Written by wantfwb


Several years ago I worked in a clothing factory based in Hamilton, there were about 180 women working there, I had been married about 3 years, as with many marriage's, the first 18 months we fucked like rabbits then she became pregnant and sex was no longer wanted.

I started flirting with some of the women at the factory and going out at the end of the week to the pub drinking with the group, after my daughter was born there was still no room for sex so by this time it was close to 7 months without sex and xmas was approaching and I was as horny as hell.

Xmas break up day for the factory was food and drinks then down to the pub for a big night of drinking, I had been getting really close to one girl who was about 22 at the time, Lesley was her name we really hit things off, during the night at the pub we started getting very cosy and then when I was ready to leave she came out to my car with me, we sat and talked for a few minutes then started kissing and then I slipped my hand up her skirt and started to rub her pussy, she said that she really liked me and started to undo my jeans and reached inside and started to stroke my cock, she then told me that I couldn't go any further as she was having her period, however she wanted to suck me off.

She then knelt on the seat of the car and I pulled my jeans down and she started to suck my cock which by now was rock hard, she sucked and stroked me for several minutes until I blew a huge load of cum into her mouth, she swallowed every little bit of it, then sat back and asked me was that nice, I said it was bloody fabulous.

She then went back into the pub and I went home very satisfied.

In the New Year the factory opened very early, my wife and I had been down to our home town P/Nth for Xmas/New Year with my family, she stayed on with friends for a further 2 weeks while I returned to Hamilton to work.

At the end of the first week it was down to the pub again with the group, Lesley was there and we started talking she asked me had I enjoyed the experience we had before Xmas I said that it was beautiful, she said would you be interested in coming to her place with the rest of the group for a party when we were finished at the pub, I said yes that would be great, so about 12 of us ended up drinking at her place, her parents were away for the weekend.

The party broke up at about 12,30 and as I was leaving Lesley asked would I like to stay on for a quick chat, I agreed so I poured another beer and waited for the others to all leave, when she came back in she sat next to me and we started kissing and touching she was as horny as I was within a few minutes I had 2 fingers inside her wet juicy cunt finger fucking her, she was laying back on the couch with her legs spread apart so that I could reach deep inside her, then she said come on lets get comfortable and led me into her bedroom, we stripped off our clothes and laid down on the bed, she immediately went down and started sucking my big hard cock, while I continued finger fucking her cunt, then I told her to lay back on the bed as I wanted to fuck her properly, she said okay however please use a condom, they are in the top draw, I pulled the condom on and then positioned myself between her legs, I gently wiped the head of my cock up and down her wet cunt lips, then I pushed forwards and slide my cock deep inside her cunt pushing the full length into her in one movement, I then held still fully inside her until she relaxed and then I started fucking her good and hard as she screamed for me to drive it in deep and hard, then I would slow right down moving very slowly playing with her building up her excitement then pounding her hard this went on for about 8-10 minutes then I felt myself starting to cum. my cock was throbbing as it shot a load of cum into the condom, she felt me cuming and started to cum as well, when I had finished I slowly withdrew my cock from her cunt, that is when we found that the condom had ruptured and I had filled her cunt with my cum, we both looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

During the rest of that night I fucked Lesley 3 more times we didn't both about condoms I just filled her cunt with my cum until it was running out of her onto the sheets, I finally got home at about 8.30 on the Saturday morning.

Two weeks later after my wife had returned Lesley was talking to me at work during our lunch break, she told me that she had really enjoyed our night together however she was leaving to go to Cairns in Aussie to help her Aunty look after her kids and run a Café, she left that Friday, A whole bunch of us went to the pub for farewell drinks with Lesley, she ended up going outside with me and I ended up fucking her over the bonnet of my car at the back of the pub, I laid her face down across the bonnet and entered her doggy style driving the full length of my cock deep inside her, I then grabbed her hips and pounded her cunt fucking her hard and fast until I filled her cunt full of cum, making her gasp for breath as I shot my load into her cunt, as I pulled out cum and juices ran down her legs, she wiped them off with my handkerchief and then put it in her pocket as a keepsake.

Five months later My wife was back in P/Nth helping one of her friends out with a new born baby, my wife was now going through post natal depression, so no sex again for me, anyways come Friday and I was down the pub with the group drinking and Sarah was getting all flirty, she was about 19 yrs old a little chubby but really nice, as I was leaving she followed me out and said that she would like a ride home seeing as I was going her way would I mind, I said no hope in, when she got into the car she then reached across and started to stroke my crotch,, I jokingly said if you keep that up you might get more than you bargain for, she said that's just what I was hoping, why don't you tale me home I know your wife is away, we could have some fun, I looked at her and said are you sure you want to do this ?? she said yes.

We went back to my flat and had a couple of drinks then ended up in my bed, she was naked and I was down licking her wet juicy cunt that I had just finished finger fucking when she said I want you to fuck me just like I heard you fucked Lesley, I looked at her and asked how she knew about that, she said it was common knowledge among the girls, she had told her friend that I was the best fuck she had ever had, Sarah said I want you to fill me with your cum and to make me cum like you did her.

I told her to get on her knees, I then got behind her and pushed my cock deep inside her tight wet cunt, she was a lot tighter than Lesley, I asked her how many guys she had been with and she said only 3-4 and had only fucked about a dozen times, I took hold of her hips and drove my cock right up inside her cunt until she was gasping for breath and pleading with me not to go any deeper, I then started driving my cock in and out fast and slow deep and swallow until she was pleading with me to fuck her harder and deeper and to fill her cunt with cum, I then shot a load deep inside her, she then went down and sucked our juices off my cock before kissing me, we fucked twice more before I then took her home, while driving her home she informed me that Lesley had told her friend that she was pregnant with my baby, that I had got her pregnant just after Xmas just before she went to Aussie, Lesley said she was keeping the baby, Sarah said you don't have to worry about me I am on the pill.

The following night I went to the stockcars with a group from work and ended up at a party afterwards, Gloria was there she was a single mother who was going out with an Italian guy, she had apparently had a huge fight with him on the Friday and he had stormed out saying they were finished, she had got a babysitter in so that she could come out partying, we started flirting and dancing together, had the odd kiss and that was all, when I was ready to leave she and2 other wanted a lift so they all got into my car, I dropped off the other 2 and the took Gloria across town to her place, she asked could I drop off her babysitter who lived about 3 streets over, I said yes, she said okay come in and I will get her sorted out.

When I went inside it turned out the babysitter was Sarah, she looked at me and then she said to Gloria where you planning on fucking him tonight?? Gloria just smiled at her and said yes that was the plan why?? Sarah then told her that I had fucked her last night, so why don't we all just have some fun tonight, so we all ended up in Glorias bed naked, Sarah was sucking my cock while I was down licking and finger fucking Gloria, then when I finally started fucking Gloria, Sarah spread her legs for Gloria to tongue her cunt, I pushed the full length of my cock deep inside Gloria and drove it hard and deep into her cunt pounding her as she pleaded with me to fill her with cum, I then pulled out if her cunt and pushed my cock into Sarah and fucked her hard and fast until I shot a load deep inside her, I then laid back while both of them sucked and stroked me hard again, then Gloria mounted me while I lay on my back, then Sarah straddled my face and lowered her wet juicy cunt down onto me so that I could lick her cunt while Glorias rode my cock, they were kissing each other and playing with each other tits, Gloria rode me hard and fast until I blew my load deep inside her cunt, we fucked for the rest of the night and once again I drove home at about 8.30 in the morning.

My wife and I moved back to live in P.Nth about a month later, sex was still not high on her agenda however I made do, about 18 months after leaving Hamilton I was heading to Auckland on a Friday afternoon to see a Rugby game on the Saturday, I called into the old factory just as everyone was leaving after work, I stopped in the carpark and there was Gloria meeting the daycare bus, she saw me and came over to say hi and show me her baby boy who was about 9 months old, she smiled at me and said meet your son, I just looked at her and said why didn't you let me know, she said because she and the Italian guy had got back together and had makeup sex the week after she and Sarah and I had fucked all night, he though it was his so they ended up getting married, when the baby was born with light hair she knew it was mine and told her husband that it was a family throwback, she knew it was mine though.

She smiled at me and said you know what, Lesley was right, you are a fucking good lover, I haven't had sex like that ever.

I hope you have enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Cheers Brian