Written by Tony_Bigweapon


Keelly is a beautiful and sexy woman, about five and a half feet tall with a terrific figure, fair skin, long, naturally red hair and freckles scattered fetchingly around her body. She thoroughly enjoys sex and has all the boyfriends she wants but, since she especially loves the way I eat her pussy, she likes me to call on her sometimes. My last phone call from her was a little over a week ago.

“Tony,” she said when I answered her phone call, “this is Keelly. I haven’t seen you for a long time and I really miss you and the wonderful things you do for me. I hope we can get together pretty soon. I have an itch, and you know where it is, and you are the only one who can scratch it the way it needs to be scratched.”

I suggested I could come over the following morning and Keelly was enthusiastically agreeable. “I’ll call in at work and say I have a medical appointment. It’s almost true; I think of you as an expert sex therapist. Is nine o’clock okay? Allright, see you at nine o’clock.” She is really beautiful and has her choice of partners but I am the only man who eats her pussy just the way Keelly likes it. I suppose that is why she considers me to be an expert sex therapist.

At nine o’clock the following morning, I rang Keelly’s doorbell. She opened the door and peeked through, and when she saw it was me, she quickly pulled me inside and locked the door. Wearing nothing but a transparent negligee that hung just below her shapely ass, Keelly was a treat for my eyes and when we hugged and kissed, pressing ourselves together, she was a treat for my body and my mouth. With no more preliminaries, we headed for her bedroom and the pleasures waiting there for both of us.

Keelly undressed me, punctuating her actions with kisses and then lay down, a pillow under her head, and pulled me onto the bed after her. Although I was naked, she wanted to continue wearing her negligee, which was no more than a transparent, nylon shirt that buttoned in the front. After kissing her mouth and trailing kisses down her throat, I started licking one bare nipple and fondling the other one through the material of her garment. Keelly squealed with delight at the feel of my smooth, wet tongue against one sensitive nipple and the dry cloth against the other and alternated thrusting her nipples to meet my mouth and my hand. After licking and rubbing for almost a minute, I switched so I was licking the dry nipple and the fabric of the negligee was pleasuring the other. Keelly squealed again, delightedly, and started squirming on the bed from the pleasure her nipples were receiving.

Her pussy was squirming too and as I switched the two kinds of stimulation from one nipple to the other and back, I could see juices trickling from her adorable love hole. I could even smell their delectable aroma. I stopped licking and pulled one of her luscious globes into my mouth and gently sucked on it while licking her nipple and areola. I spent a minute with one of the succulent twins in my mouth, then switched to the other, and then back and forth between them. From the intense pleasure her breasts were receiving, Keelly’s upper body twisted and squirmed more on the bed and she cooed her pleasure, pleasing my ears and pleasing my mouth with her breasts, while her lovely body, creamy white and freckled, continued to please my eyes.

The time had come to please my nose also, and my mouth in an even better way, so I spread open the upper part of her garment and licked the channel between her twin beauties, while fondling both her nipples through the fabric. As I licked and kissed my way down her sexy body, I unbuttoned the negligee in front of me and when I reached her soft red pubic hair, I licked my way through. I really enjoyed the feel of the downy hair on my tongue, and the delightful fragrance of her pussy urged me on, over her mons and clear down to the upper ends of her outer pussy lips.

When I reached that point, I got off the bed and got back on between Keelly’s outspread legs. After I slid a pillow under her ass, she raised her legs and I positioned my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs and wrapped my arms around her legs. My fingers were in her soft pubic hair and my face was inches from her gorgeous pussy, enjoying both the incredible aroma and the beauty of her swollen pink pussy lips with the drops of juices that clung to them.

“Keelly, your pussy is a thing of great beauty; you smell better than you look and in a few seconds I will prove again that your pussy tastes even better than it looks or smells.”

“Thanks, Tony. A girl loves to hear things like that. Now, you know what I love even more than flattery.”

I did, indeed, although I was telling her the truth, not flattery, and I began doing the thing that she loves so much and that I love doing. First, I sucked all the delicious juices from her pussy, relishing their flavor as I knew I would. As I started slowly licking between the area between Keelly’s outer and inner labia, her pussy was already humping into my face. My tongue probed the seam between the two lips and Keelly started fucking her pussy stronger into my face.

“Like that, Tony. God, that feels good. I should have you come over here more often. Ooo, yeah.”

Keelly was expressing her appreciation of my tongue slowly licking its way between her pussy lips on that side and the outer and inner surfaces of her outer lip. Although her outer lips are not as sensitive as other places, I really enjoy licking her there because of the way her pubic hair feels on my tongue. She loves the feel of my tongue between her pussy lips because she is unusually sensitive there. She wouldn’t cum from me licking her there but her pussy would produce plenty of fresh juices and fuck into my face the way I like to feel her doing. Keelly had pulled her negligee back over her breasts; she likes to rub her nipples while I eat her pussy, and she would be able to rub them through the fabric as I had done.

Slowly, slowly, covering all the surfaces of the labia many times over, I licked to where the inner lip joins the other inner lip to form the clit hood, and continued onward to the end of the outer lip. Keelly’s body had been squirming on the bed even before I started eating her pussy but by the time I had licked to her mons, she was almost thrashing. After again enjoying the feel of the hair on her mons, I brought my tongue back to caress the top of Keelly’s clit hood, indirectly stimulating the lovely love button sheltering under there.

“Ooo, Yeah. Yeah, Tony, that feels really good. Lick me there. Lick my clit. Lick my clit.”

Very gently, I did just that, curling my tongue under her protective hood to fondle the sweetest of sweet spots. “God, that’s good. Lick me there. Lick my clit.” Even more gently, I did as Keelly wanted, gently touching the engorged sides of her adorable love toy with the tip of my tongue, and very briefly, not wanting her to cum too soon. Keelly didn’t really want to cum so soon either and she would actually have been disappointed if she had because she really loves it when I take a long time and gradually bring her to her climax.

I really enjoy taking a long time too, so I brought my tongue back from her clit and, after relishing all the delectable juices her love hole had produced, I started licking the pussy lips on the other side. These were treated the same way as the first labia and, after licking her mons, I brought my tongue back to her clit hood, where I licked her the same way.

“You are the greatest, Tony; I really love what you do to me,” Keelly told me, unnecessarily, because I could tell how much she loved what I was doing from her moans of pleasure, the way her body was pitching and tossing on the bed and the way her pussy was fucking into my face. She still had a way to go before she would start cumming but I brought her closer when I once again applied my tongue directly to her precious clit.

Although my tongue only fondled her love toy briefly, it caused Keelly’s pussy to fuck into my face even more strongly and produce a gusher of delicious juices. After enjoying them, I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of the love hole and from there I started probing the side edges and exploring the inner edges of her inner lips. Like most women, she is very sensitive there and after my tongue had teased its way under the lips, Keelly’s thighs rotated outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to my pleasuring mouth.

Much as I had enjoyed eating Keelly’s pussy before then, and as much enjoyment as she had received, it became even more pleasurable for both of us. She was not just moaning, but whimpering, and her hips were swiveling under my face, causing her legs to thrust out over my shoulders. “I wanna cum, Tony. Suck my clit,” she was begging, and all indications were that I had brought Keelly as far as I could and it was time for her to cum.

After relishing all the delicious juices in her pussy, I probed my tongue into the small area between her love hole and her clit, causing Keelly’s pussy to fuck even harder into my face, almost lifting her ass off the pillow as she rammed up at me. Carefully, I engulfed her clit in my mouth, using my lips as a seal and started sucking gently. With my tongue, I gently pushed her clit hood out of the way and started caressing her adorable love button. “Yes! Yes! Like that,” Keelly cried out joyfully as her actions, thrashing on the bed and fucking her pussy into my face became even more frantic. My lips and tongue continued pleasuring both of us for several highly enjoyable minutes until Keelly cried out incoherently and I knew she was cumming.

Her thighs squeezed the sides of my head while her hips continued swiveling so my upper body was taken for a rough, pitching ride. Keelly continued fucking her pussy into my face, seeming to be trying to wrap herself around me, while her hands on the back of my head held me in place. Both of us wanted her clit to stay in my mouth and we both wanted my tongue to continue to caress the engorged sides and top of the little darling. Besides her hands and legs, my arms around her thighs kept us pleasurably locked together as her ass bounced up and down on the bed and her hips swiveled and rocked from side to side. Keelly enjoys cumming about as much as any woman I know and having her cum while I am eating her pussy is about as enjoyable as almost anything I know.

After several minutes of rocking and bucking and pitching, Keelly climaxed, suddenly arching her back and jamming her pussy and my face together with an extra hard thrust. After her orgasm, Keelly relaxed completely, her head leaning back, smiling and eyes closed, on her pillow. Her thighs released my head, leaving Keelly’s legs draped loosely over my shoulders and her arms sprawled at her sides. After she was finished cumming, I licked the delightful juices from her crotch, pussy lips and thighs but I left enough in her love hole to perform their natural lubrication function because I knew we would be fucking in a few minutes. After eating all the juices I was going to, I moved out from under her legs, got up and cleaned off my face. We would be kissing soon and sexual etiquette dictates that I first remove her pussy juices from my face. While I was waiting for Keelly to be ready, I went to the nightstand, got the condom that I had left there and put it on.

Keelly was still lying on the bed, legs spread and eyes closed but when I got back on, she opened her eyes, saw my cock, stiff and ready, and smiled. “I hope you’re half as good with your cock as you are with your mouth, Tony,” she told me and she held out her arms invitingly. Hoping to prove that I was at least that much, I held my cock with one hand and opened her pussy lips with the fingers of the other. Keelly sighed happily when I made the first penetration. It took four more thrusts, each one resulting in my cock going deeper into her, until I was fully imbedded in her delightfully wet pussy. Keelly’s sighs became coos of pleasure with my cock all the way inside her.

With penetration complete, I leaned forward and slipped my arms under hers, which responded by wrapping themselves around my neck. We kissed, long and gently as I slowly drew my cock back until only the tip was inside her pussy and continued kissing while I thrust it, equally slowly, all the way back in. Keelly pulled her mouth away from mine and moaned in pleasure. “That feels great, Tony. I need some really good fucking now.”

I hoped for some really good fucking also and that is what I started to get from Keelly. I drew my cock back for another stroke and when I thrust forward again, she fucked back to meet me. Spreading her legs even more and wrapping them around my hips, letting my cock penetrate her pussy a fraction of an inch deeper. “Yeah, like that,” she said. “Now, really give it to me, nice and slow and deep and for a long time.”

Nice and slow and deep is what I wanted too, and we continued for a long time, both of us moaning from the pleasure we were receiving and enjoying equally the pleasure we were giving one another. Since all my weight was on my forearms and knees, Keelly, still wearing her negligee but open now, no longer covering her beautiful breasts, could move around under me all she wanted, choosing her motions. She made the most of it. While continuing to fuck back to meet the slow strokes of my cock and feeling it slide all the way into her pussy, Keelly started swiveling her hips under me, letting my cock caress the entire interior of her love hole. Sighing and moaning and kissing, we continued with the new movement for hundreds of slow strokes, immensely pleasurable to both of us, until Keelly decided to change again.

From swiveling her hips she changed to rocking from side to side under me, still thrusting back to meet the strokes of my cock. With this new motion, my cock entered her pussy at a different angle with every thrust, still massaging her entire love hole. Both of us like to fuck slowly, avoiding too much contact between my cock and her clit, allowing us to build slowly toward our mutual climaxes but, although we wanted to delay, we couldn’t delay it forever.

She was ready to cum and I was getting close too so Keelly wanted to change our motion again for maximum contact between cock and clit. “Slide forward, Tony,” she told me. After kissing her deeply, I moved forward on top of Keelly, so my cock was punching more down into her pussy, providing maximum contact between my cock and her clit.

“Oooo, yeah! Yeah, that feels good. Now, fuck me faster, all the way in my pussy.”

All the way in her pussy was where I wanted my cock also and I drove it in harder and faster. Keelly’s arms hugged my shoulders tightly and her legs squeezed my hips as she thrust her pussy back to meet every stroke. My arms were curled under hers and my hands on her shoulders helped me brace myself and plunge my cock into her harder and faster and Keelly matched my every thrust. I was moaning and gasping and she was almost sobbing with the intense pleasure.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Keelly interrupted her sobs and I knew from the way her legs were squeezing me and her fingernails were digging into my shoulders that she was cumming.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Tony Fuck me harder now.” She cried out and that is what I continued to do, as fast and as hard as I could, while her body rocked and bounced and slid and swiveled under me.

“Yes! Yes! Now!” Keelly cried out as she climaxed, ramming her pussy against me while squeezing my hips and shoulders extra hard in one last spasm. As she relaxed under me, I let go of my control too and in just a few strokes after Keelly reached her orgasm, I climaxed, filling my condom with my cum. Happy and tired, I let myself sag but I continued to support most of my weight on my knees and forearms, not wanting to crush the lovely woman who lay, also happy and tired, beneath me.