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8 Mar 2021

Graduation of a Sex Kitten

Will she graduate or fail....


4 minute read

Sir leaves for work from the motel. Leaving me to potter around and watch movies and nap all day. I know a time he will be returning and I also know what is expected of me. I am to be showered and dressed in my school girl uniform. See this naughty school girl is trying to graduate into a sex kitten and I really want to graduate. The time of his arrival gets close. I shower and dress myself, small tartan skirt, thigh high white socks, a large men's white shirt and a blazer. I tie my hair up in 2 pig tails and I wait. Sir arrives. He eyes me up and down and then goes to shower. I wait patiently on the bed. He comes out of the bathroom dressed in his suit. Looking incredibly sexy. I stand before him. He is taking in the outfit. He smiles at me and tells me I have done well on my choice and that I have passed that test. Kitten beams!. Next I am to present him with a journal I have kept over the last few weeks, detailing any sexual activity including masturbation and also any deep feelings I have for Sir. He accepts it and places it on the table. Task passed. He pulls me close to him and kisses me, running his hands over my body he asks me if I have any underwear on..."No Sir" I reply. "And what do girls get that don't wear underwear?"...."cock" I reply. I see a glint in his eye at this answer..."pardon kitten?"....."cock.....sir"...he pulls me close to him. His mouth is on mine. I must undress him now. I love this part with him. I remove layers until he is naked. Cock hard and ready. Hands on his skin. I am being marked on my oral skills throughout the night so I make sure everytime I get the order to suck his dick I give it my all. Fast, slow, deep, wet, tongue working all over. Paying special attention to his balls. I know how much he enjoys his balls being in my mouth. He continues edging, hands mouth, bringing me close and then backing off. Another test is being able to cum to a countdown. The timing must be right. I am starting to squirm on the bed, I dont think I can hold on. His fingers in me and mouth on my clit he starts the countdown...10...fuck I dont think I can do this!!!....9.....8.....7.....omg im going to cum....6....I am fighting that orgasm back....5.....4.....3....shit shit im too close....2.....hurry up Sir!!!....1....."cum for me".....I explode, back arching, thighs twitching, moans escaping my lips, my hot liquid flowing out of me, the blanket saturated underneath I feel like it will never end. It is by far one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Task passed. Next he asks me to get my gemstone buttplug that has featured in his tasks over the last few weeks. I had to always carry it with me and wherever I was when he asked I needed to insert the buttplug and keep it in there until he said I could remove it. Its been in me at work, going to the shops, driving home.... He instructs me to insert it. I open my legs in front of him and slowly put it in. So snug...he moves to a low armchair with no sides. Cock ready. I walk over and place a leg on each side of the chair, slowly I lower myself onto him. In this position he feels so deep inside me. I start rocking back and forth.  I can feel the head of his dick hit the buttplug as I move on top on him. It feels amazing. We start slowly, im holding the back of the chair behind him and pulling myself forward on his cock and then slowly releasing...the pace quickens, my hips moving faster until I am bouncing up and down so fast, my ass slapping on his thighs until finally I feel myself gush down on top of him. My thighs burning from the intensity of that ride. I dismount and he gets up and lays on the bed. I place a leg on each side of his face and lower myself down. His mouth tasting my wetness, I take his cock in my mouth. Both of us trying so hard to bring pleasure to the other. Our mouths frantic in this task. I am trying to hold my orgasm in...I don't want to cum until I know he is ready...its getting really hard. Thighs really twitching now...we keep going, I can't hold it in. My orgasm comes hard, I can hear his muffled moans underneath me and feel his warm delicious cum fill my mouth. We both lay back on the bed, heavy breathing and eyes closed...I think I managed to say "fuck"....right before he told me that I most definitely have graduated with flying colors. I jump from the bed and dance around and sing about graduation and celebration....his eyes on me....his sex kitten.

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