Written by shesshy


Summoned . . .

Having received a request to present ourselves for questioning with Officer Max . . . over an incident of alleged indecent behaviour I was understandably quite nervous as I dressed for the interview. Hubby in his usual relaxed manner wasn't as concerned and he decided I should dress to impress, knowing I had a thing for men in uniform, so on with a black fitting top, short tight skirt and knee high boots, a sexy look which made me feel more confident, as us girls know we have a little more control when the guys are distracted by . . . . other things.

With sweaty palms and a uncertainty of what may unfold I knocked on the door and waited, I don't think I have felt this nervous for years . . .

The door opened and there stood a very tall, good looking Police Officer Max. Nervous as I was, almost shaking in my boots, the sight of him in his uniform caused my body to react, one of my greatest fantasies is a man in uniform and a barrage of norty thoughts crossed my mind.

He greeted us and showed us into the interview area and explained he wanted to question me first. He read me my rights and then told me to sit in the chair. When I sat my tight skirt rode up a bit which Officer Max noticed, his eyes flicking down to my legs then back to my face, Hubby had chosen well, I tried to return a smile which showed I had noticed his interest without showing any disapproval, in fact more one of approval . . .

"There has been a report made by a bus driver that you were involved in some indecent behaviour in a public car park. Do you have anything to say about this?"

Slightly off guard, my thoughts momentarily on Max's appearance rather than what he was saying, I just looked at him with a guilty look on my face, what else could I do . . . The images from that night in the car park were flashing through my mind as vivid and real as they were that night and I could feel myself getting wet . . . Denial was pointless everyone in that room knew we were guilty and they had a witness who had seen us that night.

"Yes we were there Officer, and yes things did get a bit carried away."

"Can you tell me exactly what happened that night?"

The thought of telling him what we all did that night was scary but also very arousing.

"Well Officer, we met with a friend for a drink and chat then decided to find somewhere secluded for a bit of a kiss and cuddle. Obviously it wasn't as secluded as we thought and things did get quite carried away. I gave both the men blow jobs and I can't remember just how undressed I got"

"Well then it sounds like things did go a little too far and and an offence has been committed. There are options as to what happens next. I can book you, fingerprint you and it will go through the courts"

Taking this in I noticed the officers eye once again wondering . . . .

He chose his words carefully

"Do you have anything concealed on you that you shouldn't have? Maybe I need to frisk you"

Hubby and I looked at each other and denied having anything concealed on us but Hubby with a little smile told me to do exactly as Officer Max said and he himself was told by Max to take photos for the record.

"Stand up and put your hands on the wall"

He stretched my arms up high then kicked my feet apart with his foot . . . All I could think was that this Police Officers hands were about to run over my body . . .searching for. . .

This for me was a fantasy come true . . .

He frisked me professionally at first, then his hands moved up my stomach until they were resting just under my breasts, then showing there were other options we could take he slowly cupped my breasts and searching out my now hard nipples gave them a little tweak . . . I moaned . . . Option 2 was definitely the preferred option for all parties. He then pressed himself against my butt the feel of his hard cock making me moan again.

Hubby nodded to himself, a smile appearing on his face, feeling himself get hard as he watched one of his wife's biggest fantasy's begin to unfold.

My top was lifted from the waist and discarded, its removal followed quickly by my skirt being slid from my waist down my legs to the floor. I was standing there in lacy panties and a bra . . .but only briefly. Officer Max's hand releasing my bra and in the same movement he reached back and took his handcuffs and slapped them on my wrists telling me this would make sure I behaved myself.

The feel of the cold metal again was so good . . . I remembered last time he had put the handcuffs on me . . . (see our previous stories)

He took his time fondling me, checking me out very thoroughly and then he took his wooden baton and ran it over my body, often sliding it between my legs and against my pussy and making me quiver in little spasms as it found its target.

"Time you showed me what happened on the night of the offence" he said as he pushed me to my knees in front of him.

I eagerly complied, undoing his belt and trousers taking his cock in my hands, feeling it's hardness, I couldn't resist tasting him and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, drawing him in further until I could feel him pushing deeper into my mouth.

Hubby, who had been enjoying the show and recording the action on the camera was now asked by Max to join in and show how I had sucked two cocks at once. This he eagerly complied with of course.

I alternated between the 2 hard cocks until I was lead to a bed and pushed backwards down onto it. Handcuffed and spread I wondered what would happen next.

I soon had Max's hard cock in my mouth again and his fingers slid into my wet aching pussy. The feel of his fingers entering me was almost too much and I knew there was a lot more to come. . . . Please . . . I begged without uttering a word.

His fingers worked their magic getting me wetter by the second, I needed more. . .

Hubby could see this and moved into place between my legs as I took the Officer Max in my mouth once more and my tongue moved over the head of his manhood. I could feel hubby's cock slowly entering me, my wetness offering up no resistance, until he had his full 7 inches in me, this lovely combination continued for a while until hubby offered his position to Max.

It was about to happen, a Policeman in his Police shirt was about to enter me. It was enough to bring this girl to tears, Hubby moved away and took up a favorable position with the camera.

Officer Max rolled a condom onto his hard member and moved between my legs, pushing his hardness against my clit, moving it up and down driving me crazy until I had to have him inside me.

I lay in front of him on the bed, as he slipped a hand down each of my legs then took hold of my ankles lifting them high until my legs were pointing up toward the ceiling and spread apart, my wet pussy ready and awaiting him.

It happen so intensely that Hubby described the look in my eyes as the look he gets most turned on by . . . it's that look we have when things can't sexually get any better, only our best sexual partners get to enjoy it when we let go, everything feels so good and nothing else enters our mind apart from the shear sexual intensity of the moment.

He was thrusting into me hard and fast, I glanced at hubby occasionally but didn't really register much apart from the intense pleasure flowing through my body. I'm not sure how long it lasted but he thrust into me until with a guttural moan his orgasm tore through his body and mine felt the pulsations as he came.

Smiling at each other he withdrew his weapon and giving me a kiss went to clean up,

Hubby took the opportunity and come closer, we both smiled at each other knowing that we had both enjoyed that as much as the other. He rolled me over, my butt was now on display.

Hubby entered me, sliding in easily as I was so wet after Max. He continued to thrust into me until I uttered those little moans once more. Max returned without me noticing, he had gestured to hubby that he now had a baton in each hand, the original wooden one and a black one which I think is known as a riot baton. Keeping me face down Hubby slid me around until I lay with my legs off the side of the bed, he then lubed up my butt which I was totally happy with as anal play is something I love.

However I was not aware that Max had returned and was a little taken by surprise when he lay beside me and his fingers worked the lube slowly into my rosebud, the surprise was pleasant and very much enjoyed. Soon one finger, followed by another then another entered my rear pleasure passage, three fingers being the most that had ever taken this passage before, almost too much but also very pleasurable, Hubby at the same time had his fingers in my pussy and I certainly wasn't complaining of police harassment.

I was certainly well lubed in all areas but still wasn't aware of what the guys had been plotting, as they withdrew their fingers, Max slid off the bed and sat behind me, as I lay there in a very pleasured state I felt something hard slide up my butt crack and in a second it was within me, well prepared my butt felt no discomfort as Max slowly slid it in and out, this was soon followed by a second similar item sliding into my pussy, I hadn't seen them both but realized I had two Police batons within me and I wasn't about to complain the sensation was incredible.

When the men had both had a turn pleasuring me with these 2 long hard improvised dildos and I couldn't take anymore they slid the batons from me and let me rest. Max left the room to clean up then as he returned Hubby left to do the same, Max giving me his shirt to wear we both lay down on the bed touching and stroking each other, I loved the feeling of his body next to mine. Officer Max said as the shirt looked so sexy on me I could keep it.

When Hubby returned he lay beside me and the 3 of us lay there talking and laughing, just relaxing and savoring the moment and catching our breath, the shirt entered the conversation and I told hubby it was now mine, he thanked Max as he knew it was a big deal for me. This topic sparked an interest in hubby to see me fucked while I was wearing my new genuine police shirt. . .

I was soon devouring Officer Max again, enjoying the feel of him hardening and growing again as I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock and took it deep into my mouth . . . With him all hard and horny again it did seem to good of an opportunity to resist, so the Police Officer rolled another condom on, knelt between my legs and did his duty once again, and there wasn't an ounce of resistance only a lot of moaning as he plunged into me time and time again until he came again, much to my delight.

A smile was on all of our faces as he withdrew and and hubby took his place . . . I was well and truly in sexual overload as I was once again taken on a wonderful ride that while its the one I am most used to its the one that I am most attuned to. . .a great way to finish a fantastic night. . . . Hubby withdrew and came all over my breasts and my new shirt . . . A christening of sorts, a baptism of fire in the best way possible and one that will no doubt be repeated . . . .

I never thought the day would come that I would have a real Police officers shirt hanging on my clothes line drying after I had washed it, never say never girls . . .

How norty have we got?