Written by LAS


I meet my first long term FWB D 6 months after i started swinging after my marriage had ended.

I had been on a swingers site and had been exchanging sexy messages with a guy called J who had only two pics both focusing on a good size cut penis in the other pic you could roughly make out that the guy did have dark hair which was described in his profile . Quite a tall guy .

we swapped mob numbers and the messaging became even more explicit .

With J there was never any small talk, no how are u, how is work it was always very sexy and dirty as fuk

He would send me a txt with just the word , "cunt " it would leave me dripping. then long detailed messages of what he was going to do to me and how i would take his cock and let him use my holes . one by one . i myself became very good at these texts telling what i wanted and how i was going to use him .

we had to meet this guy was turning me on like no other our messaging to each other was turning into the most amazing foreplay i have experienced .

i loved waking up and seeing messages from him asking me how wet was my vagina this morning. it was soaking for him It got to a stage that every time my mob made a sound to tell me i had a new message i could feel my vagina react, to that noise, my clitorius swelled and i could feel myself getting moist .

P lived as far north as i did as far south .

it was a little tricky trying to organise when we both could meet . One day i received a message " does cunt want her vagina fed is she hungry ?" Yes i was starving .

he was going to be in the area where i worked and that he could come and see me at work once my staff had gone for the day . being the branch manager had its perks i guess .

so the messages got even more detailed that day it was like a foreplay my vagina convulsing everytime i hear my mob go off .. finally that day was here he asked that i be sitting on the desk facing the door legs spread wide, my vagina expose to him , i was to be naked with just a brassiere on .

When he messaged he was on his way OMG i was turned on . I couldn't wait for my staff to leave . Each suburb he past t he messaged telling me he was getting closer and closer. OMG what a turn on . asking me if i was ready for what he was going to do to me . did i want him did i want his cock yes yes yes .

then i received the message " im here " OMG he had built me up to a quivering wet mess but i had never had a build up like this ever . here on my office desk naked except for a brassier with my legs spread as he instructuted, the office was still and quiet

he messaged

"are u ready" jesus fuk yes i was ready my heart was beating hard " Im coming in " and then slowly i heard his foot steps making their way up the stairs , one step at a time, that's all i could hear , he was coming for me .

i finally saw him ..................

But this was not the dark haired tall guy from the profile but a much shorter silver haired guy with piercing blue eyes . his fly undone with this hard cock . he was turned on just as much as me and i did not care at that time who this guy was . I don't think we even acknowledge each other it was just this sexual hunger . i remember the first thing he did was come and stand between my spread legs and inserted a finger inside of my wet vagina and then another , he looked at me and said "cunt is very very hungry " . I removed his fingers out of vagina and licked each finger that had been inside of me while looking at him and yes she is very very hungry .. i wanted his cock, it was cut with a big head which when pressed into my vagina felt amazing , we fed off each other and i gave my holes to him freely . i took him in my mouth and shoved it deep down my throat. i swallowed him up ., he used his fingers, his cock and his tongue to fuk me , his tongue was and still is the best cunninglingus i have ever . i rimmed him hard . Yet this was a session that was different from any other i had experienced .

So who was this guy .

His name was D

J was his mate. J was unable to meet so ha given me Ds mob and it had been him i had been messaging .

mmmmmmm whats a girl to do . thank J for been busy and giving me D . How could i complain . So next day when i received a message asking me "is cunt hungry" yes she was starving again for D .

D became someone i saw 2- times a month for the next 8 years . All those years it remained as intense as it did when we first meet. We pushed each others boundaries. and we experienced many new things/ His love of lingerie came out and i encouraged it .

we have moved on now but he is someone i will never forget