Written by Anonymous


It started with KS removing the 3 message allocation, so the quick thinker that I am, I altered my profile to include my email, until I sorted the message issue. Within a day I had a couple of emails, one in particular caught my attention, well written, polite, and a personal description that sounded like what I was looking for. So contact began, after a day the message issue was resolved and I removed my email details. Within a few days it became quite clear that Peter and I had more than a few things in common. Face pics and torso pics were exchanged and the exciting prospect of meeting within a few days of chatting came up . Peter travels to My home town for work fortnightly..the days prior to the meet were intense..questions between us more and more intimate, more often than not we sent the same message to each other at the same time, there was a connection alright!

Finally Thursday arrives, I had pulled a sicky to hopefully spend as much time as possible with this new friend, still not a guarantee until we had met face to face..a flurry of texts, he expressing nerves and admitting to butterflies, me reassuring that it'll be ok..I have a long shower and get ready, we arranged to meet at a seaside cafe, I walk along the walkway getting admiring looks from the men I passed , I had a simple summer frock on, it fits my figure nicely and is classy..red and black sexy lingerie underneath..red Paton leather strappy shoes, looking the picture of innocence..I arrive a little early and let my guest know where I was seated. I'm enjoying the sea view and sunshine, my soda lime and bitters arrives and just as I'm about to open the magazine I had picked up I hear confident footsteps across the wooden decking, I look up to see the man I'd only seen in pictures striding towards me, I get up and take a few steps to greet him with a hug, that first touch of one another, the first smell of cologne, I could feel the taught torso under my hands and I knew drinks wouldn't be on for long!

His coffee arrives, we chat, but find it increasingly harder and harder to not be touching one another, a soft brush here, a linked finger there..Peter asks me what my plans for the rest of the day are, I reply " well, I thought I might take you home, would you like to join me?" A resounding YES was the answer, so we left and I hopped in his vehicle and gave instructions to mine..on arrival he leaned into me and we kissed..ah that first kiss..soft, sensuous..I wanted so much more, but we were in my street with neighbours..so suggested we take this inside. We got in the door..just..he pulled me to him, kissed me, moved down my neck and shoulders, hands slowly over my form, I was melting at his touch, my hands doing going on their own journey of exploration, across his shoulders , down his back, to a very nice arse, all the while my skin being set on fire..finally I found the ability to move and led him to the bedroom, he stood behind me, pulled me close, kissed the back of my neck down each arm to the elbow and back, slowly slipping down the straps of my dress and kissing where they had been, slowly unzipping the dress and letting it fall to the floor, all the while soft whimpers escaped my lips, my hands behind me pulling him closer, my bra straps down next and a breast cupped for the first time, my nipples where keen for attention, bra off..I'm spun around to face him, passionate kiss on the lips and I move to get his shirt off, as he is way overdressed at this point, I move to his belt and remove his pants and move on to my prize, tenderly taking him in my mouth , I notice a slight buckle of knees..good..Peter pulls me up to him, I kiss his torso and suck his nipples on the way up to those lovely lips, he pulls away from me and throws me backwards onto the bed with a mischievous grin, he stands back and looks at what lies before him. I raise my arms above my head and slowly open my legs, he kneels and starts kissing my inner thigh, up one, down the other, this is repeated a few times, each time getting closer and closer to my eager pussy, still encased in red fabric..finally the briefest of touches, then more contact, until they are off. The tender touch of tongue on my hard clit was the beginning of what a surfer would call a good set of waves...tongue probing, lips sucking lips, hands exploring breasts, teasing my nipples, I was I seventh heaven, slowly Peter licked his way up my torso, lingering on my breasts, kissing me deeply I could taste my juices on him. He teasingly had his cock at my pussy, but I pushed him off, and laid him down, my turn to torment..kneeling I licked the length of his beautiful cock, starting at his ball, then I started at his knees, kissing licking my way up, more attention to his balls and shaft, judging by the gasps and moans my attention was being appreciated, then his tip was teased and into my mouth. He asked me to turn around, and I wasn't about to refuse such attention, we 69'd for some time, his tongue and fingers working me to a frenzy and he was once again the recipient of my juices..time to change, I move in to taste me on him again..and straddle his eager cock, he rolls me over and pulls me to the edge of the bed, asking if I would like him to fuck me now..yes please!!! So with his condom covered tip at my wet wet pussy lips he slides in, eyes locked on mine, we watch each other, those first sensations of feeling someone new for the first time, the pulsing of my love tunnel pulling him in deeper and deeper, slow at first accompanied but sucking and gentle biting of nipples, I bring my legs up and look down to that beautiful sight of cock in pussy..mmmm..playing with my bum, thumb slipping in..the pace increases and my legs are around his neck, they get spread wide, one goes wide one up high, then up high and together, each new position bring me new pleasure. He looks down at me with a cheeky smile and licks his thumb, then places it on my hard swollen clit, the sensation of cool wet thumb on hot clit is intense and drives me over the edge. Peter pulls out and puts me on my side, and re-enters I am sooo wet, and we are both working up a sweat, after some time I get to ride him, a favourite of mine I love to grind my mound onto his, again wave after wave and lots of words of encouragement as I flood his cock, I grab his hands and bring them to my breasts encouraging play, I literally can't stop cumming, and I can see by the look on his face he is thrilled..I collapse on his sweaty torso and we kiss..I slide off and he rolls me over and enters me doggie..hard fast and deep I drop my shoulders down and push back onto him fucking his cock, he with draws and I whimper, he asks me to move to the edge of the bed, him standing I slide onto his cock, I ask him to spank me and he does we ride like this till he says he's going to cum, I ask him to cum over me, he pulls out , off with the bag and sprays over my breasts and face...we collapse in a hot sweaty heap, in each other's arms..almost in unison we say I think I've just found a fwb ..