and took me in her mouth so as all the world could see, if they happened to be looking our way. Well no one did, but wifey revealled her little exhibitionist side.

The following day the couple who had" busted "us were leaving, but before they went they came over to say good bye and also gave us some very good info. Apparently they knew of a farm/ campground that was naturist ,But, where you could have sex without any hassels . It was not a swinger site but the philosophy was , nude is normal, sex is normal , being in the company of others whilst doing both is normal. They had been there when they were younger and enjoyed themselves , and they thought we would like to visit , given that we liked sex in the sun. Wifey said that we may visit the place on our way home, i didnt think that she would go through with it, as a full on sex session was a different thing from a quick flash.

Well we did pay the place a visit, it was run by a couple of charming people who were in thier 60s and they had been running the place for 20 years and apparently they loved the idea of couples having sex in public after a few people had a bit of a foursome one sunny afternoon, not caring that they were being seen. The philosophy was , as long as you didnt bother others, and didn't care if you were seen , sex in the grounds was fine by them.

There were only 2 other couples there at the time ,one in their late 20s and the others in their 40s, and they , although friendly , keep them selves to them selves. That was until they wanted sex, then they would go for it. In the shade of the trees, by the pool or when we were sat having a drink as the sun went down. We were both turned on and joined in the fun.

To be honest wifey enjoyed herself more than i, she said that letting others watching her slide on down my dick gave her a thrill and that doing it whilst she watched others doing something much the same was a great turn on. I , preferred the idea of some one catching us out more of a thrill , but to be able to walk about with an erection , without any recriminations , took naturism to a higher level.

We did visit the plce 2 years later, but this time with some friends , who were also lovers. It was good but not the same as we were into group sex with them which didnt fit in with the " rules".

It was great and a fantastic experience, something that we would reccomend to anyone. We moved on , in our sexual journey and didnt need to " Go Public" anymore, we had our friends to do that with, but by god it was fun.