This is a true story...Still unfolding

My wife is a stunning natural Red head with the most beautiful hair and a gorgeous smile. We are both in our late forties now but she still drives me crazy. She has always been fantastic in bed and loves sex! We are both very busy professionals so time and work pressure sometimes effects how often we do it and how long it takes for her to get into it. She loves when I talk dirty to her, this usually gets her nice and wet.

The last few years our bed talk has turned to her having another guy, either with me, or on her own. I love the idea of her talking to other guys and getting wet thinking about them. I often tell her that I would love to come home and find her with wet panties, ready to go. I love touching her after coming in her and talking how it feels. This always makes her come.

This fantasy has grown over time and I am obsessed with the idea of her being with someone else. I've told her that I would be happy for her to find a "friend" and that I want her to think about someone when we are fucking. I ask her if she has anyone, she doesn't say much but this really makes her hot.

A coupe of weeks ago when I asked her who she was thinking about, she said that she did have someone in mind. It was a father of a boy at our sons school, but she didn't know his name, she had just seen him and thought he was hot. I came as soon as she told me this! It was so incredible to think that she was taking this seriously. I couldn't get the thought out of my mind.

Last weekend, I was trying to get her into the mood early in the afternoon, saying that if we did it in the afternoon, we could do it again later that night when she was still wet with my come. It didnt happen. But when we went to bed that night, she was very damp and swollen. She has the wettest, sweetest pussy when its like this, but usually takes some time warming up. We didn't waste any time and as I was kissing her neck and playing with her, whispering about holding her while she made love to someone else, and asking about the mysterious guy, she told me that she had seen him at sports a couple of times and that they had looked at each other. I asked her what kind of look he had given her and she said it was the look of someone that wanted to fuck her, and she felt the same... We both came as soon as she said this.

Needless to say, I cant wait to find out who the mystery crush is and hoping that this fantasy will go further... Ill keep you posted.