Written by wantfwb


After several more texts and phonecalls it was time to return to Gisborne, Tina had told me that she had meet up with a guys from Napier. who she was very keen on as he was talking about wanting a long term relationship, she had already been down and meet him twice and he had fucked her, so she said that if I didn't want to see her she would understand, I said I was not concerned if she was happy to meet with me.

Tina said that she would meet however that she would not fuck me, that she would just have a wine and a talk.

Tuesday night arrived Tina arrived straight from Softball again, I suggested that she have a shower and she went into the bathroom and stripped off and got under the shower not bothering to close the door, she came out with the towel around her and sat opposite me again with her legs spread slightly apart showing me her nicely trimmed pussy, teasing me again like the last time, we sat and drank a bottle of wine talking about all sorts of things she told me about her new man from Napier, how he was a good lover and fucked her well when they meet.

I asked her did she want another massage, she said yes and that this would be the last time for us to meet up, she stood up and dropped the towel and laid face down on the bed with her legs slightly spread apart, I started at her shoulders and worked down her body to her bum, then went down and started at her feet and worked up her thighs until I slipped 2 fingers inside her cunt and started finger fucking her, she started moaning and then said quietly I wish Fred [ Napier man ] would massage me like you do, he usually just kisses me and strokes my pussy a couple of times pushes his fingers inside me for a few strokes and then pushes his cock into me fucks me for a few minutes cums and then pulls out, he hardly touches me.

She said I really like the way you touch me, I ask her to turn over, she lays on her back with her legs spread nice and wide, I can see that her cunt is nice and wet, I start to massage her shoulders and breasts then go down to start working up her legs, Tina reaches down and slips 2 fingers inside her cunt and starts finger fucking herself, she has a huge smile on her face as she sees me watching her pleasure herself, she said if it wasn't for you Brian I wouldn't be doing this, I pleasure myself several times a week now.

I then position myself between her legs and move up to start licking her beautiful wet silky cunt lips, moving my tongue up and down the full length, stabbing my tongue inside her cunt and then biting her clit, her hips are lifting off the bed as she grinds her cunt against my face, I know that she is getting close to cuming, so I just keep going until she starts flooding my face with her juices at which point she holds my face hard against her cunt as she cums over and over.

When she finishes I move up the bed and start to kiss her, she murmurs quietly I wish Fred would do that he wont go down on me and I now like it especially the way you do it.

I reach down and push my 2 fingers back inside her wet juicy cunt and finger fuck her until she has a full on orgasm, once she has recovered I ask her can I fuck her, she said no however if you lay back I will suck you off because you have done so much for me, however now that I am serious about Fred I cant fuck you, I said okay if that is what you want I am happy with that.

I lay back and pull my briefs down, my cock is really nice and hard and big, Niagra works well for me again, Tina then lays next to me and starts to stroke my cock, she then leans over and starts to lick the knob and then takes it into her mouth, she then starts sucking my cock up and down stroking it at the same time, deep throating me, she then looks at me and asks me whether I am liking it, I said yes its beautiful, she said well just lay there and enjoy it and when you are ready just fill my mouth with your cum.

I am laying there and she is sucking me and then I feel her moving on the bed, she has now got between my leg to suck me, then I feel her move again and I open my eyes to see that she has straddled me and is just getting ready to lower herself down onto my hard cock, she is smiling at me and said quietly I couldn't let that beautiful big cock go to waste, she then slowly lowers her wet juicy cunt down onto my cock, sucking in her breath as I penetrate deep inside her cunt, she lowers right down until she has the full length inside her and then she just holds there, then she starts to ride up and down on my cock building up speed and at the same time starting to squeal with pleasure as she goes faster and faster, then I ask her to slow down as I feel that I am getting close to cuming, she leans forward and starts kissing me then she said lets change positions, she then lifts off my cock and lays down next to me, I then get between her legs and start licking her cunt that I have just had my cock inside of, I then move up her body, I place the knob of my cock at the entrance of her cunt and with a single movement push the full length of my cock deep inside her cunt, I then lift her legs up onto my shoulders and commence to fuck her hard and deep, pulling my cock right back until just the head in inside her, I pound her hard going faster and faster until I feel her cuming all over my hard cock, then suddenly I start blowing a huge load of cum deep inside her cunt, after I have finished cuming I keep fucking her I can hear her moaning and moaning as she keeps cuming on my cock, I finally pull out and I see my cum dripping out of her cunt down onto the sheets.

We then just lay there completely out of breath, Tina then says quietly she wished that she hadn't meet Fred as she would love to keep fucking you.

Before Tina left that night for the last time, we fucked again until I filled her cunt full of cum.

I hope that you have enjoyed my story.

I have not heard from Tina since that night.