Written by shesshy


How norty have we got...Part 2

mmmmmm Part one was such fun we had to go back.......

Well we have had a few more encounters of the norty kind since part one, of varied nortyness and company hehe all have been great fun. . . .

We got a text from Max last week whom we hadn't seen since our first play with him (see our last story) asking if we were free to play that night. He had a free night and wanted to meet up. But we already had a play date lined up with another friend, however a norty thought entered our minds, we wondered what it would be like to try and see both on the one night, it is one of our fantasies, so we text back we hoped to be able to catch up later that night.

We went to the rendevous point for our first meet and waited, we had meet with this friend a few times and him being late was unusual so we sent a text to find out what was happening. Unfortunately our friends day hadn't gone well and he had to reluctantly cancel. Bugger but thats life .. . Still we weren't totally at a loss for something to do, so we then sent Max a text saying we were now free and could play if he still wanted to . . . no reply. . . Bugger again, surely the night wasnt going to pass without meeting up with at least one yummy person . . .

Oh well off to McDs for a sweet dessert, but once again . . . Bugger . . . the machine is broken, no sweet dessert to pass my lips tonight, how wrong could I have been . . . buzz buzz you have a new text

Max was keen to play, so we arranged to meet him at a motel not far away, his shout, Max you are a gentleman x x x

Already dressed to impress I felt very sexy as we approaced his room, I knocked on the door and waited, He opened the door and . . .

There he stood, mmmmm such yummy memories. He invited us in, I sat beside him on the bed, hubby sitting on the bed opposite, the 3 of us chatting like we had been together yesterday, as opposed to the 2 months it had actually been. As with most norty meets who makes the first move is the unknown so after a few minutes chat hubby left the room for just long enough to let the mood change, just a little, time to give Max a proper hello. Max had thought the same thing and we were instantly kissing each other, tongues entwined.

A smiling hubby returned to our embrace and quickly positioned himself behind me, caressing my butt and nibbling on my neck and shoulders, the heat was being turned up, I was so arroused with my two men touching and exploring me, my dress was soon pulled down off my shoulders to give access to my naked breasts, followed shortly by the removal of my g string then the dress. mmmmmm yesss naked now...... time to play

My men explored me as one and soon themselves were totally naked, hubby pulling me back untill I lay, legs spread on the bed, Max's tongue was quickly on the mark and I squirmed to the sensation of him licking my clit. Hubby took a firm hold of my hair and guided my head until my mouth took in his hard cock. Sighs and moans flowed freely, then hubby having enjoyed the delights of my mouth turned his attention to my nipples and kissed me biting my bottom lip just a little as he knows me well, too well. Max's tongue and fingers were taking me closer and closer, the orgasm was a while cumming, as usual I enjoy the trip a little too much . . . the orgasm sending amazing spasms pulsing through my whole body. Oohh I love norty play.

As Max rises from between my legs I draw him up to my mouth so I could kiss him again tasting myself on his tongue, I was wanting to return some of the pleasure he had given me, I discovered that his nipples are quite sensitive and started pinching them and biting on his lower lip which made him moan. Hubby then positions himself between my spread thighs, his cock slipping so easily into my ohhhh so wet pussy. Lifting my butt off the bed he thrusts deep inside me again and again, ooohhh my god . . . then wickedly lifting off me he left me wanting more.

I cuddled into Max kissing him and stroking his cock, this leaves my butt enticingly facing hubby and he was not about to miss this chance, the lube flowed freely and soon I could feel him between my butt cheeks teasing and gently pushing on my rosebud then sliding into me, slowly at first until I adjust to his size them picking up the pace and thrusting deep within me. This is a pleasure I was originally not comfortable to try but I now find that when I'm suitably horny it feels so unbeliveably good, as it did now. We all enjoyed this fun, my moans mingled with our kisses as I was consumed with pleasure.

After hubby had withdrawn Max let his hand wander down to my hot wet pussy and his strong knowing fingers found just the right spots to get me moaning in pleasure once again, hubby then stroked his hand across my butt and slid his finger back into where his cock had just played, increasing the pleasure for me beyond words, but certainly not beyond gasps and moans as they flowed freely from my lips. While I have had a vibe in my pussy while hubby has enjoyed my rear delight before the feel of them simultaneously sliding fingers in and out of my two entrances was incredible, an entirely new feeling for me. The sensations of the fingers of these two men, rubbing almost together within my body took me to a level of pleasure I could barely cope with and I gestured for them to stop, however they could see how much I was enjoying it, so without a word they each firmly pinned of one of my hands down to stop me pushing them away and continued . . . and continued . . . until unable to resist I simply let go and became the rider of a rollercoaster of sensation I couldn't or didn't want to stop.

While hubby went to wash his hands, Max tore open a condom and sliding it onto his cock, he then took his turn between my thighs, hubby returning just in time to see him slide his shaft into me, I had waited so long to have him enter me the feeling of him moving inside me was incredible. He knew just how to move to make me moan in pleasure and the feeling of being pinned to the bed by his strong body aroused the submissive side of me again. Hubby started playing with my hard nipples while Max's powerful thrusts drove involuntary moans and gasps from me arousing Max further, the tempo increasing accordingly. Hubby was caressing me as with a groan of release, Max came deep inside me. Oohhh I love norty play

We lay on the bed chatting and laughing about all sorts of things, norty and otherwise, my men still touching and stroking me, such relaxed fun as we all took another breather. Hubby then went to wash, returning with an extra cock, a battery powered one, my favourite bunny vibe. But with two men why did I need a bunny vibe tonight? was my question, they wanted a show was the reply, So showtime it was, with these two guys paying attention to my other delights, I slid my bunny vibe deep into my hot wet pussy and adjusted the setting to my favourite, feeling it begin buzzing on my clit drawing moans and movements from my body. It wasn't long before the inevitable orgasm convulsed my body once again.

Slipping my vibe out from betweeen my lips hubbys fingers took it's place, instantly finding my G spot which he can stimulate to a gushing orgasm in just a few magic seconds, but he was reading my body language and he stops just short, time and time again. Max was enjoying this show as well, I could tell . . . . Then oooohhhhh hubbys fimgers didn't stop and I was over the top, liquid gushing freely from my pussy, the release incredible, then as I knew would happen his fingers work there magic again . . . wetter and wetter oooooh my god stop, but no, he brings my G to a 3rd even bigger and wetter orgasm, It flows down my legs onto the bed. Oohhh I love norty play.

I lie on the bed again with " My Men" on either side of me, Im done.....thank you both so much.....We chatted again for quite a while, until things slowly got quiet and it was decided to call it a night. After we got dressed hubby insisted I give Max a kiss goodnight, which I was going to anyway. Well watching me kiss Max got my man so arroused again that he lifted my skirt and started stroking me once more, which soon led to us all being semi naked on the bed again. Having been pleasured beyond what I would call satisfied, when hubby once again pressed his cock to my buttocks and rubbed it on my rosebud again the sensation was nice but I said don't you think we have had enough and began to pull away from him.

Max seeing this, pulled the hair on the back of my head gently but firmly, and bit down on my bottom lip arousing the sub in me once more which made me moan out loud. Max, I was discovering, while not having had a lot of swinging experience was an experienced lover and had in a very short time figured a few of the vices I have and was using them to his full advantage. The sensation of him pulling my hair and biting my lip made me horny and breathless once again, relaxing my rear guard, I couldn't resist and hubby was entering my rearward treasure trove once more, little lube needed this time, pumping into me as Max who was still kissing me intently, placed my hand on his again growing cock. Hubbys thrusts increased, so causing breathless moans to escape from my lips onto Maxs tongue as it probed my mouth. Hubby reaching the point of no return withdraws his lovely hard cock and stroking it shoots his load of deliciously hot cum over my back. He enjoyed that I could tell . . . Oohhh I love norty play.

I continued kissing Max while undoing his belt and jeans releasing his cock into my eager hands, I then moved down the bed until I could take his cock in my mouth, my hand working his shaft and my tongue his head until the monster stirred again and grew within my hot moist mouth, this time the moans were not mine but were just as arrousing for me as I sucked and stroked him, while hubby caressed me and pushed those buttons he knows so well. Then unexpectedly Max reached into his bag beside the bed and snapped some handcuffs on my wrists, ooohhh clever man, he knows I love being restrained as we had discussed this previously during one of our chats. He then got off the bed and stood beside it grabbing my hair once again and guiding his hard cock back into my mouth. He had control of my movements now, I felt powerless to resist which turned me on so much . . . He then pulled out of my mouth and stroked his hard cock as I cupped and caressed his balls until he was overcome with pleasure and orgasm, his hot cum shooting over my breasts, wrists and his handcuffs, it felt so good for me and I'm guessing him as well.

After removing the handcuffs we cleaned up and dressed again, I kissed Max goodbye until it really was time to leave, Max commenting 'lets not start something I really can't finish this time . . . ' Not that I was totally finished, as it appears I never am . . . Oohhh I love norty play.

Thanks Max it was a fantastic night for all of us and we are already looking forward to our next get together.

How norty have we got? . . .

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