Written by KiwiBanga


One night i ran into an old friend T at a nightclub , she walks over and gives me a big hug n kiss and says hi , I introduce T to my g/f . They say hi & then my friend walks back to her friends , just as she leaves my ex walks over to say hi . I introduce her to my g/f and she says to me how long have we been going out , i say about 3 months and then she says to my g/f weren't you and John making out on dance floor the other week.

The g/f quickly says no i don't know who or what your on about and the ex goes well i do cause he was an ex b/f of mine and he has been telling me what your been up too. I look at g/f in disgust & she says that my ex is lying and that she just wants me back. She then say's that she is feeling sick and has to go to the ladies room , as she leaves the ex says sorry to tell you like this but better now than never.

I was standing there by myself waiting for my g/f to come out of the toilets when my friend T walks past and gives me a big kiss on the lips and say's you better go help your missus out , as i just gave her a hiding in the toilets. I had a wee grin on my face and said what for , T said i was in the toilets when she started to verbally abuse me about me wanting to fuck you. Oh i said and then went to see if g/f was okay she was a bit roughed up with a swollen eye but not to bad. I said were leaving and as i walked to the car i saw the ex laughing as we got in car and as i went to drive away my friend waved and blow a kiss.

I got g/f home and asked if she was okay and she just said fuck me hun fuck me like a slut , so we ripped each others clothes off and i began to kiss her all over , when she say's , i've got my period but i want you to fuck me , just put on a condom. So i put the condom on and as i was ready to fuck her she moan's i want you to fuck me like a slut and i said okay babe ill fuck you like a dirty slut and with that i picked her up and lay her face down firm against the bed with her ass up in the air.

She loved it from behind , it made her even more horny when i just picked her up and put her in that position , i started slapping my cock against her ass , she kept saying fuck this dirty slut , make this slut pay for her what she has done.

So i grabbed my hard throbbing tool and began to slowly insert it into her asshole , she flinched and said what the hell are you doing , i said your my slut aren't you. She replies yes i'm your slut and you said you want me to treat u like a slut didn't you , "yes" , well i'm going to fuck your ass bitch. She agreed too it and i started again to go slowly deeper into her ass pushing myself deeper and deeper inside her as i started to thrust myself against her ass , her moans were moans of pain at first but within a minute or two , they changed to moans of pleasure. I got my cock so deep into her ass she screamed FUCK OH FUCK , FUCK YES.

i started to grab her hips and began to hammer myself hard against her tight asshole she moaned and screamed , her orgasm's were getting stronger and she climaxed hard .... i was mad and just wanted to fuck the shit out of her , i wanted to to pay her back for what she had done and for what my ex had told me. I was thinking of my friend T telling me about wanting to do a 3 sum with me , with that thought i blow my load deep into her ass. She screamed i thought you had a condom on and i said yeah i did but i took it off .. Why did you do that she says , well why did you cheat on me ?.. She didn't answer me , so i rubbed the rest of my cum over her ass and then turned over and went to sleep .

When we woke up in the morning , i asked if she would like breakfest before she went to work , she said no cause she was late for work. She asked if i could drive her to work . I kindly said NO and i had a little grin on my face when i saw her walking down the road. She was finding it hard to walk , as it had been her first time doing anal and i had fucked her so hard , that it seemed to make it sore to walk.

She wanted me to have lunch with her and thought i would go see a friend before lunch.

I went to my friend T's place and she was wearing some sexy lingerie under her silk dressing gown , her partner had just gone to work , so i told her about the g/f and she said i'll make us a coffee . Well next thing i know she is bringing me my coffee with just her sexy lingerie on.

She gives me my coffee and spills some on my jeans and says oh sorry , you better take them off to dry out and next minute i know i had just got them off and her lips we around my cock , She then pushes me back onto the couch and gives me the best blow job a man could get . I blow my load down her throat . She told me that i should get rid of the g/f and that when i do that , she will be my friend with benefits. I agreed to her terms.

So i left her place to meet g/f for lunch and said to her , i don't know how to say this " but after what i heard last night & after the things you said " i think its better that we finish this and go our separate ways. She looked at me with an angry look on her face and said i'm sorry to have done that to you .

I said its okay as i'm sorry that T didn't knock you out last night and by the way i just got a blow job from her and she sucks cock way better than you ever could.