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31 May 2021

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 5: The tiger awakes.

No longer is she lying there taking it....


2 minute read

After a couple of moments I began to feel the growing warmth of my chest against her back and my thighs against her arse. Her long brown hair at my nose smelt of apple shampoo. Her short post-orgasm rest - or rather my rest, since I had done all the servicing - was just that. Short. Blindfolded, she moved in a flurry down the bed, flinging the bed covers aside, her hands groping aimlessly for clues that she was heading in the direction she wanted. Her left palm collided with my stomach and flat knuckles of her right hand against my thighs. Her right hand went up my thigh, higher to a level that generates tingly feelings in erotic situations. Her hand moved towards the panties of hers that I was wearing, glided across the silky smooth satin concealing the bulge that was my shaft. She gently went back and forward with her fingertips along the bulge, which clearly I was not the only one to feel it growing. She encased her fingers around the silky material and my cock. Obviously I was no longer completely in charge here and she had intentions. She jerked my cock a few times from the outside of the silky panties. God, that felt sexy. Then she pulled her thumb inside the waistband so that it lowered them and released my head into the world above them. I could feel her long hair slide over my stomach skin as she lowered her head to engorge my cock in her mouth. The warm wetness and tongue movements of her mouth were simply divine. As she slowly went up and down, she moved a hand around the silky arse of the knickers I was wearing and groped me. This really was living out the fantasies I had shared online with her over several hundred messages during that reclusive period of Lockdown 2020.... Her mouth picked up speed. My hips started to feel the rhythm and then upping the tempo I began to do pelvic thrusts back into her mouth to get deeper towards her throat. I felt my chest start to beat faster. My eyes close tightly and focus on the pleasures of my groin area. Inside my forehead area I could feel my brain reaching overload as I came and pumped my cum deep down her throat. She remembered my email. She stopped and withdrew her mouth immediately. I'm extra sensitive after ejaculating. A mouth cleaning up just detracts from the previous pleasure. I opened my eyes to see a blindfolded smile looking slightly to the right of where my head really was. I moved my back and lifted my head so that my lips could lock onto hers for a kiss. Slight hints of where her mouth had been 2 minutes earlier could be tasted on her lips. We were yet to try my favourite position, and my mind wanted to do that NOW!

Tags: bj, crossdressing, cumming

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