A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend of ours if there daughter could come out for a hunt with me I agreed to take her out for a night hunt.

I went to pick up Soph she came out with some hot tights on that showed off every curve.

We got to the block and started walking I got Soph to go in front as we were going up the hill track I turned on the torch that was when I found out that the tights were see thru under bright light awhile later we got out to the paddocks and let the dogs go we sat down and started talking Soph goes hope you enjoyed the view on the way in I asked what she meant she goes I know that these pants are see thru that's why I wore them. I I asked her if she liked me looking at her hot ass she said that it turned her on then she stood up and bent down so I turned the torch on to have a good look and realised that she had nothing on under them. I reached out and started rubbing her ass she let out a moan so I started to peel off her tights then seen her nice tight little bald pussy I couldn't resist and put my tongue in her wet lips with caused her to groan with pleasure she pushed me back and straddled my face then leant forward and took my hard cock out of my pants and started to give me a blow job I started moaning into her pussy which sent her over the edge I lifted her off and positioned her pussy over the tip of my cock then slowly lowered her down until she was full then she started to ride me hard slapping her hot ass cheeks on my thighs I told her that I was ready to blow so she slid off and took me deep in her throat until I cum deep in her throat we got dressed and headed home I call into drop her off and her mother came out and asked if she had fun and Soph goes it was fantastic as she walked away her mother came over and patted my cock and goes I bet this was of good use and asked if she could come out next time

That's another story