Written by thereisnotelling


True story

I met a guy wanking at a urinal and we talked as we wanked off, as you do lol. He asked if I liked women too and when I said yes he arranged a meeting later that week. So I met his wife and before long he was fondling her and we all got naked and he started to fuck her in front of me. I fondle her breasts and his balls and arse as he fucked his wife. So a few minutes of touching both of them all over he said it was my turn. I put on a condom and he pulled out of her so I could enter and it was great sliding right in. It was really great to feel his hands running all over my body as I enjoyed his wife, to feel his hands on my shoulders and back and then to feel his hands on my arse and fondle my balls. It was getting intense and then I felt him fingering my anus with cool lube and working my hole mmmm and in no time at all I felt his condom sheathed cock slip into me. It hurt a little a first then it felt so good and as when I drew back from his wife's cunt in my stroke he thrust me hard back into her. It felt so fantastic a we got into a rhythm of thrusting and the feeling will

never to be forgotten . It ended all too quickly when he blew a load into me and that tipped me over the edge so that my thrusting became faster and harder and I came too squirming, moaning and shuddering to one of the best orgasms ever. A night never to be forgotten