Written by WANTFWB


Several years ago I would visit Gisborne every six weeks on a sales trip, I was on a website called HAA, I meet this lady called Tina [NRN] she was about 47yrs old I was 63 at the time and getting nothing on the home front.

Tina and I e mailed and text for about 3-4 weeks then I was due to go thru to Gisborne so I arranged to meet her for a coffee at about 5.30.

We meet up and both felt very comfortable with each other, so I asked would she like to come back to my motel for a wine and snack, she said she would however that she was not interested in having sex that night, I said that was okay as I was on medication that meant I was having challenges getting an erection, so maybe could just talk and maybe I could give her a massage if she felt comfortable with that.

We went back to the motel which was about 400 metres from her place, we sat and talked and drank a bottle of wine, I told her about not getting any sex at home, she told me about having broken up with her last partner 2 yrs ago and that I was the first person she had been out with and that her last partner used to treat her badly and she hadn't had an orgasm for over 20 yrs.

After a while I asked would she like a massage, she could leave on her bra & knickers if she wanted and I would leave on my briefs, she said that would be nice, so she undressed and laid face down on the bed and I crouched next to her and started rubbing the oil over her back and shoulders, I ask if I could undo her bra so that I could massage her back properly, she agreed, I then completed her back and went down to her feet and started at her feet and went up her legs, slightly parting them so that I could do the insides of her thighs, I could hear her letting out sighs and light moans as I ran my hands up her legs, then I asked could she take of her knickers so that I could finish off with her upper legs and bum without getting oil all over her knickers.

She lifted her hips and told me to pull them down, which I did, she then just laid there while I massaged the upper thighs running my hands across her cunt as I moved from one leg to another, I also oiled her bum checks and massaged her lower back and bum.

Then I asked her to turn over, expecting her to say no, or grab the towel at the side of the bed and cover herself, however she didn't, she just laid there with her eyes closed fully naked, she had a nicely trimmed pussy, her legs were parted and her slightly damp cunt lips were showing nicely pink, I started with thee oil on her breasts and shoulders down her stomach stopping just above her trimmed patch, then I went down and started at the feet again working up the legs moving my hands up the insides of her thighs until I gently touched her cunt fleetingly moving my hand across her, that is when she really started to let out moans of pleasure, I moved her legs further apart and continued with the massage spending more time teasing her, then I sat up on the bed next to her and leaned in and kissed her passionately, then I whispered in her ear would she like me to finger fuck her, she still had her eyes closed and said yes that would be nice.

I then reached down and slipped my finger inside her, she was really wet, I the pushed 2 fingers into her cunt and started finger fucking her, she was moaning and letting out little screams of pleasure, she reached out to take hold of my cock and sure enough it was still limp.

I finger fucked her cunt for about 8-10 minutes trying to get her to an orgasm, I did however get her to cum however it was only very small, after we just laid and talked and she said that she had really enjoyed the night and would like to see me again if I wanted to. I told her I had enjoyed the night as well, she dressed and I took her home.

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