I was still new to the swinging scene and being lucky enough to be invited to a house party. The night got underway and as the drinks flowed people got chattier and more flirty. I was sitting in the Jacuzzi chatting with a woman but we were not alone. We were getting quite comfortable with each other and me being very turned on had a boner ready for action.

This being one of my first house parties (and definitely the first at this house) I was a bit nervous as well. I have just met the hosts a day or two before and didn’t know anybody else (that was probably a good thing for the nerves).

Bubbles were flowing over bodies and the jets were caressing and tingling us all over. She worked my cock with her hands under the water line till I was properly hard, then she suggested I get up on the edge of the spa. This gave her full access to my cock and a great view for all around to see what was about to happen.

As she moved closer pushing my legs open, she took me in one hand and started to stroke my hard, throbbing cock. She looked me in the eyes as she opened her mouth and started to lick my shaft from the bottom all the way to the top. Stopping at my head and teasing me with flicks of her tongue. This went on for a couple of minutes as I could not believe what was happening to me. (this being one of my fantasies).

I was in heaven and could not think of any way that this moment could become any more erotic. But it was just about to . . . . . . .

One of the women (part f a couple), that was also chatting away in the spa approached us and to my amazement joined in. My partner only too willing to share her man. I was pretty much dumb struck by having 2 women sucking me off, each giving the other a chance to taste me before letting the other one in again. I could see that they had to do their best for me to fit into their mouth, trying their utmost not to bite or hurt me with their teeth. I was so turned on it felt like my cock would explode from the pressure build up. By this time, I was way past heaven and Valhalla. The sight was just out of this world.

After a couple of minutes, the lady that joined in went back to her partner and I could hear her ask her man if she could, (I guess they have had their fantasies confessed to each other and that this was their first party as well). Sadly, though he was not ready for her to go further with the seduction. And she retreated back to their group.

My partner though did not stop and we had and unforgettable evening and fun, we stayed over at the hosts. And I had to drop her off the next morning at her house as well. . . . . . .

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