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Fulfilling her sexual bucketlist

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3 min
Laura (slight name change) and I probably invented dogging many years ago. She was 19,I was 28. Some of you have heard this story before but asked how it was possible for us to fuck in the middle of a crowded dance floor, our most famous public sex act. We didn't plan it. We were in the Shoreline Hotel in Dunedin which was crowded because of a popular band. Laura and I were a bit pissed yes, but the the thing about Laura was, when she got a bit a bit pissed, she invariably become horny. A slow tune came on and we intertwined, our bodies clasped together, her hands around my neck, my hands fondling her taut little backside under her short skirt. We were screened by other dancing couples. We kissed hard and Laura thrust her body wantonly against mine,knowing it would cause an erection,which it did. In the next minute or so she rubbed the outside of my pants and she was breathing hard against my neck. She actually unzipped my fly and took my huge erection into her hand,shielding it under skirt as best she could. There were about seven or eight close dancing couples surrounding us and I knew some of them had noticed. No-one from the seated tables could see us because the dance floor was still quite crowded. And then came the most popular hit of them all from the band and the dance floor was packed with dancers,barely room for movement. Laura was quite tall thanks to her long legs. My hands were underneath her panties and fondling her taut little backside. Laura uttered a short but demanding few words which incensed me to the point of no control. "Fuck me here, right now and do me as hard as you can !" And I did. I just lifted her slightly while she adjusted her panties and my cock entered her pussy as clean and perfect as a hot knife through warm butter. I will never forget that sudden swift entry or her scream of pleasure and delight as my huge cock went into her slippery cunt. It must have caused her a bit of pain but she seemed to revel in it.Her scream was not of pain but in pure pleasure. She wound her long legs around my waist and thrust back at me. Yeah some of the other dancers around us knew what we doing and were watching us and grinning , but we both knew that and somehow it added to our pleasure. Get this...between the loud band, the lighting and all, not many people knew Laura and I were having a stand up fuck. I ejaculated inside her within three minutes of the dancing episode, I was that damn horny. Laura said she feel the big spurts and could feel my semen running down her legs. She was urging me on to continue to fuck her while she was straddling me and while we 'pretended' to dance, And she screamed in bliss when she finally orgasmed on the dance floor. Did we have offers after that? Yeah we did. It was a night to remember for sure, but the sex didn't stop that night. We had booked into the Shoreline for the weekend. What happened next was quite awesome.

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