It was hot in Melbourne but not just the weather! I am Steve and very lucky to have a wife who likes to occasionally indulge in group sex. It doesn't happen as regularly as I would like it to but when she does agree to it I am very quick to try and find a hot guy to play with her while I watch and enjoy in my own cuckolding way.

Over the past few years we have played with several couples, with one couple after several meetings inviting us to their wedding. My wife is not that keen on seeing me play with other women but I do love to watch her playing with other men (must be the cuckolding gene), hence why we have had more than a dozen MFM experiences in the past few years. I would be happy to let her play once or twice a month if she wanted to but she still prefers our lovemaking to any other man she has ever had make love to her. I guess after 22yrs of marriage we sure know the sensuous areas of each others body.

Anyway one of our latest meetings happened on a trip to Melbourne back in Easter 2013. I had been in contact with a guy in Melbourne who had shown an interest in my wife on another website.

He was over 6ft tall, solid, handsome guy with an above average thick cut cock. My wife's favourite type of guy (especially the thick cut cock). Richard (name changed to protect his identity) loved the pics I shared with him and the videos & pics he had seen on our profile. He found my wife to be an extremely sexy lady who looked like she loved a bit of fun.

Richard showed a lot of interest in meeting up once the final leg of our journey took us to Melbourne and a hotel room with a Super King bed at the Casino. He had text me the previous day when we were still in Bendigo, asking when we were arriving in Melbourne. We would be at the Hotel the next day. He was so excited and I sent him a naughty pic of my wife naked and horny for his cock. He text and said he hadn't had sex or masturbated for over a week as he was hoping we would meet.

So when he got the text and pic he was extremely excited and said his cock was throbbing to have my wife's lips wrapped around his big knob and shaft. This made my cock stand straight up to attention and my wife got on her knees, unzipped me and started to suck me off. I stopped her as I wanted her pussy to be nice and fresh for him the next day and I wanted her to swallow my big load while Richard was fucking her.

We arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon and found our room. Oh my, the bed was a Super King and it was huge. I thought to myself, this is going to be great. As the hours ticked by I started to receive text after text from Richard. He was extremely horny and asking what time we could meet for a drink. I talked with my wife and she had reservations about meeting. She was a bit tired from the days adventure, so I could understand but said that Richard had organised his day around meeting with us, so it would be a bit unfair on him if we said we couldn't now meet. We talked about it for a while and she agreed to a meeting downstairs at one of the Hotel bars.

My cock throbbed at the thought of what was going to happen and I had a hard cock the whole time from when we showered and then while I was getting dressed. I watched as my wife got herself ready. Her natural curvy body had my cock throbbing as I watched her shave her pussy nice and smooth ready for a nice shaven face (I had given Richard a few tips on what my wife liked and one was definitely a shaven face). She saw me watching her and gave me a very cheeky smile and I knew while she was showering and shaving her pussy she was thinking about what was going to happen later. She put her lacy knickers and bra on. Then she slid a nice short skirt on and a loose fitting top, which showed off her ample assets. She has very sexy legs which I love her to show off. I told her she looked amazing and she smelled oh so delicious. I am sure I could smell her sex.

I couldn't wait to watch her get stripped naked later and sexed up. I was thinking of his hands all over her, which had pre-cum oozing from my hard cock. I had to calm down or I might've blown in my pants before we even met Richard. She just has this natural way about her, which makes her extremely attractive. I have lots of friends who would love to have some fun with her and a handful of them have but that's another story.

I gave her a kiss and a hug as we walked out the door and to the lift. She was nervous as was I. I was mainly nervous to see what this hot man looked like in the flesh and if his pics were true to form.

We arrived at the bar and nervously walked in. I looked around but Richard hadn't arrived. We got a drink from the bar and found a comfy corner sofa that we had privacy in and could chat without other customers listening in, if and when it got a bit naughty. We sat and chatted about what might occur later. After about 10min a tall guy wandered in and was looking around. It was quite dimly lit but I could tell it was Richard. I said he had arrived and I waved him over.

We shook hands and he gave my wife a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He went and grabbed a drink and sat down with us. My wife was in between us both. He was just as he described himself, but even more handsome. She sat back down, crossed her legs and I watched him take a quick peek as she did so. Her body language had already suggested to me that she was keen for Richard to play with her.

We started to chat and talk about our normal daily lives. That lasted 20mins or so and then we talked about AFF and how we got started playing with others. Richard had been with plenty of couples and single women which I loved hearing about but it made her a little nervous. Richard went and bought another round of drinks and when he got up I could tell he was enjoying the conversation as he had a very large bulge in his trousers. I quickly turned and caught my wife with a big smirk on her face, obviously she had noticed it as well. While he was away she commented that she was worried he was too experienced for her. I suggested that having an experienced guy would be far better than the opposite. He had told us he was very clean and free of disease. I have a pretty good nose for liars and didn't believe a couple of the things he had told us but I did believe he was disease free.

We had a couple of Tapa's and carried on chatting. Before long about an hour had passed and Richard asked what we thought of him and asked if my wife and I were keen to let him play with her. I knew only too well what her answer would be and said I was all for it. She of course replied yes that sounds really good. So with that we finished our drinks and Richard paid the bill for the Tapa's which I thought was very nice of him. Kind of like paying for the fun he knew he had coming.

We walked around to the lift and away we went up to our room. Nothing happened in the lift which I was surprised about, as my wife loves to suck my cock whenever we go in a lift and find ourselves alone. (She gets very horny after a few drinks and usually constantly teases me). We walked into our room and Richard wasted no time in grabbing my wife and kissed her. I grabbed the camera and started to video and take pics. I love to watch the fun over and over in the weeks following. A true cuckold I think. My wife loves having a tall, solid man towering over her and seeing Richard with her, I knew she would be loving his attention.

They passionately kissed for 5mins or so and then Richard began to slowly undress her. He removed her top and skirt very slowly, all the while looking her up and down and leaving her standing before him in her underwear. She took off his shirt, kissing his nipples as she took it off. She then unbuttoned his pants and as she bent down to slip them off him, her face brushed past his big cock, which was bulging in his underwear and a huge wet patch of pre-cum was soaking through the front of them. He was extremely excited. She grabbed his underwear and was just about to let his big cock free, when he pulled her up and started to kiss her again, feeling her big breasts through her bra.

He pulled one side of her bra down to reveal a very stiff nipple which he duly sucked on. She moaned big time as at the same time, she had reached inside his underwear and was feeling and stroking his very big hard 8in cock. He reached around and was fumbling to release her bra. She couldn't wait any longer and undid it herself. Her big breasts were being fondled and sucked on while she was running her fingers through his hair and up the nape of his neck.

He slowly reached down and pulled her hipsters off. He stood back up and kissed her again, kissed her nipples and fondled her breasts with one hand as the other had found her freshly shaven pussy. I could hear Richards fingers inside her very wet pussy. Her hands had found their way into his underwear again and she had his cock out this time and fell to her knee's. She looked up at Richard, smiled and slipped his big cock into her waiting mouth. She loves to give a guy oral and making a guy cum in her waiting mouth and swallowing it all is what she does so amazingly well. I can vouch for that!

I said to her, how do you like sucking on that big cock and she just smiled and carried on. Her tongue was running around his knob while her hand was stroking up and down his shaft. She sucked on his balls and he couldn't take anymore and said you better stop or I will blow. With that said, he pulled her up and they both fell back on the bed.

She oh so wanted to suck him off and swallow his cum but he had other ideas.

He was lying flat, on his back and told her to move up and sit on his face. She didn't hesitate and positioned herself over the top of him. Richard started to lick and suck on her very wet pussy. She was moaning and started rocking back and forth on his mouth and tongue. He asked her to play with her pussy and clit while he licked her and sucked on her pussy lips. She loves that and was moaning with pleasure. I couldn't help but notice his very hard cock pulsing up and down and oozing pre-cum.

I was busy taking photos and video of the action and I couldn't wait any longer and got undressed. She turned to see my very hard cock spring free as I removed my underwear. She smiled at me and carried on concentrating on Richards tongue. I carried on taking photos. My 6.5in cock was oozing pre-cum now too and I was worried about blowing my load without even touching myself. I was so turned on. But being this turned on was nothing unusual for me as my wife new how to get me going so easily. But this is one part of our sex life that I truly love, seeing another guy fucking her was just amazing.

They carried on in that position for 15-20mins, with her moaning the whole time. She didn't orgasm but I wasn't surprised as her favourite position to orgasm from oral is to lay on her back with her legs in the air so a guy can bury his tongue deep in her pussy and lick and suck on her clit and pussy lips.

She was eager to get hold of Richard's cock again and hopped off his face which I noticed was covered in her all her juices. She grabbed his big cock and ran her tongue around his knob and down his shaft. She started to suck on his balls and then went back to his knob and got into her groove of sucking with tongue around under the knob and her hand slowly twisting up and down the shaft. She is so good at oral and it wasn't long before Richard said it was her turn again as he was going to cum. Once again she was a bit gutted as she so wanted to see his face as she swallowed his cum.

This time he made her lie on her back on the bed and he buried his face in her pussy again. She lifted her legs up so he had her pussy at his mercy. She moaned and motioned me over and started to suck on my hard cock. This made her moan even more and I looked down and her clit was poking out with Richards tongue flicking over it. When she gets very wet and horny her clit shows how much she is enjoying it. I pulled away or she would've made me orgasm very quickly.

Richard moved up and kissed my wife passionately. I could tell by the way she was kissing him and holding his head that she was ready for his cock and she told me afterwards she had whispered in his ear "Fuck me good". She spread her legs ready for his cock. He started to rub his cock up and down her pussy, teasing her. She told him he was a tease and with that he pushed his cock all the way in. Oh boy did that make her moan. His 8in cock was now fully erect and she opened her legs even wider and I knew he was deeper in her than I have ever been. He started to pump her nice and deep and I was busy taking photos of her enjoying his cock. I was looking at her pussy with his big cock sliding in and out and her juices were just pouring out. He said to her I want to fuck you doggy style. She moved onto all fours with her big tits flopping around. He slipped into her and started to pump away.

I was so bloody horny.

My cock was just throbbing up and down and oozing so much pre-cum. She started to ride back at him with each stroke and with that, Richard started to really pump her. I could tell by her moaning that she was so enjoying it and close to orgasm. Just when I thought she was going to orgasm, Richard exploded and filled her with his first load of hot cum. He carried on fucking her for a bit but went soft and collapsed on the bed.

My wife lay down on her back and I could see Richards cum just oozing from her pussy. She smiled at me and grabbed my hard cock. She started to suck me like I know she can and I knew she wanted my hot cum down her throat. I reached down as she was sucking me and started to finger her cum soaked pussy. I slipped 2 then 3 and then 4 fingers into her very wet pussy and began to finger fuck her and rub her G spot. It only took a few minutes and I could feel my orgasm building up big time. She knew it and really started to suck and stroke me. She moved her head back and opened her mouth wide and wanked me into her open mouth. My legs just about collapsed, as she took my huge load of cum. Richard was watching intently and she showed him her mouthful of my hot cum and then swallowed and licked her lips. We kissed and then I lay down next to her with Richard laying on the otherside.

We just lay there for a few minutes and then started to chat about nothing in particular. Probably about 10-15mins past and I saw Richards cock was getting hard again. My wife noticed too and started to play with his cock. She grabbed mine as well and we both got rock hard again. Richard reached down and fingered her pussy which was still very sloppy from his first load.

He said to her, "Do you want to go again". She turned to me and asked if that was alright. I said of course and she turned to Richard and said yes with a smile. With that he got back up on his knees and moved into her missionary. She does love to lay there with her legs in the air while a guy pumps her for all he is worth. Tits shaking everywhere.

Richard started to pump away slowly at first and then faster and faster. He was moving her legs right up above his shoulders and was really pumping her nice and deep. She was moaning yes, yes oh yes that feels good. I just watched his cock thrusting in and out and all the juices flowing out of her mixed with his cum. She said to him "go, pump me". I was hoping he would keep going for 30mins or so in a few different positions as she likes prolonged sex. It is something that I cant give her as I don't last long enough. After about 5-10min he started to build up faster and faster and began to moan as he shot another load of his cum into her. I was a bit gutted as he rolled off again and lay beside her. He did tell us before we met, that he had great stamina but told us that my wife had very sexy fuck me eyes and felt so good that he couldn't stop himself.

I was so ready to fuck my wife and hopped onto the bed and slipped my cock into her. She was oh so wet, loose and sloppy with cum but geez it felt really good to be inside her. She moved her legs right up and I buried my cock in her as deep as I could and began to pump away. She started to moan as the thrust of my cock pounded her pussy. It was really noisy and sloppy sex but I didn't mind and it turned me on a lot to be fucking her after Richard had finished with her. I knew I wouldn't take long to reach orgasm and really started to fuck my wife. I could tell by her moans that she was building up to an orgasm. She said "go,go,go" and I know that is the pre-requisite to her having an orgasm. I could feel my orgasm approaching and started to moan myself. With that she let out a big scream and we both orgasmed together as I pumped her pussy so hard and fast like never before. I carried on fucking her slowly for 30 seconds or so and then slipped out of her and lay beside her. We kissed passionately and smiled at each other.

Richard asked if he could have a shower as he had to get back to the babysitter. I would of liked him to stay the night and given my wife a lot more sex but alas he had to go.

He showered got dressed as my wife and I just lay there naked watching him. We got up and I shook his hand and said hopefully see you again in the future and she gave him a big hug and said thanks. After he had gone I noticed cum dripping down her legs and out of her pussy like a tap. That turned me on big time. She used the toilet and then came back and lay down with me. I asked what she thought of Richard. She said he was ok but as I thought, she wanted more of a fucking. Oh well maybe next time. We fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning with my usual hard on and got under the covers and licked her pussy. She still had a wicked aroma of cum but I didn't mind and it actually turned me on. I gave her a couple of fab orgasms orally before we made passionate love and I filled her pussy with cum again. I can't wait for my next Cuck experience and would love to hear what you think of this one. If you like it enough I may tell you about more of our experiences.