Written by zorba


After our last swaray Laura and I took stock of what had been taking place in our relationship, we had gone from a monogamous stable relationship,to what we considered previously as outlandish sexual expansion.We took time over a couple of weeks to reestablish our thinking, wants,desires,boundaries,expectations and comfort zones.We agreed mutually that what turns us both on is cuckold and to that end we decided to narrow the perimeters of what circumstances we wish to pursue.We agreed that we preferred maturity in our play mates and that Laura would call the shots, all for one or none for all was essentially going to be the trend.Any time she was wanting to explore new adventures then and then only we could play.As far as i was concerned if nothing ever happened again i was cool because like the saying goes "it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all" and to date i have loved every moment of the fun i have experienced through her.We have told of our experiences through this forum (names changed for personal reasons)and to be honest our past experiences over such a short time have read quite unbelievable, frankly whether you believe them or not we don't really mind, but it is not until you decide to openly look for adventure that you can discover that there is a sea of sexual opportunity available. We decided that for discretionary purposes to never play at home, therefore staying away for the night ensuring no hassles and we decided that rather than cheapen our experiences we would discuss scenarios that would bring us both total enjoyment.

Our experience with Alan was discrete,comfortable,enjoyable and gave us direction for further experiences so we had a real heart to heart about what experience we would both enjoy in the future.It is no secret to Laura that watching black men fuck white women is a turn on for me, when ever we watch porn i always try to play movies with these scenes.

We committed ourselves to seek a standard of requirement that would enable us for feel that jointly we are retaining a personal level of dignity within our relationship.

With this we agreed on a new challenge that certainly was harder than we had considered.

Our mission was to meet with a gentleman of African/ American dissent in the 30 plus age category that my be interested in a fun evening.

We ventured out 3 weekends in a row, not deliberately looking for "this man" but we very quickly established that this was not going to be an easy challenge.There were ample opportunities to enjoy other males company and we both enjoyed some light hearted teasing, ensuring however not to push the boundaries that may cause difficult situations.

We had developed the proverbial bit between the teeth syndrome and after 4 weeks reached the conclusion that realistically if we we going to make an evening of this nature happen we would probably have to venture out of town to Auckland.We were primed ready to go but Laura's biological clock halted the first available weekend so we booked the following.

We arrived at peek time Friday night, big mistake, but after nearly 2 hours we checked into our hotel.We had done some googling the week before so had a bit of an idea about night spots so we showered and thought first night we would have dinner and a wander.

Auckland is busy and very cosmopolitan and by 11.00pm we were sure that we would meet somebody but not on the first night.Sometimes when you least expect something this can be the best time.We call into one last bar and low and behold we met a West Indian Gentleman that while not African American we took an instant liking too.We chatted with him for over an hour, he was in his forties, had been to Aussie on Holiday and decided to check out our side of the ditch.He was about 6"2 and still in very athletic shape.We agreed to meet up the next afternoon down the viaduct around 4.30pm for a drink and then bid our farewells.

When we got but to the room we were both convinced he was our man and the conversation made me horny as hell, i hadn't fucked Laura in over a week and really wanted to fucked her now but she refused my attempts, saying that she wanted to save herself for Joel.

Saturday cruised along and about 3.00pm we headed back to our hotel and prepared to go out.Laura had decided early in the peace that each new liaison would require new lingerie, no complaint's from me, and after she showered she returned to the room with her new acquisition from peaches and cream exotic store.Red was the theme and what a number, half cut bra stockings suspenders and a first, crotchless panties, i was so bloody horny when i took my shower i had a wank as well.She wore a new Denim skirt and new sweater and looked sensational.We grabbed our coats as the weather looked a bit suspect and headed for "The Viaduct" Sole bar/cafe.We were running a bit behind time and considered around 5.00pm that Joel may already been and gone as we were not there at 4.30pm, but after 10 more minutes he turned up very apoligetic but exceedingly complimentary of Laura.

We grabbed a table and enjoyed a few drinks choosing to dine around 7.00pm.At one point Laura went to the bathroom and Joel remarked to me what a lovely woman my wife is and that i am a lucky man to have stayed married for the years that we have, he was divorced 5 years ago.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and about 8.30pm the band started playing, which can be a conversation killer but also gave Joel the opportunity to ask Laura for a dance.They had a couple of dances and when Laura returned to our table while Joel took a piss she said how much she liked him but wasn't sure if he was aware of our intentions, i suggested we get out of this bar and maybe find a quieter more intimate drinking spot then put some moves in place.

Joel returned and we told him of our thoughts and he agreed that the noise was a pain so we agreed to make tracks when Laura returned from the toilet.

Laura returned to our table wearing her coat clutching a shopping bag , i asked how the heck did she going shopping and what did she buy and i received a sheepish grin and a "never you mind"

We wandered in the direction of our hotel and found a group of bars that were not quite as noisey, Joel said he would get a round in, while he was at the bar Laura discretely revealed amazingly that she had removed her skirt and sweater, christ i thought i was going to blow my wad there and then, she remarked that she would now test the waters with Joel.

We stood in a corner of the bar chatting with Laura between Joel and i, the music getting a little louder and with alcohol more laughter and closeness with each other.I noticed that Laura had lifted one leg onto the foot stool and had turned her body more into Joel but still engaging in conversation with us both.The coat had opened enough to reveal the top of her stocking clad leg and it seemed that a nudge was as good as a wink to a blind man.Joel's right arm was now hanging between her parted legs and he was discretely rubbing the inside of her right leg with the outside of his hand and since she made no protest and i pretended not to be watching i watched as he grew bolder with his movement.

It wasn't long before i knew he was touching her naked pussy because Laura's body was twitching, i was content aware of what was taking place and wanted to see how this was going to play out.

Laura said she had to pee and excused herself, as she walked away Joel fronted me and asked what was going on, there seemed no point in beating around the bush so i told him she had returned to the hotel the previous evening stating that he had turned her on and that we have an arrangement in our marriage, was he interested in her.

Joel was as cool as a cucumber and he looked me straight in the eye and declared that if it was cool with me he would give her a fucking that she would not forget.

Laura returned a few minutes later and said we are moving on now, she knew what i meant.Our hotel was 10 minutes walk but we decided to grab a cab, suffice to say cabs where not easy to find, we spotted a stretched limo and decided to grab that instead.There was a drinks shelf but the driver said we had to supply our own booze so i suggested we grab a bottle of bubbles and i asked the driver to stop at the nearest off license.Laura was sitting opposite Joel and i as we took off then when we spotted a bottle shop i ran in returning to find her sitting next to Joel.I asked the driver if the window went up and Joel remarked could we take a scenic route back, i am sure the driver wasn't stupid he asked how long we wanted and i said take us for a 20 minute cruise.The window was up and Laura wanted to swap seats with me again with her back to the driver, i poured us each a glass of bubbles.As i did so Laura unbutton her coat and sat there with it open revealing her stunning lingerie but most impressively her legs parted with her crotchless panties revealing her pussy.We each had a glass of bubbles and Joel Lent boldly forward and slipped his fingers into her pussy, he remarked how wet she was and then pulled her towards him, i swapped back to her side and she was straddling his knees.Joel now had her in his control and he said he wanted her now.Laura for her part was now a bit like a giggly school girl with to much alcohol and was loving the attention.I couldn't see what was going on but i heard Joel's zipper open and Laura remark "oh my".I watched intently as i saw her rise up and obviously guide Joel's cock into her pussy, she was moaning how big he was and and that she was being stretched and then she eventually rested clearly with his cock buried deep in her pussy.Joel looked over to me and remarked in his west Indian accent that my woman has a nice tight pussy.They drank bubbles and i watched as Laura rocked on Joel's cock.Suddenly the rear window started to come down and the driver said 2 minutes, with that Laura hoisted her self off Joel's cock and flopped back over to my side, while i caught a view of this guys massive black pole covered in my wife's pussy juice as he tryed to squeeze it back into his pants.

We paid the taxi grabbed our bubbles and headed into the hotel and into our room.I was clearly surplus to requirements at this point as we entered the room and Joel wanted to finish what they had started.He stripped off in hast as Laura threw her coat off and went straight to our end, she lay flat on her back, somewhat as a result of alcohol and spread her legs as Joel moved straight in ploughing his cock through the crotchless panties deep into her pussy and started to really pound her pussy until after a few minutes they were both moaning that they were coming.They lay together in each others arms until Joel released his grip pulling his cock out from within and lying exhausted on his back, even semi hard his cock was huge.Laura lay next to him catching her breath as come dribbled from her pussy.Joel broke the silence and said he never expected the night to end this way and Laura asked if he had to go now...hell no he replied.

Laura went to the bathroom as Joel sat up and drank some more bubbles, he asked if i was going to join and i told he maybe later, he asked me if i had done this before and whether i liked watching my wife getting fucked by strangers.I told him our history and that this year has been the beginning of our new chapter in our relationship, he was really respectful and could understand what had bought us to this point and furthermore felt that we seem really connected to each other which bode security for the future.

Laura returned after a few minutes and Joel hopped off the bed grabbing her breasts and unhooking the bra strap revelling in the firmness of her breasts then turning her around to check her arse and body, clearly impressed he smiled and told me to sit back and enjoy.

Joel lay Laura on the bed and spread her legs and started sucking on her breasts moving down her body until he reached her pussy, he spread her legs wide and licked her pussy and her arsehole as she moaned enjoyment, he stood up pulling her arse to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs over his shoulders and stroked the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy allowing her pussy juice to lube his pole, he probed deeper and deeper until his cock was again buried deep inside my wife then he stood up, Laura had her arms around his neck and legs wrapped firmly around his waist and i declared that given the size of Joel's cock he would have been buried deeper than any previous men could possibly have been.

He carried her towards me and asked if i liked what i saw, hell i was turned on to the max, Laura was loving Joel's big cock.Joel lifted Laura up so that just the head of his cock was left inside and then he dropped her pussy down on his shaft causing her to moan in ecstasy, he picked up the pace holding her in front of me as he shafted her pussy with his cock then he carried her towards the bed, pulled his cock out and told her to suck him, Laura obeyed like she was hypnotised.He stood smiling at me as my wife sucked his cock and told me that she sucks good as well.Laura sucked as deep as she could but Joel certainly enjoyed her pussy more so he got her on the bed doggy style and fucked her that way, then he bent her over the couch lifting one leg and fucked her like that, all in all he fucked 8 or nine different ways,he slapped her arse, pinched her nipples, fingered her arse, generally speaking this guy was giving her the best fucking i can honestly say she has ever had and his cock stayed like granite the whole time.Laura started moaning that she couldn't take anymore and Joel lay her flat on her back and really started pumping for home until he let out a growl that he was coming and i watched as he thrust hard his load of come into Laura.

They both lay exhausted on the bed and we all grabbed a drink from the mini bar, it was 2.00am and Joel asked if he could stay the night and leave early next morning, fine by me there's a spare bed.Joel again with that huge smile of his said to me "you will find that comfortable I'm sure", i certainly felt like a spare prick at the wedding, Laura asked if she could sleep with Joel since it was only one night so rather than protest about nothing i said sure.Laura took a shower as i went to the spare bed and she came to me before we turned lights out, kissed me and said i am the most amazing husband and how much she loved me.She turned the lights out and climbed into bed with Joel, i heard whispering and a little laughter and then sounds like he was quietly fucking her and i drifted off to sleep.I woke about 9 to the sounds of sex and i snuck to the doorway to see Joel giving my wife another good pounding, i decided to pretend to stay asleep and after a while they finished.Joel left shortly afterwards and Laura came to me, remarking what a night it had been,i replied how was the morning and she simply smiled .......