Written by sexybrad20


So this was my first encounter of a sexual nature with someone I didn't know. There was a beach in Auckland where I used to go to regularly to wear my panties outdoors. One day, I took this pink and black see through g string with me as I planned to enjoy myself wearing just this slutty piece of lingerie. However, once I got to the beach and walked down the path, I noticed that there were 2 women sitting at a picnic table near where I was planning to go. As an exhibitionist, this presented a wonderful opportunity. So I went up to them, took the panties out of my pocket, and said, "how would you like to see wearing these"?

They didn't think I was serious at first but I quickly reassured me that I was. They thought about it for a while and then said yes. So I went into the changing room, made sure I was nice and hard, put the panties on and walked out. They couldn't believe that I was actually standing within 2 metres of them wearing nothing but skimpy g string (which wouldn't have covered much even if a girl was wearing it). We talked for a while but they couldn't take their off my cock. I asked them if they liked what they saw, and they both yes. This lead to them confessing that they were actually lesbians and that they hadn't seen a cock in a long time. I said I can help with that so I promptly took my panties off and my cock sprang up, right in their faces!

One at a time, they both had a hold, and one even gave my cock a little kiss on the head. This made me tingle a bit so I immediately starting wanking, right there in front of them. I very quickly came and shot my load right across the table they were sitting at which they didn't to mind at all. From there, we just casually chatted and then they went on their way. It is something I'll never forget!