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3 Dec 2011

Girls Weekend


6 minute read

Yes, this really did happen. So, to start, hubby is very open minded when it comes to me having 'Girl' time, especially with someone like Christy. We have known her for a very long time (and secretly fantasised about) but was not aware of her strong feelings for us until a couple of years ago during a drinking session at our house. Since then we have occasionally gotten together and had some great FFM sessions (and they are sessions, marathon sessions at times). Obviousely, he always wants to be included, but in this case almost forced me to go by myslef (mmmmm, by the way, I like to be forced, he he). SO; One lovely sunny weekend in mid November I ended up spending a day and night in Hamilton with Christy. Did some shopping, went to a horse show and visited a couple of clubs. Really great night, but when we got to the hotel she fell asleep on the spare bed and would not have a shower with me. A bit bummed with that I decided that I was not going to wait around for her and went to have a shower by myself. When I got out I had to wake her and asked if she was coming to bed. That’s when the little surprise started. She started with a really slow strip tease, peeling off her shirt, and jeans. She had on the prettiest black lace panties and bra (she has lovely hour glass hips and pert C cup breast). She danced around and teased me for about 10 minutes before taking me by the hand into the bathroom. I thought we were finally going to have the much anticipated shower together but instead she made me sit on the toilet and not touch, only look. After starting the shower she turned around and removed the thin lace bra and gave me a couple of flashes. With her back to me she proceeded to very slowly remove those lovely lace panties while bending right down to her ankles. I could see everything. She was WET, to the point that I could see her juices running down her thighs. I tried to touch but had my fingers slapped away. It drove me nuts, as she did not say a word the whole time, just looked me straight in the eye very seductively. She got into the shower and proceeded to use the shower head on her tits, legs, etc. working around her pussy until she could wait no longer. Putting her foot up on the edge of the shower she used the shower head directly on her pussy. It was no surprise; she did not last long before moaning loudly to her first orgasm. That’s when I was allowed to touch (she could not stand up). I was allowed to help her out of the shower and sat her on the edge, and pretending to dry her got the opportunity taste her pussy (she had no choice; I just dove right in with my tongue). It was not long until her second orgasm hit her. Still wet from the shower, she licked my face clean of her juices and took me to bed. After playing with my tits for a while (which she knows really turns me on) she then started to touch my pussy, slowly at first, then with greater pressure and urgency. I came really hard. OMG. After a brief breather she was on me again, but with the toys. She just loves my rotating dildo with the vibrating rabbit ears. We spent about half an hour swapping between our pussys with that one, until I showed her my new toy, a double ended strap on dildo. That was it, she had it on and one end up inside her must lovely pussy within seconds. Really exciting. I lay on my back and she entered me in one swift motion (how erotic does that sentence sound). Starting slowly she built up a rhythm and within about 2-3 minutes we were both making sounds that must have been heard in the rooms down the hall. Mostly a blur from there, but she fucked the both of us to at least 2-3 orgasms. Don't remember what happened but we must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms (don’t remember turning the lights off) but we woke up holding onto each other at about 8.00am the next morning. She was also still wearing the strap on with one end still inside her. She has told hubby since that waking up with the dildo still in her was really erotic and a real turn on. Obviously, she was a little sore though, but still really wet, so helping to slowly remove it I also got the best super up close view of her well used and punished cream pie. Fuck, that looked, smelt, mmmm, just can’t describe it. After removing the dildo I helped her to the shower where I started to wash her, softly rubbing and massaging soap all over her body. Easy to say that once it became a body to body massage we were both getting back in the mood for some (soft) fun. Now I have to say, this was the most soft, sensual love making I have ever experienced. Not erotic but definitely sexy. Light touching, gentle kisses, soft finger probing, mmmmm. Thank god for late check outs, we must have been in the shower like that for at least 45 minutes. Afterwards we dried each other, wrapped ourselves in just towels and kissed, cuddled and talked. Very quickly the talk started turning towards fantasies, etc... I learnt she wants to be dominated by my husband and I told her about my fantasy to be with two guys (hubby plus one, which I hope will be a story for you in the very near future) or better yet, another couple (mmmm, two cocks and a pussy, BUT another time maybe). Anyway, we also found out the both of us would like to experience a 4sum or best of all, an orgy. Talking like this got us both really horny, so the kissing and cuddling got a bit heavier, with tongues, groping, light nipple play, etc... As soon as Christy really started on my tits I was there, wanting the itch in my pussy scratched. The toys were out and we worked on each other with dildos, vibrators, almost everything I had. Christy also found a pair of vibrating nipple claps that hubby had brought for me just a couple of weeks prior and put them on me. I think we must have had a couple of orgasms each (not sure, just kept going and going) until we were exhausted. Had a short sleep, our late complimentary breakfast and checked out just before 1.00pm. The hardest part of the weekend was the goodbye, she was heading north and I east. Small consolation, we have made arrangements for her to visit during the christmas holidays for 4-5 days, so we might not see much of the outside world for those days, as we are getting more intense, randy, kinky, everytime she "spends time with us". I am really holding out to watch hubby really fuck her hard right in front of my face so I can then suck her juices of his cock (mmmmmm I love cock and pussy, and the only thing better would be a cock thats has pussy juices all over it. Till next time XX

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