Written by scotsmitch2001


We met online. All I knew was her name and her age. We hit it off, chatting easily, then onto flirting..a feww nights of sex talking.

We exchanged cell phone numbers...graduating to sexting...the hotter the better...anytime of the day or night, whenever the urge hit us.

This progressed for 4 months....chatting online, sexting...getting heavier and more serious...


One night we were both txting each other, we started off innocently enough but it quickly became sex talk, both of us getting hornier and hornier....I asked were she was and she said her bed..I txted back telling her thats not what i meant I said where in New Zealand?..Christchurch was the answer....I txted back, wow I,m in Christchurch...long story, short, she only lived in the next suburb...Our txting got heated...me getting her address, then txting i was driving over..she told me she was wearing just her nightie, that she was in her bed....I told her i was on my way over..I drove to her street and parked outside her house. I txted, told her i had just parked the car...she txted me saying she had turned off the hallway light and was in her bedroom, only a bedside lamp shining.

I walked up her driveway, butterflies fighting in my stomach..What am I doing?

I don't know what she looks like?

Don't even know if she is a woman....I turned the handle on the door and it opened...It was quiet.

I txted her again..I am just at the door it is open...Do you want to continue?...I send it...and waited

and waited

then the buzz of my phone went off, startling me, sounding loud in the quietness of the night....

I glanced down at the screen..YES...I walked along the hallway, there were no lights on, The streetlight shining in windows my only guide...At the end of the hall a door was ajar..and from it spilled the amber glow of a bedside lamp..

I hesitated...taking a deep breath...and walked into the room..

She was leaning back in her bed, the sheet down by her waist...she was wearing a satin (red) nightie laced in trim, the V plunging down betwen her full breasts...accuenting her curves...I stood just in the doorway for a moment, staring at her, as she stared at me...

We said nothing...I slowly started to undress....tking my time..liking the way she watched every move...As I walked towards the bed, she leaned over turning off the bedside lamp....

(This is a true story. I t was the first time I had ever done anything like that. We still see each other after 3 years...we still indulge in the thrill of me txting before i go around)