Written by Laidback


Feeling that urge for some forbidden excitement again I jumped online and entered the world of chat on KS, soon I was chatting to a lady who was in the same position as me, attached, but looking for a little excitement outside our daily lives. It's funny but I've found that being open and honest when swinging and meeting is so much easier than in relationships and A agreed.

We hit it off really well, and through chatting found we had similar tastes and interests, so we tentatively arranged to meet for a coffee and exchanged cell numbers, as the day arrived and time grew closer I could feel the nervous anticipation growing and from the texts from A.

We had joked about some of the people on here and 'wanna fuck' messages and agreed on a public meeting to make sure neither were gargoyles and to see if the spark was there in person.

We both arrived about the same time and got out of our vehicles. A didn't see me at first and was looking at another guy who had arrived around the same time and I saw her hesitate, so I walked over and introduced myself. A laughed and said oh thank god, I thought it was that guy over there and was going to leave. We laughed and the ice was broken so went in to the coffee shop.

Funnily enough neither of us drank coffee so went for a hot chocolate, mmm similar again...

As the ice was broken we made small talk and got to know each other and found the chat flowed well between us, and soon the conversation move to sex and our wants and needs, turns out we were both very sexual and tactile and wanted some excitement but not to leave our partners.

A said she talked to her man about swinging and while he was initially keen went cold and she said it was just plain old missionary all the time, and she wanted to experiment more.

The old issue of finding a place to play cropped up as neither wanted to go to the others place for obvious reasons.

I mentioned a place called Diversities that I understood had public and private rooms but had never been there so didn't know what it was like.

I saw a twinkle in A's eye as she said why don't we go and have a look......so after working out the address off we went.

We got there and were pretty nervous and the sexual tension was heavy between us, the building didn't look much from the outside but we headed in anyway with a sense of anticipation.

We were met at the counter and said we were first time visitors so we paid our money and got a guided tour.

A was obviously quite excited as she walked next to me and touched me during the tour.

There were a couple of other older guys there standing talking who said hello as we walked around. We both liked the porn playing in the public rooms but decided go to a small room to one side.

We reached for each other and our lips met for the first time, hers tasted so sweet and soon our tongues were meeting as we felt the hunger for each other. We sat down on a couch / bed and started touching caressing and kissing, god she made me so hard.

One of the guys was watching us through a beaded curtain so being a little shy I suggested a private room to start with. A was happy with that but I had the feeling she would be happy being watched.....man was I in for a surprise later......so we move to a private room and shut the door.

It certainly wasn't a quiet place and the walls were quite thin and you could hear people talking outside, but that added to the feeling of naughtiness.

As soon as the door was locked and our eyes grew used to the dimness, we reached hungrily for each other kissing deeply and running our hands all over each others bodies, before long A slid to her knees and undid my belt and lowered my jeans to reveal my hard cock. She had a glint in her eye as she hungrily took it in her mouth and sucked me, playing with my balls, damn it felt good....

All I could do was hold her hair and hang on for the ride thinking with such a hot sexy lady why didn't her man appreciate her more!

Before long she had me close to coming but I wasn't ready yet, I stood her up and took off her top leaving her camisole on, and took her jeans and knickers off, before lying her back on the bed.

I started kissing her deeply and felt her hard nipples, which I lowered my head to and started licking sucking and nibbling, as I did so I gently bit harder and heard her moan in pleasure, mmm I thought this lady likes a little pleasure and pain....so I bit harder and got a really deep moan and felt her push her breast harder in to my mouth......wow A certainly knew what she liked and showed it.

As a sucked and bit her nipples my hand caressed her stomach and legs, slowly working toward her pussy, and she opened her legs for me as my hand got closer. I could feel the heat coming from her and the wetness was amazing as my fingers slowly stroking up and down the outside of her lips.....

As my fingers parted her wetness I felt her hard clit and she pushed it against my hand and I rubbed it gently, before sliding my finger inside her, damn it felt like she was on fire as she moaned loudly in pleasure...mmm I thought this lady likes the idea of being heard fucking and maybe even being watched....

I kissed her deeply while finger fucking her and playing with her clit before slowly licking down her neck, to her breasts, then down her stomach to her wetness.

Laying between her thighs my tongue got it's first taste and she tasted so good, A moaned loudly as my tongue slid up her lips and flicked her clit and her hands grabbed my head pushing me into her pussy, mmm I love it when a lady knows what she likes and isn't afraid to show it.....

I buried my tongue as deep inside as I could tongue fucking her, then licking up and on to her clit licking and sucking, A was moaning continuously and not quietly! She definitely wanted to be heard and was getting off on it...I alternated between tongue fucking her and licking her clit then slid 1 then two fingers deep inside her as I licked and sucked her clit, she was moaning so much and so loud!

Soon I felt her cumming over my fingers and I tasted her sweet cum...she wanted more as she held my head and pushed it in to her pussy, and who was I not to oblige....

I could tell A had some hidden depths so decided to see how far these went. As I carried finger fucking her and licking her clit I slowly slid the tip of my finger in her tight rosebud, damn she pushed down hard and my finger slid straight in and she was bucking against my fingers and mouth and came again crying out in pleasure so loudly. Wow I thought this lady is so hot and we've only just started tapping her depths....

I slowly licked up, sucking and biting her nipples making her cry out in pleasure, then kissed her deeply so she could taste her cum, she kissed me hard, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth licking and tasting her juices all over my tongue and mouth.

I stood up and knelt over her head and placed my cock in her mouth and she sucked me deep in her mouth taking as much as she could, I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth and she was moaning as I fucked her mouth, damn it felt so good, but I wanted to feel my cock inside her so I pulled out and kissed her deeply before pushing her back and she spread her legs saying fuck me, being a gentleman of course I obliged rubbing the tip of my hard cock up and down against her soaking wet lips which made her thrust her hips up towards my cock, moaning loudly fuck me and fuck me hard....

I slid the head of my cock in and it felt like A was on fire, her pussy was so wet and hot. I couldn't hold back and drove my cock deep inside making her scream 'oh my god yes, fuck me' and everyone in the building would have heard...that turned me on and I started sliding my cock in and out of her tight wet little pussy, damn it felt so good.

I slowly sped up until my balls were slapping against her arse as my cock pistoned in and out of her, She was screaming 'oh my god yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, ram your cock deep inside me....' and I could her people outside saying fuck she's hot for it. I kept fucking her as I alternated between kissing her, our tongues entwined, and sucking her hard nipples, making her moan loudly.

All the time I was fucking her she was talking and moaning so anyone outside had no doubt she was being well and truly fucked.....I was getting close to cumming and said I was going to pull out and she said, 'don't you fucking dare, shoot your cum deep inside me, I want it so bad...'That was too much for me and I arched my back as my cock thrust beep inside and my balls shot a load of hot cum deep inside her......'god yes, fuck that was so good' she said. "I needed to be fucked hard like that.

I rolled off and she went straight down to my cock and licked our juices off sucking my cock deep, licking and cleaning my balls where her juices had run out and soaked my balls.

When she finished we kissed so I could taste my cum mixed with hers, fuck it tasted good.

We lay there catching our breath and kissed and touched and talked about what we liked and wanted. A said she wanted to go home feeling well and truly fucked as she wasn't getting that at home and sex was boring which was so hot. I told her I wanted her to go home and fuck her husband and make him lick her well fucked pussy and to taste my cum. Fuck yes she said, I want your cum in all my holes....damn she definitely had hidden depths!

After a bit more talk we decided to dress and explore the club, we checked out the room and the porn playing on the screens before setting in to a room with several couches. We sat there kissing and touching, my hand was under her top playing with her full breasts and she was rubbing my cock through my jeans.

Before long we were joined in the room by first one then a second guy. This made A really hot and she unzipped my jeans and took my cock out and started sucking it. The guy to our left took his cock out as he watched the porn and A sucking my cock. The other guy was watching us too. I pulled A up and kissed her and whispered 'look at the guy on our left', she glanced across and moaned and said 'that's so hot'. I said 'suck my cock again, he likes watching you sucking me'. A hungrily went down on my cock and s he said fuck she's hot. mmm I replied 'she's great at sucking cock.'

A heard all this and came up and kissed me and I said 'do you want to suck his cock', I felt her shudder and she said 'do you want me to?' I told her to suck my cock again and she dove straight down, mmm I thought definitely hidden depths, The guy to my right was stroking his hard cock watching A deep throating me and his hand was going faster.

I pulled A up and kissed her and said 'suck him' and she replied 'can I'. I just said 'get on your knees between his legs and suck his hard dick', A hesitated and said 'can I really?' I said 'do it now' and she moved quickly kneeling between his legs.

He looked at me and I said 'enjoy' as he moaned as A's mouth engulfed his cock.

I lay back and watched this hot little lady hungrily sucked his cock and looked across at the other guy who was sitting there smiling and watching.

Soon A sat up and played with my cock and kissed me asking if i enjoyed watching her, 'mmm' I moaned, 'do you think the other guy wants your hot mouth on his cock too?'

A replied 'do you think he does?'. 'Why don't you find out' I said. 'Are you sure?' she said.

I replied, 'show me how hungry for cock you are'. She moaned thrusting her tongue in my mouth as I squeezed her nipples, then went over to the second guy, kneeling beside him. She said 'Can I?' and he nodded.

She undid his belt and pants exposing his cock, licking her lips and moaning before sucking him deep in her mouth. the first guy and I lay back watching slowly stroking our cocks watching this hot lady greedily sucking her third cock of the day.

Eventually she came back to me, kissing me and saying 'thank you' before sucking my cock again. I undid her jeans and started playing with her cum soaked pussy making her moan. I took my fingers out and placed them in her mouth and she licked them clean, damn she was hot.

The second guy left the room and I said suck him again indicating the first guy 'can I' she said. 'Yes' I replied and she hungrily sucked him again moaning as she did so.

The second guy stood at the door watching coming in and out a couple of times before he disappeared, all while A was sucking the first guy.

She came up and kissed me again moaning in pleasure and i thought how horny is she as I said ' do you want him to fuck you'. She said 'do you want me to?'

Maybe' I replied, does his cock feel good, 'god yes' she replied. 'Then fuck him' I whispered.

I looked across at the 1st guy and said 'do you want to fuck her?' he replied 'fuck yes she sucks cock so well and she's so hot' I said 'she's a great fuck too'

A said 'tell me what you want me to do'. I said 'fuck him.'

She took her jeans off and knelt in front of him on her hands and knees and said 'use a condom and fuck me'

He wasted no time getting behind her dropping his pants and reaching for a condom.

Before he did he lowered his head and started licking her pussy tasting both her and my cum.... I smiled watching a stranger licking my cum out of my new friend.....wondering if he knew I had just fucked her.....

A moaned and came again, then he knelt behind her putting a condom on. he must have had a bit of stage fright or had cum earlier as he had a bit of trouble but finally got it on. then he started rubbing his cock against her pussy and tried to slide inside. To A's frustration he couldn't make the connection and he apologized.

No problem she said moving to my cock and sucking me again saying "I've got a great cock here'.

To make up for it he licked her pussy again as she knelt in front of me sucking my cock. damn she looked hot looking up at me with her hungry eyes, cock in her mouth and a strangers tongue bringing her orgasm again....

After she had come, he puled up his jeans and left and she climbed on my lap and kissed me deeply.

We heard the sound of toys buzzing from somewhere so decided to go and look. We found a sexy lady and two guys naked in the first room we had played in. One of them was the second guy whose cock she had sucked, and the lady was sucking his cock while the second guy was using a vibrator in her pussy.

Fuck that was hot and we stood and watched for a while. A said 'you're a lucky lady' and the other sexy lady smiled at us.

A was pushing herself back in to me as I stood behind her and before long her hand was squeezing my cock and balls through my jeans. My hands were up he camisole and down her jeans playing with her hard nipples and wet pussy as we watched.

The guy with the vibrator pulled it out and reached for a bag, pulling out a battery operated reciprocating tool, and then pulled out a large dildo and attached it to it. Fuck I thought, I've always wanted to see that. A moaned as he pulled the trigger and the dildo started thrusting up and down.

He slid the dildo half way in the sexy lady, then slowly pulled the trigger, causing the dildo to thrust in and out of her. She groaned in pleasure and sucked the other guy harder as he played with her ample breasts.

A said 'fuck that's so hot, she's such a lucky lady' We carried on watching and another guy cam and watched parting the beaded curtains so he could see.

My cock was getting hard and I needed to fuck A again, so i took her hand and guided her back to the room we had fucked in, then took her jeans and top off, again leaving her cami on but pulling it down so her breasts were revealed, sucking and biting her hard nipples and finger fucking her pussy which was dripping wet.

I took my jeans off, then pushed her on to the bed on her hands and knees thinking she wanted doggy before, I'll give it to her.

I ran my cock up and down her wet pussy before feeling her tight rosebud, mmm hidden depths time again I thought remembering her saying she wanted to go home with cum dripping from all her holes.

I pushed against it with my cock and she pushed back, yes I thought she is so fucking hot for anything!

I pushed harder and the tip popped in, I held it there letting her get used to it, but she pushed impaling her tight arse on my hard cock, screaming 'fuck yes, fuck me hard' , fuck it felt so good, obviously my fingers earlier and her juices from where I had rubbed my cock on her pussy had lubed her well.

I didn't need anymore encouragement and started sliding in and out of her tight little hole. She was moaning and kept saying 'fuck yes, god yes, fuck me'

I saw movement from the door and the two guys and sexy lady came in and watched us. She knelt down and alternated sucking their cocks while she smiled at us as we fucked.

A saw them to and moaned pushing harder against me, fuck yes I thought she is a real exhibitionist!

Soon another couple of guys came to the door and we had 5 people watching us, damn it was hot and A was talking dirty telling me to fuck her harder.

I slapper her arse and rammed my cock hard inside her pounding her tight little hole until I came deep inside her again.

I looked across and our audience smiled and slowly drifted off.

I pulled out and we kissed hard while we caught our breath. A said 'fuck, it was a great idea coming here, it's so hot'. i replied 'so maybe another time then' She laughed and said 'definitely!!!!'

We lay there kissing and touching enjoying the warm afterglow of an amazing fuck, then unfortunately we both had to go so we slowly dressed. i said,

'I want you to go home and sit on hubby's face and make him lick your cum soaked pussy, then fuck him.....' 'Fuck yes, I will she said'

As we made our way out we looked in on the sexy threesome who now had an audience of two guys watching, and we both said ' thanks for the show, enjoy yourselves...'. they smiled and said 'we are...'

We left and kissed at our cars before going our separate ways, both breaking the rules and swapping sexy texts as we headed home...

I text the next day and tole A what an amazing time I had and hoped she had the same. She replied she had and couldn't believe how naughty she had been, totally enjoying being my plaything and doing anything i told her. My cock was instantly hard reading that and my mind was racing with future possibilities.....

I replied, I hope you did as I told you when you got home....she replied yes I did and he surprised me after I sat on his face and he fucked me twice, a first for a long time.......

Thanks A, you're an amazing lover and a great lady, am looking forward to catching up again, and if that hot threesome by chance read this, thanks for the show, and watching us. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to do it again sometime........