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18 May 2021

From Palmy to Palm City

Part 1: The foreplay


2 minute read

We had been chatting online for months. Lockdown was part of that. We had been e-mailing daily. Often more than once. For weeks on end. The internet made Palmy and Hawkes Bay closer even in times when your work colleagues felt further apart. We talked. About Sports. Work. Our children. Family. Troubles. Eventually it lead to talk of previous partners. Past sex. My kinks and curiosities. Her openminded willingness to explore. And both of our unfulfilled fantasies for the future. And then Lockdown ended. She had 2 weeks personal leave she had to use up. So she booked a motel in Napier and did a roadie. I was working that Monday. At lunchtime an email came through to my phone that she was leaving Palmy, and included her txt number. She expected to be in her unit by 3. Just give her a chance to have a spa bath before the fun could begin according to our previously devised script. I nervously replied to the text number. There was no reply. Clearly she was driving. At 3 the reply came through. Unit 12. we mailed back and forth a few times n quick succession.. 3.30pm. Adrenaline running I got in the car, drove 5 minutes from work and parked around the corner from the motel. I felt like everyone might be watching me as I walked along the footpath. Heart pounding. I walked past reception, feeling weird about not reporting in. I went to great efforts not to glance inwards at the receptionist in case she recognised me. I was well known in these parts. As promised in our email, the sliding door was unlocked. I slowly and quietly, nervously and excitedly, slid the door open a little and edged myself behind the closed curtain into the room. Scattered on the floor was a set of silky smooth navy blue knickers and a satin and lace bra. She was following the script as planned...

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