Written by KsCouple


So I've been happily with my girlfriend for 6 years now going on 7 and loving our journey together. We only spoke about a threesome with another girl once or twice one year and decided to actually do it as she was bi-curious.

So we looked up on tinder ect and just decided to go out to a bar and find a nice lady to come home with us and acouple drinks later the Mrs was already hooking up with sexy 33 year old dentist and we had some good fun, we both loved it! Now a year passed by and I started to wonder if I'd be ok with her being with another man..

As we were highschool sweethearts she never got the chance to feel another man's touch before, I pondered over it awhile and I never wanted to mention it to her because I knew she would deny it. And I knew it couldn't just be any guy, as I'm quite fit and well groomed, the guy would have to compete or be better ;)

Then I started to think about my bestfriend. Who we both know really well and he lived the good single life with a well known reputation with the lady's lol.

I then started thinking she has always actually gazed upon him starry eyed heaps before that I noticed but never thought about it at the time. So I thought yup let's try it lol, now I have to mention it to my friend and girlfriend without being looked at weird ?

So I decided not to tell my gf at all. And make it a surprise and see how it turns out? So I told my friend and he thought I was crazy lol, he knew we had an open relationship with threesomes with girls but I wanted to see my beautiful woman being taken by another man, as we both loved watching porn I wanted to watch her.

So after afew more weeks of constant hinting to my friend he then agreed and thought it was actually really hot. So we both planned it out thoroughly. It had to be a way she would go for it, so one night on a nice weekend I hired us a nice motel room with a spa, wine and treats. I pampered her, took her to dinner and got her all nice and warmed up before taking her to bed.

It was about 11pm by then and we were feeling hot and horny, so I told you were doing something abit different tonight and I was going to show her something new, she loved the idea lol so I wrapped a cloth around her eyes blindfolding her. After acouple minutes I put on some music and told her I'm going to take good care of her, I quietly let my friend in through the door and he instantly was turned on, he stripped his clothes off and I told him to do whatever he wanted..

He started licking her nipples and kissing her neck, feeling up and down her sexy body while he made his way to lick her clit, making her moan and groan climbing around the bed in ecstacy, after awhile she was dripping wet. His 9 and ahalf inch fat cock was raging hard and he slid it up and down her clit. He was much bigger then me so I couldn't wait to see what her reaction being as she only ever knew mine lol..

Then he slow pushed it in, inch by inch making her moan louder and louder and it went in, to the point where she started to whimper.. he fucked her faster and faster, lifting her legs over his shoulders pumpimg his cock into my girls pussy over and over, I was so turned on as she screamed and screamed "yes! Yes yes! Oh my fucking god yes!" I then gradually moved closer and told him to put her in doggy position.. she then started to ask, "baby your so big tonight it feels like someone else" I laughed and lifted her blindfold off. She was stunned and tried to lift off his hard cock, I pushed her back and said "I told you we are trying something abit different tonight" she was amazed and kept asking me why.. we both reasured her it's ok do you want to keep going? She blushed abit and didn't know what to say.. so I told her to start sucking his cock, she moved forward and put it right into her mouth, she started sucking i real good.. I lifted her ass up and started fucking her doggy, I then said "Let's try double penetration" to her and she glad agreed, she sat nicely on his long cock moaning and I slowly started to put it in her ass spitting on her holes and massaging her back.. trying to get the groove right but we got it good and started fucking her crazy! She scream and screamed grabbing the headboard and shaking immensely, she then said to our friend that shes always wanted to fuck him and that turned me on so much I had to cum. I filled her ass hole up and jumped off letting her ride his cock over n over she creamed I'm cumming!, I'm cumming! She squirted all up his stomach as she jolted forward screaming..

He finished off coming all over her face and calling her a dirty little slut.. we were all over the moon and thought it was really fun. Now ever since then we haven't stopped doing it, the next month she asked to me get him round while I was out of town for work and I happily agreed ;) we are going to try us three and another girl next so wish us luck haha.

Thanks for reading :)

The sexy three.