Written by Shocked


When i first proposed the idea of swinging to my 26 year old girlfriend of 4 years she thought I was going insane and that I didn't love her anymore because I wanted to sleep with other women, although I still loved her brown wavy hair, petite body and extremely tight pussy I really did want to experiment with other women. As time went on she warmed up to the idea so i encouraged her to stream some swinging porn with various scenarios.

I tried talking her into going to a swingers party in our local area but she said she didn't want to go because there would be dozens of older men. My shock came when she said we should start small and she wants another guy to join us. My heart sank a little because the idea was to fuck other women not the other way round but I didn't want to sound like a jerk so i told her i will arrange this for her.

After a couple of weeks of searching KS i found a guy who i though my gf wouldn't want anywhere near her or touching her. He was a much older guy (50) nearly twice her age! We arranged to meet at his place to have a few beers and watch the rugby. The game was a bit of a whitewash by halftime so we started talking about why we wanted to swing and the guy asked us to give him a show to liven up the room. My gf and i obliged by kissing, fondling, undressing and before we knew it i was lying on my back on the ground with my girlfriend on all fours between my legs giving me some serious head. In the heat of the moment I hadn't noticed the old guy had undressed and was naked on his knees behind my gf. He knelt there stroking his cock and touching my gf but I wasn't able to see if he was hung or not. The touching was not part of the arrangement but I was kind of OK with this so i laid my head back on the ground so I could enjoy my girl working my cock like a pro.

30 seconds after resting my head back to the ground I felt her grip tighten around my shaft and her head bobing slowed that's when i realized that he was trying to enter her from behind. She reached back with her hand in an attempt to stop him by trying to push him back but he was holding her hips tightly. I could sense something was wrong so i stood up to see what was going on that's when the real shock hit me, my gf couldn't take him in her tight pussy. He had a huge veiny cock and by this time it was already covered in my girlfriends juices but she was having difficulty taking all of him, i asked him to stop because my of the look of discomfort on her face and the fact that i did not want this to happen but he just kept going and it didn't take long and she started getting into it, he could see that I was getting angry so he tried pulling out but my gf stopped him and asked him to keep it there a while longer. He shrugged his shoulders at me and my heart sank, here i was thinking this guy will not even get to touch her and now here he is fucking my gf with his big girthy cock. I just stood there watching her on all fours with her ass in the air and her pussy lips griping his cock as it slides in and out of her tight wet cunt. I couldn't handle listening to her moans of pleasure as she had her first orgasm so I had to leave the room and had kind of hoped she would see that I was not enjoying this and put an end to it.

As I sat in the next room for a few minutes waiting for her to follow when I heard her scream so i rushed back in to make sure she was OK, when i walked in he had flipped her over and with her legs in the air was now driving his cock all the way home in the missionary position, I could see the build up of her cream around her pussy and along came her second orgasm and the screaming that came with it. It wasn't long before her moaning and groaning pushed the old guy over the edge and he began to breathe heavier and grunt as his ass raised up faster and harder with every thrust he didn't slow for what seemed like an age but was probably more like 3-5 minutes as he pounded the shit out of her until he finally stopped and his whole body violently spasmed, I could tell he was cumming right at that point, I thought to myself at least he was wearing a condom.

When he was finished he lay on top of my girlfriend grinding a little longer as i watched her juices flow down to her butthole. He regathered his weight onto his knees again and slowly withdrew his cock. To my horror it was like taking a plug off of a drain pipe and a bucket load of cum gushed out of her pussy down her butt crack and pooled on the floor. What the hell!! My stomach churned when I noticed my girlfriend was holding the condom in her hand and i felt sick at the thought of it being her idea to take it off. When she finally came to her senses and saw me standing there in shock she quickly tried to explain that the condom was irritating her so she had to remove it and it was not her intention to get creampied but it just happened. The old guy looked at me with a sleazy grin and as he left the room he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered "It was always my intention" meaning he never planned on pulling out. I barked at her to get dressed so we could leave. She slipped her panties on without any clean up and we headed for the car without any goodbyes.

It was a silent car ride home as so many things played over in my head, I walked in the front door and sat down on the couch without saying a word, she could tell I was angry about what happened but she stuck to her guns and told me that this was all my idea but she would try to make me happier by finishing off what she had started earlier. She knelt in front of me again and removed my bottom half hinting at another blowjob, my cock confused by what I had just witnessed betrayed me and sprung to life allowing her to get a grasp on it and go to town with her mouth once again. As mad as i was I was still damn horny after not getting my end off earlier and she was doing a really good job working my cock. As i sat there on the couch breathing heavier and clearly nearing orgasm she stopped. I looked down at her as if to say why the hell did you stop!She stands up, hikes her skirt up and plants a knee either side of my waist. Before I had the chance to contemplate what she was doing she had already slipped her panties to the side and had guided the head of my engorged penis into her cunt. Noticing her extreme slipperiness I suddenly remembered that she was still full of this old guys cum and had not had a chance to clean herself up yet. Just as I began to protest she sat back onto the complete length of my shaft all the way down to my balls, she then slowly began to bounce her ass up and down with deep strokes. Her pussy was looser than normal but it felt amazing and my cock soon betrayed me once again as i felt a tingling in my balls. She sensed this and rode faster until my body finally gave up after a very short time and my cock exploded with one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

We sat there holding each other and i could feel cum sliding out of her pussy and down my shaft and balls. She climbed off of me removed her panties and laid down on her back on the couch with her legs apart pussy facing me, it was an absolute mess and looked like someone had taken to her pussy with a paint brush dipped in cum. It was splattered all around her pussy and inner thighs as well as leaking from her pussy and down her crack. Exhausted we climbed into bed without showering and she didn't bother to clean her pussy until the next day.

I don't know what to make of the situation we are now in, although she has admitted to not being physically attracted to the old guy at all she has already suggested another threesome with him. What have I done!? I think I have inadvertently turned my girlfriend into a size queen...