Part One described how I fucked Laura standing up in the middle of a crowded dance floor at the Shoreline Hotel in Dunedin.

Of course Laura immediately retreated to the Ladies to clean herself up since there was semen dripping thru her miniscule panties. I went back to our table where I was joined within minutes by a smiling young couple who introduced themselves as Mark and Janie. They were both smirking, told me they'd seen our quickie on the dance floor and wanted to know more about us, and then quickly invited me to their table which was at the very back of the dance stage. I hesitated, told them that I was worried Laura wouldn't be able to find me because of the dim lighting and the huge crowd there.

Janie patted me on the shoulder,told me not to worry,that she'd find Laura and bring her to me. And off she went. Mark and I wound our way to the back of the room to a long crowded table, filled with Uni students, some of whom clapped applause upon seeing me. I was surprised by his size compared to Janie's size. Mark was huge, about 6ft 4 inches tall and Janie was absolutely tiny, no more than 5ft 2inches in height. A huge blonde giant with a petite blonde girl. Both with blue eyes. Jeez, he was so big and muscular he could easily have picked her up with one hugely muscled arm. I sensed something. Dunno what, but I sensed this couple were somehow different, kinky maybe. I was curious.

I was still answering Mark's questions about us when we spotted Janie steering my lovely long legged Laura by the hand toward us. Actually she was towing her. And Laura was laughing, brushing off remarks as they passed by crowded tables. More than one pair of hands touched her backside on the way through she told me later, and how that aroused her immensely.

Laura sat down beside me, the petite blonde on her left, Mark on my right. An odd arrangement I thought. They had prearranged it though. After a beer Janie stood up and stood behind Mark and I. The light was dim, the music very loud. The next thing I felt was a pair of wet panties against my nose and mouth. Janie quickly did the same thing to Mark.

Janie pressed her face close to ours.

"smell the panties boys...smell the juices from Laura and smell the fresh cum in them....she's naked under her skirt, watch me because I am going to fuck her under the table"

Fuck that aroused me. I was even more aroused because Laura touched my crotch under the table, signalling that she knew what was about to happen. And yeah it did. The cute wee blonde girl slid her right hand up Laura's skirt while Laura looked into my eyes. I saw the pleasure in Laura's eyes when Janie thrust her fingers into her pussy. I heard Laura gasp and her hand rubbed hard against my fly. Fuck I was so hard.

Laura held my hand and gasped as Janie finger fucked her under the table. But Janie didn't stop there. Oh no. Janie slid off her seat and under the table. Laura was still looking into my eyes when Janie's mouth found Laura's wet cunt. OMG the pleasure in her eyes. Thank fuck the lighting was so dim and the music so loud because when Laura climaxes she's quite noisy. And quite wet too. She gushed. I saw it on her her blushing face.

Girl on girl? I had no idea Laura liked girl on girl sex. Mark laughed in my ear amid the loud music...."my little bisexual sister seems to love your georgeous girlfriend"

It was not quite over for that night.