Written by Grant Day


So, the story opens when I've come back from a trip overseas with a guy from Uni, Todd. We had travelled over to build houses in the rainforest as part of a humanitarian project we joined online which had kept me overseas for 3 months.

Now at the time I was seeing a girl (We'll call her Sammy) since I was 17 and she was still back in Rotorua, my home town, while I was at Uni in Hamilton (not the biggest distance, but when you're in the mood it still holds things up) and we were making things work long distance.

She was a year younger and an avid dancer, Ivory skin, long toned legs, an ass you would kill for, beautiful curvy figure, a very ample bust but nothing compared to how beautiful her face was. Long brown hair that was sun tanned into light blonde at the tips would look completely at home in a surfing magazine.

The best thing about our relationship was that when we got together, the sex was intense and we would basically let loose on the pent-up energy from two weeks being apart in a 3-day sex fest.

It just so happened that the weekend I came back to NZ from our trip was my birthday and a big group of all of our friends were holding a surprise party for the two of us on my family farm. In typical kiwi fashion we had the Barbie going and a few chilly bins of brews on hand and the night was kicking into a good Rhythm when I saw Sammy chatting to Todd and his Mrs, Nicky who also danced with her.

Nicky was tanned, a little shorter than Sammy but with bright blue eyes, a sexy nose ring, had cute well shaped breasts but had an ass that I would have to say gave Sammy's a run for her money and long long dark Brown hair.

They were huddled around each other with Sammy lightly stroking Nicky's arm and then brushed Tod's legs with her hand. Now I was comfortable in our relationship enough to know this was innocent and Sammy had actually confessed to me that her and Nicky, while Todd and I were away had made good use of their time together, having a few drinks and going out to town together. While they were out they were sending snapchats and photos of them hooking up and kissing each other’s chests then nothing for a few hours then a photo of them in bed together, which leads one's mind to wander.

Sammy then turns away, running her hands up both of our friend’s things grazing over Todd’s bulge and Nicky’s mound before making a bee line to me while I see the two of them make their way into the house swiftly.

"I've got a surprise for you, Nicky and I had an idea that we came up with while you were gone, you don't get a say in the matter. This is happening."

Then without another word, she took me inside while the party continued on nobody took much notice of our absence as it was well into the AM by this time. Half was up the stairs she took off her underwear from under her skirt and held it around my face like a makeshift blindfold and led me up the hallway to my bedroom.

She stopped at the door, took off my pants and shirt then licked up my neck, sucked gently on my ear lobe and opened the door, wrapping her hand around my cock and leading me into the bedroom.

The only sound in the room that I could hear was heavy breathing and the all too familiar sound of a sloppy blow job. My cock immediately went rock hard which Sammy replied in kind by gently rubbing her hand up and down my shaft while she pulled me around and pushed me onto the bed.

“You’re keeping that blind fold on until I tell you to take it off”.

I felt a soft warm tongue then run from underneath my balls all the way over then slowly run the length of my shaft. Almost in kind a dribble of precum followed that tongues movement meeting it at the top where it was licked up and spat back onto the tip to use as lube. Another hand starting lightly cupping and stimulating my balls while two hands were running the shaft and caressing the head off my cock. Hands were replaced by mouths and I was itching to take off the blindfold, I raised my hand to take it off and was met by a soft but noticeable bite to the head of my cock. “What did I tell you about taking that off?”

“I’m Sorry Sammy, I’ll leave it”

I then felt one mouth leave my shaft along with a set of hands and the bed sink lower next to me. Then the sound of sucking to my left start again. The mouth around my cock became more enthusiastic, with long gulps and pauses at the base of my cock, I have an ample cock (not huge but I’ve had compliments) and hearing this mouth slurping down my cock was definitely different from what I knew Sammy liked to do.

Then a hand reached up behind my head and pulled the blindfold off, between my legs sat Nicky, head buried to my balls and still smiling up at me, I glanced to my left and saw Sammy sucking softly on Todd’s balls and gliding her hand over his shaft.

“Happy Birthday babe, when we were together we swapped stories and photo’s and really got turned on, that’s when we snapchatted you both”.

Todd and I looked at each other, shrugged, high fived and laid back to enjoy.

Nicky was the first to break the blow job, she jumped off her knees and turned around straddling my cock, too eager to wait any longer. As she lowered herself down on my shaft that was glistening from her mouth, I could feel the fact that she hadn’t had any dick for 3 months and it was needing to be stretched out, Sammy positioned herself between our legs, first kissing my balls then eagerly ticking Nicky’s clit with her tongue. Todd came behind Sammy and rubbed his cock along from her the top off her ass all the way down to the bottom of her clit, encircling both holes as he went teasing her with the long sweeping motion. Todd’s cock was just a little bit shorter than my own but just as girthy so we made a good fit for a swap.

Nicky was sliding up and down my cock in quickening movements that I could feel were both loosening her and making her feel just as good as I was. At the same time, I could see underneath Nicky’s legs, Sammy was getting nicely stroked by Todd, both of them looking like they were in a mountain of pleasure.

Nicky’s strokes turned into quick grinding and she started screaming in pleasure quickly rising and squirted all over my cock and Sammy’s face which she started giggling at and gave her a loving kiss on her clit. Todd was looking like her was about to explode so he pulled out of Sammy, moving around to quickly slide his cock into his own Mrs and gave her about 2 minutes of strong pumps which got Nicky coming again just as he shot his load deep into her.

I laid Sammy back onto the bed and lifted her knees up under my arms, guiding my cock slowly into her. I could feel it still being nice and tight and her lips wrapped around my cock in just the way I liked, however it was still slick with Todd’s precum and it turned me on. Bending over I lovingly kissed her, told her how beautiful she looked and began stroking into her long but firm, Nicky then straddled her mouth and began grinding her clit into her tongue, mixing her spit and Todd’s cum over her face. Nicky then bent over and with a slightly awkward angled 69 began licking up Sammy’s juices while I kept running my shaft into her tight pussy.

This whole position was too much for me and I pulled out, immediately met with Nicky’s mouth who sucked me into ecstasy before rubbing my cock off till I came both in her mouth and all over Sammy’s pussy.

We all collapsed in a well spent heap….for about 5 minutes when Sammy jumped on my cock again, Nicky on my mouth and they both sucked off Todd while he stood between them.

I should definitely come home more often.