It was his voice that got me, I could tell he was hot and his no hesitation, not shy, direct answers told me he was keen, ready n knew exactly wat he wanted. This confidence, was wat I was looking for.. We arranged to meet at mine, during work hours. I showered, shaved, prepared and waited...he pulled up to my flat in a truck. He walked straight in and I was secretly crushing lol...he was hot AF!! A Tall, fit, strong, handsome fair Maori mmmmmmm, honestly, most girls dream!! I tried to act cool but I'm so not lol. He looks at me like I'm his prey, ready to be devoured n I liked it. He just kept looking like he wanted me with those hungry eyes and he wasn't afraid to show it, i felt his power of seduce me, making me weak.. But wen he stood behind me, I felt him breathing on my the back of my neck, goosebumps allova, tingling in my fanny started wen his right hand caressed my right shoulder, across the front of chest then he grabbed my left breast...he pressed up behind me so I cud feel his big hard cok pushing into my lower back. Once he started kissing the back of my neck I melted...didnt take much for me to grab his hand and take him into the closest room and quickly shut the door. As we both started to undress I was distracted by his fit naked chest and impatiently started kissing his nipples as hes trying to take off his pants. I just dropt my robe n boom, I'm naked,. Started pashing like teenagers whilst I guided him to the bed. His cock was already at attention and it was pretty n large, yaee. I cudnt wait to suk it. I got him on the bed and without permission I kissed my way down n got on my knees...he said "wait, I haven't showered"..I said "I dont care".... And took his hard throbbing cok deep in my mouth...he tasted like soap, wats relief, he had quickly washed for me, but I liked that he wanted me to play the dirty slut role, made me wana b even more slutty for him....I enjoyed the feel of his pretty cok throbbing in my mouth.. He kept stopping me so he wudnt come...I knew I cud make him come straight away if I wanted to.. I'm sucking n savouring and licking all the sensitive areas, licking the tip, licking n sucking his balls, teasing n pleasing making him sigh with pleasure...I can't wait cos at thr same time Im grinding my horny pussy on the shin of his leg cos its there and its hard. Feels nice as I'm grinding my clit...then he said " yr pussy is nice n wet please fuck me". Didnt need to tell me twice, I hastily climbed up n mounded him so fast, his cok found my pussy instantly and once he entered I exhaled with intense relief n the world stopped...his cok felt amaaaaazing..I savoured the sensation as I slowly arched my back to feel his cok slide out and back in again...each time he slides out my juices ran down his shaft n wen he thrusted in I signed with pleasure...it got faster n faster, our eyes are locked n I feel my tits bouncing n time. Hes saying compliments n holding my tits but i can't hear cos his eyes have me spell bound. I grab the headboard so I have leverage so I can ride him harder. I feel like I'm in control n I fuck him like a ragdoll. I'm now feeling his cok deep in me and clit grinding at the same time...he grabs my ass n spreads my cheeks mmmm I'm loving it..he grabs my hips n starts pounding from underneath making me moan uncontrollably..i raised up alittle for him as he makes that clapping sound wen hes thrusting into me.... I beg him not to stop and he didnt..but I cud feel myself coming n he asked if I wanted doggy...I just got into position immediately n he slid right back in...it felt deeper this time, it was forfilling and satisfying. I needed it. He knew I was enjoying it and pumped me harder n harder...I loved it. I begged him not to stop I wanted it so bad. He fucked me like a beast. I was addicted now.... I didnt want him to cum so I went down n sucked his cok so he cud calm down a bit. He was a rock now, he was sweating allova n breathing heavy...I cudnt wait for him to fuck Me again...I wasnt there for long cos he grabbed me pushed me onto my back pulled my legs up so my legs were over his shoulders. He cud see my big fat gapping pussy glistening with juices clearly. He enters with ease n I'm relieved once again... He says all the right things n it drives me crazy...hes in control now...he owns me now... I weaken all ova n then suddenly without warning I felt him thrust with strong joltful force... It was a short, deep power thrust which iv never had before... It scared me but it excited me too... I grabbed him passionately and started biting his neck cos I liked it and I wanted more...he fucked me slowly again n then he wud surprise Me again. Ova and ova. Taking my breath away literally, I fucken loved it. And wen he did it I wud pant n moan harder n louder...but wat really turned me on was wen he wud whisper n say be a good girl, we gota b quiet cos my wife in the next room will.hear us..that was sexy. n wen I said nothing I cud hear my fast breathing... I think this turned him on.... Hearing me pant with each thrust...it definitely turned me on. I whispered I'll b so quiet for u bb. Please dont stop! He was the best I ever had....hu else has a hotgossip story I Wonder